Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 5 (Short Stories)

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The following short stories are NOT chapters from the Memory Records light novels.

These are just the illustrated shorts with a short story attached to them.

You can literally read them for free over at Bookwalker. (See the link below.)

Volume 5/Short Story 1


“All right! An all you can eat party!”

“Professor, don’t you know?! This is a social gathering of magical society, where famous mages from all over the empire will be attending! As a professor of the Academy, can you stop such behavior?!”

“Shut it! I’m dealing with a matter of life and death here, such as gaining nutrition from such an occasion! Oi, you! The meat on that plate is mine!”

“Even so, that’s terrible behavior to…Re=L! You can’t just monopolize all those strawberry tarts to yourself!”

“……hmm? (Nom nom nom nom)*”

*Author’s Note: The original Japanese text here says “Guru Guru”, which is like a chewing sound effect.

Glenn, Sistine, and Re=L were in an uproar.

“Good grief, it’s always them being noisy anytime.”

“Oh Mr Albert, thank you so much for guarding the venue.”

Rumia was watching with a wry smile, whilst Albert remained astonished.

“However, a word of thanks to you.”

“Eh…? Your thanks…?”

“Ah that’s right. Both Glenn and Re=L never had such expressions during their time in the army. I’m certain this change is a good thing…thanks to you.”

“So that’s what we are…”

Rumia let out a smile whilst Albert took a deep breath.

“All that’s left now is…Eve.”

“Miss Eve…?”

“Correct. It would be good if she can relax a little and live…to the extent of participating in this occasion.”

“What do you mean…? Maybe Miss Eve couldn’t come because she has other plans today…?”

“I don’t know about that.”

Albert replied profoundly to Rumia, who tilted her neck.

Volume 5/Short Story 2


“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh! W-why is it when everyone is having a good time at the party, I’m the only one doing this?!”

While professors teaching at the Academy were participating in the social gathering of Magic Society, leaving an empty staff room, Eve was left alone, busy with paperwork.

“T-this wasn’t supposed to be like this!”

Eve was a super talented worker, who was famous for finishing her work at the Academy with top class speed and quality.

For that reason, Eve’s colleagues relied on her to help with their work.

Contrary to her unsociable appearance and harsh tone, Eve was a caring person, who could not keep away from taking on more work one after another…and as you can see…

“Still, everyone was avoiding me before this social gathering…why did I go all, ‘Hmph. I’m not interested in such an unfamiliar event,’…I’m such a pretentious idiot! An idiot!”

Eve was dazed at her clumsiness.

“…it’s no use even if I speak up. Now that I’ve accepted it, I have to do it properly…”

While grumbling, Eve bit into the Imperial Army’s portable rations to endure her intolerable hunger.

“It’s terrible…ugh…everyone’s probably having some delicious food around this time…”

At that moment, she was about to tear up.

“Hey Eve, are you there?”

Suddenly, Glenn came through the gap in the office door.

Eve hurriedly hid away her portable rations.


“Oh, I just came by to see you. It looks hard having to handle all this unnecessary work from those idiots.”

“Apart from yours? Unlike you, I’m outstanding.”

“Do you feel like you have to bite into each and every one of their requests…? Besides, aren’t you hungry?”

“Not really. If you eat during work, you’ll lose focus. I have no intention of eating until I finish.”

“Oh is that so?”

Glenn was apologetic for Eve’s behavior.

“I actually bought some food from the venue to drop off, but since it’s none of your business…”


“Hey Eve, good luck.”



Eve’s true intentions had failed to reach the departing Glenn.

“I-I’m such an idioooooooooot!”

Eve held her head up and screamed towards the heavens.

Volume 5/Short Story 3


In paragraph 4, the original Kanji says イヴの月一日。 , which could either mean the eve of the first month or Eve is the name of the first month.

This might be corrected in the future, but if anyone can make sense of it, do let us know too. D:


“Happy New Year Sisti! Re=L!”

“Mmm, Happy New Year!”

“Hmm. Congratulations, even though I don’t really get it.”

The first of the month of Eve.*

In the name of the First Saint’s disciple, a small ceremony to celebrate the new year is being held in every church at the beginning of the year.

“But this ‘Sunday dress’, I heard it was a Touhou ceremonial dress which I tried on this year. This looks really good!”

Sistine excitedly spoke, dressed in a sunny red Sunday dress.

“Mmm. That’s right. It looks cute and beautiful…Sisti and Re=L, you both look great.”

Rumia shyly spoke, dressed in a bright green Sunday dress.

“…Hmm. But, it’s hard to move around…it’s disadvantageous to fight with.”

Re=L murmured with dissatisfaction, dressed in an ultramarine blue Sunday dress.

“Now now, Re=L, don’t say that about today.”

Looking back at Rumia and Re=L, Sistine spoke.

“I’m so happy to spend a new year with you two! Best regards this year!”

“Of course.”


The trio of girls happily spent their New Year with gentle smiles.

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