Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 7 – Cinderella Of The Secret Night




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Author: Taro Hituji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated & Edited By: Max, UrsaTL, & Anonymous Editor (User wishes to remain anonymous for privacy reasons)

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Translation Starts Here

“Hey hey, look! Look!”

“Iiyaaaaa–! It’s Professor Eve!”

During break time, the students’ squeals filled the hallways of the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

At the center of attention is the silhouette of a young woman.

Her name is Eve. She used to be the head of the Imperial Mage Corps Special Missions Annex, but now she has taken over as the instructor for the academy’s new [Military Training] curriculum.

As Eve hurriedly walked through the corridor with a confident pace, her bright red hair swayed back and forth like a bright flame in the dark.

“Ah~ So pretty…Her outfit, the way she moves, it’s just so captivating!”

“Of course! Professor Eve is a highly privileged young lady!”

Whether it was the girls…

“That’s not all…she’s not just pretty, but her body is also incredibly alluring, and she’s super competent!”

“How she freely controls Fire Magic in battle is like a warrioress! She’s so cool!”

“Even though she is a devilish instructor, she is also very gentle, and good at teaching!”

“Just perfect! The phrase ‘perfect beauty’ is just made for her!”

Or the boys…

“Sigh…I’ve never met a woman like her…I really want to get close to her!”

“Professor Reinhardt…for us, she’s just…too far out of reach…”

Or even the male professors…

No matter who it was, they cast envious, longing, and complimentary gazes, while eyeing Eve from a distance.

“Huh…are you guys alright in the head? What’s so good about that kind of woman?”

Glenn leaned on the wall and cast a degrading look towards Eve.

“That fancy dress and makeup, with all that perfume and jewelry…she’s covered from head to toe in luxury…it’s infuriating!”

“Seriously teacher! Even if you are running tight on money this month, please don’t vent your frustrations onto Professor Eve!”

Sistine scolded Glenn.

“Quit your yapping! I am starving to death, don’t you understand how I feel!? If I don’t earn some money doing random jobs I am actually going to die!”

“It’s all because you keep doing stupid things that cause your salary cuts, that or you blew it all on something right!? You reap what you sow! Furthermore, aren’t professors not allowed to have side jobs!? Don’t you understand!? Do you want your salary to be deducted even more?”

At that moment, Glenn was biting into a tree branch.

On campus there are these Cirotte trees, whose branches contain a portion of sugar. One can get it by chewing on the branches.

Impoverished due to various reasons, the Cirotte branches are the starving Glenn’s lifeline. It also serves as the symbol of poverty and misery.

“Ugh! UGH! Ever since that woman was born she’d never needed to worry about money! Ah-ha ha, the rich are really enviable–!”

“I won’t pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Eve stopped in front of Glenn to cast a cold gaze at him.

“I am no longer a lady from house Ignite, I’m just Eve now. Even then, there is still a huge gap between us. The reason for this is our difference in ‘character’. Understand?”

“Heh heh…look at you Glenn, so miserable. Don’t you feel embarrassed munching on a tree branch? Humans tend to consciously display their views on life automatically. If you have the energy to be envious of others, try improving yourself first.”

Eve relentlessly lectured Glenn, then proudly walked away.

“Damn that stinking brat!”

“But she’s right, you know.”

Glenn furiously stomped his foot, while Sistine was left speechless as she quietly muttered.

“But Miss Eve is really amazing…I really admire her.”

“Yeah…I can only imagine what her daily life is like.”

Sistine and Rumia ignored the howling Glenn, and cast their respectful and envious gazes towards Eve.

“She probably lives in a luxury condominium with a bunch of servants.”

“Hee hee, yeah. Miss Eve does radiate this impression.”

“Umu…I don’t really understand, but Eve is amazing.”

Re=L just blindly nodded along.


While Glenn threw his little temper tantrum.

–Then, with a change of scenery.

In western Fejite, within the working-class housing area was a 4 story apartment building.

Only god knows when it was built. The building is covered in overgrown vines. It is a crappy apartment with the sole purpose of being rented out for inexpensive lodging.

A young woman opened the door to one of the apartments with a “click.”

It was Eve who had just returned from the academy.

Eve cautiously looked around, and stealthily entered the room.

The layout was a room with a kitchen. In contrast to this narrow, tattered, crappy scenery, Eve’s figure of nobility would spark confusion and dizziness among people.

Eve carefully took off her luxury garments and jewelry, cautiously placing them in their respective wardrobe and jewelry boxes.

(I have to do the laundry later.)

Left in just her skin-tight undergarments and a shirt, Eve was dressed very casually. Preparing for her shower, she used the Fire Magic she excelled at to heat up some water.

(Fire magic is very useful here. After all, fuel is costly.)

While waiting for the shower water to heat up, Eve inscribed a Fire Magic circle on the stove to boil a pot of water. Next to the pot is an almost empty bag of pasta.

(The value for pasta is pretty good. For the same price you get more calories than bread.)

Soon after, the water starts to boil. Eve proceeded to grab a jar of salt to boil the pasta.

(Ah…I am low on salt. If I am too conservative here the pasta won’t taste good…but…)

Eve hesitated, going to and from the salt jar and the boiling pot. Eventually, she gives in and scoops a tiny bit of salt into the pot. With the pasta done, Eve strains the noodles onto a plate.


Eve sat down next to the table, and began eating her pasta with a fork. Just plain pasta, without sauce or anything.

(…I forgot I’m out of olive oil too…)

As Eve silently ate her pasta…

…in the dark.




Donnn! Eve slammed the table with tears swelling within her eyes.

“WHY?! Does a lady like me have to be–so hesitant to even add salt?!”

Yes. This is the reality of Eve’s private life–she’s very impoverished.

Back in her military days, Eve was a lady from the noble Ignite household. She’d never had problems with things like money.

But now, after being severed from the household, Eve’s finances are very limited. Understandably, her living conditions fell to that of a peasant. But…

“Uuu, I am a noble! Dress and makeup costs for my appearance…I cannot compromise!”

Even though she is in a dire situation, she still wished for her appearance to be immaculate.

Her excessive attachment to vanity had relegated her financials and living conditions to that of mere working-class peasants. To keep her appearance spotless, she had spent fortunes upon fortunes.

“Even so, I have grown! When I started I knew absolutely nothing, I always got ripped off by those low lifes! But now, I remember the costs for necessities, and I am also proficient at bargaining! Though I am still a little uneasy, I know how to get cheap high-class goods from the black market!”

After being tossed into the real world so suddenly, the sheltered Eve was able to reach this state because of her saddening but praiseworthy hard work, and almost going bankrupt.

“I can finally put up a proper appearance, and at the same time not starve…But, for this month, what am I supposed to do?”

While she thought about this dilemma, Eve placed her hands on her head and sighed.

That’s right. Her luck just had to run out this month.

A lot of things happened, and Eve had already spent everything. By next month, things will be back on track, but there just had to be a crisis this month.

Even worse, the month has just begun.

“If this continues, won’t I end up like Glenn munching on a tree branch to live…? Uuu…I don’t want to be that low in the world! Bu-, but…”

Eve bore a look full of sorrow, and opened up the newspaper on the table.

Immediately, Eve noticed a pamphlet in the newspaper.

Eve inadvertently picked it up and glanced over the text.

“High-class nightclub [Night Eden]? Casting hostesses?”

In short, a job advertisement.

“So basically it’s just an escort girl…Hmph! How filthy and low class!”

Eve stared at the flyer with antipathy, and criticized it with disdain.

“Flirting with boring men, offering sex just to receive guests…are people really that willing to do this shameless job!? If it was me, I’d rather die! Instead of cheaply selling myself, I’d rather starve to death!”

Eve spoke impassionately.


“What the hell! In any case, the pay is usually super low anyways without a doubt…-…”

The salary range was listed at the bottom of the flyer…

“…Eh? It’s this much?”

…The figure left Eve speechless.


The passion from a minute ago has dissipated completely.

Eve squinted her eyes and gazed upon the salary figure. She didn’t move a muscle and kept staring at it.

–And so…

“…In short, starting today Freya will be joining [Night Eden] as a hostess. Everyone, please take care of her.”

“H-hi everybody, I’m Freya. Please take care of me…uuu…why do I have to do this…”

Within the high-class nightclub [Night Eden], Eve was introduced to everyone–under the stage name Freya.

*Translator’s Note: Freya is the Norse Mythology’s goddess of love and beauty. It is also associated with lust, sex, death, and etc.

Dignity cannot buy food, so Eve gave in.

[Night Eden]’s customer base were mostly upper-class men, formatted as a private club based on membership. The male customers can name who they want to serve them.

Worthy of its premium name, the rooms were spacious, radiating an aura of luxury. Its sofas and glass tables were not furniture that regular people could afford. Furthermore, its alcoholic beverages and cuisines were also first-class.

In the lobby is a dance floor, with singers, pianists and dancers taking turns performing. The theme is to entertain their male customer base.

Understandably, the quality of their hostesses were not comparable to those from regular bars or nightclubs.

Everybody wore gorgeous dresses and jewelry, dressed to be high-class beauties.

However, even among these hostesses, Eve still stood out from the crowd. Wearing a crimson dress, the flirtatious and flamboyant beauty of Eve, draws a clear line from the other girls.

“That is the rumored girl…”

“Yeah, that’s right. I heard the manager who is strict on aesthetics chose her instantly, he even begged her to join…”

“Got an incredible newbie here now…”

Everyone who saw Eve’s incomparable presence and beauty were both stunned and perplexed.

Furthermore, Eve carried the air and characteristics of nobility, making her a peerless beauty.

(Dis-, disgraceful…utterly humiliating…! I…I can’t…! Like…like this…)

–facing adversity in life, Eve was forced to take the job, desperately trying to hold back her tears while shaking.

(But, this is the lesser of the two evils…Furthermore, in this occupation, if I am exposed then I am screwed…so I applied [Prosopagnosia] magic.)

* Translator’s Note: Prosopagnosia is a mental disorder where one cannot recognize familiar people’s faces.

This magic is from the suggestive system of White Magic. After casting it, the image of Eve in people’s minds will differ from her actual appearance. Even if they know Eve, they won’t be able to expose her. This was Eve’s precautionary measure.

(However, if it is a magician of my caliber, or even someone I know used this magic, I would be able to discern them…the worrying part is, this magic does not respond to changes in mana well, if I used any magic it would be cancelled out instantly.)

In short, while she is at the club, Eve cannot use any magic.

(It makes me a little uneasy…mah, I just have to hope for things to go well.)

While Eve was thinking to herself.

“Alright, new employee introduction is over, we will be opening soon. Work hard, everyone.”

After the manager greeted the employees, everyone began setting up shop.

“Freya. You look like it’s your first day on this type of job, there is probably a lot you are not used to. But, don’t worry.

The manager soothed the uneasy Eve, and called out a name.

“Dallas? Dallas!”

“Here I am. What’s going on, owner?”

Dressed sloppily in a tuxedo, a black-haired teenage boy who looked like he had no motivation to work, walked in front of Eve.

However, the manager wasn’t bothered, and proceeded to introduce the teenager to Eve.

“He’s Dallas. Although he is new here, he is a very hard-working fellow. Here, we operate with a waiter assisting the hostesses. We will have him assist you, Freya. If there are any problems, you can ask him to handle them.”


Eve responded with an unsatisfactory voice, and glanced at the teenager.

“You too Dallas, make sure to diligently help Freya so she can focus on entertaining the guests. I will leave it to you.”
“Understood~ Leave it to me, owner.”

The manager, satisfied with the teenager’s response, nodded and left.

“Anyways, Freya…right? Mah, I will temporarily be your assistant. Please take care of me.”

Then, Dallas spoke and revealed a hearty smile.

(Ahh, I have to take care of the new girl. Ugh, I got the troublesome job again.)

At this time, the teenage waiter–Dallas complained.

(Sigh. If I wasn’t short on money, I wouldn’t hide it from the Academy and get a second job. The job here is pretty tiresome too.)

That’s right. This waiter named Dallas, his true identity–is Glenn.

(In this line of occupation, if I am ever exposed I am done for. So, I applied [Prosopagnosia] magic to myself. Now I can calmly work.)

And so, as usual, the bastard never changes.

(Mah, for a mage of my caliber, even if a person I know uses this magic, I can still discern them. So I can’t be careless.)

While Glenn was thinking to himself, he was also checking out Freya.

(Anyways, this woman is way too pretty.)

Freya had a gloomy expression on her face that was like a blooming hibiscus. She absentmindedly looked down, occasionally glancing around the room.

(She looks very uncomfortable. According to the manager, she is also just stepping into this kind of job. Her manners and temperament…it seems like she is a lady from a noble household. The reason she is here at this kind of job is probably because of “some unspeakable circumstances”.)

But, in this job, those without “some unspeakable circumstances” are in the minority.

Leaving that aside–

“Oi, Freya!”

Being called out by Glenn, Freya startled and stared at Glenn uneasily.

“Don’t be so cautious! Calm down, no one is going to snatch you away!”

“I, wa-, wasn’t…”

“Rest assured. This is a high-class club. The customer base are all gentlemen, the so-called ‘escort service’ is strictly prohibited…after all, it will affect the club’s image.”

“Es-!? Escort…service!?”

Hearing the phrase “escort service,” Freya immediately turned beet red, and started stuttering.

(Isn’t this woman too pure, too oblivious to worldly affairs–)

Glenn was left speechless, but was still willing to support her.

“Anyways, if something happens, I will figure something out. So, relax a bit alright? Freya.”

“…I, I understand. Please take care of me, Dallas…”

Thus, Freya muttered and nodded.

Because both of their overconfidence, neither spotted the [Prosopagnosia] magic on each other. Under these conditions, Glenn and Eve’s rather fantastic work relationship began.

–after a few days.

Inside [Night Eden].

While the chosen hostesses were busily entertaining guests at their tables.

“So bored.”


The out-of-place Eve was standing around with nothing to do, as Glenn lazily stretched. At first, Eve was chosen because of her otherworldly beauty, but now no one cares about her.

“Just why, why…? Did it…turn out like this…why does no one like me…!”

“To be honest, you are just so utterly boring.”

Glenn spoke to Eve who was shaking with tears due to the humiliation.

The fact is, in this career, “entertainment” is the most important aspect. Just a pretty face is not enough to be successful.

“Talking to you doesn’t feel like talking to a human being, it kind of feels more like talking to a puppet? No matter what the guests say, you just respond with either ‘hm,’ ‘really,’ or ‘not at all’…drinking with you is not fun. Ah, did you forget that ‘entertainment’ is the job?”


“Furthermore, it looks like you are always angry at something, since you are always straining your face, it’s not cute at all…ah-ha, you, you resemble someone I know that is super irritating.”

“You’re so annoying! You too, you have no work ethic, and behave so sloppily! And you look just like an irritating person that I know of!”

Swoosh! Overwhelmed with anger, Glenn and Eve began yelling at each other.

“Right right, sorry for being such a boring woman! Unlike the other girls, whether it is acting sexy, or flirting…I can’t do any of it! After all, I am just a boring and unattractive woman! What about it!?”

After that, Glenn began giggling.

“…Wh-, what?”

“Oh nothing, you’ve got quite the unruly spirit.”

Glenn spoke to the stunned Eve.

“You are, well, quite cold. But in reality, you just don’t have the will to improve, or more like you don’t have the energy to.”


“Mah, I understand. You must have ‘Some unspeakable circumstances’ right? After all, a girl like you wouldn’t be here. It’s tough on your self-esteem isn’t it?”

“Hng! Of course, exactly! Because I am an Ig-…”

Eve almost blurted out her surname, and frantically closed her mouth.

“Anyways, just forget it for now. In order to return to your normal situation, you have to earn some serious money. This is prime time to do so. You do understand this right?”

“Even if it is…..but, what can I do? Although I understand, I was never lovable…and I am no good at flirting…”

Looking at Eve who was lacking confidence, Glenn gave a suggestion.

“Being an entertaining hostess is not just about flirting. There are plenty of things that you can improve upon…let’s start with smiling. After all, you are very beautiful.”


“Beautiful enough to be hard to approach. You have to start with smiling. If you smile, you should become a lot more adorable.”

Glenn smiled towards Eve.

Being called beautiful, Eve’s cheeks became a light rose color.

“What? Are you trying to flirt with me?”

“Huh? What are you saying? I am your assistant. If you don’t rake in some money, it will affect my income too. I am in it for myself here. So please, go earn some money…I also have ‘some unspeakable circumstances.’ Please~”

“Sigh~, you really are a good-for-nothing. Do you not have a speck of self-respect?”

“Self-respect can’t fill my stomach. When you want to live, you have to be strong.”

“Really, you are exactly like him…”

Eve shrugged and let out a bitter smile.

“Sigh~~. After talking to you, I feel like clinging onto my miniscule self-esteem and trying to act tough is quite stupid.”

Seeing Eve’s reaction, Glenn got his desired outcome and smiled.

“Ho, isn’t this nice? Freya. That’s right, just like that. You relaxed, and your expression is a lot more gentle.”

“Eh? …Really?”

“Aahh. Since the start of today, you have been releasing an unapproachable air. Mah, now that your expression has mellowed, eventually…”

So, at that moment.

“Miss Freya!”

One of the hostesses rushed towards Eve.

“We got someone who picked you! It is the guest at table 10.”

Where the hostess pointed to was an elegantly dressed old gentleman. He was smiling and waving at Eve.

“Eh? Me? When did-? Also that person is a regular here, and isn’t he also a VIP…?”

“Mmm. Just go, Freya.”

Glenn gave Eve a push in the back.

“Don’t think too much. No matter who it is, just treat them like a foolish man similar to me, and go talk to them.”

“Treat them like you?”

“Aahh, yeah. I feel like this is the best approach for you.”

“I-, I understand. I will try.”

Eve timidly walked towards the table. Then, she stopped without turning to face Glenn, and said.

“H-, hey….thank you, Dallas.”

“Oh? So you can even properly thank a lowly man now? That’s pretty good, princess from somewhere?”

“Sh-, shut up! You bastard!”

A surprisingly relaxing breeze passed between the two.

–With that as the basis, Eve steadily advanced.

No matter who she approached, she was no longer afraid, as she stopped trying to put on an act. Even though she had an extraordinary temperament, she was able to converse like an old friend…the Eve that Glenn ‘molded’ became incredibly popular.

“So that’s how it is, you are absolutely right. As expected of the President of the Chamber of Commerce. Your speech is just not in the same league…heh heh, no it’s true. You think I’m lying?”

Even if it was in front of the boasting President of the Chamber of Commerce…

“Heh…just because you had a conflict with a subordinate, you shouldn’t be sulking so much…right, right, I will listen to you. Afterwards, I will teach you how to punish those subordinates.”

…Or an upset and complaining upper echelon bureaucrat…

Eve could naturally handle any situation valiantly. Even though she likes to play aloof, Eve was the former head of the Special Mission Annex, she is someone who has dealt with the veteran governmental elites and was dubbed a “capable woman.” Eve is also incredibly knowledgeable, so no matter what topic an intellectual guest brings up, Eve could have a deep conversation with them. Naturally, it was impossible for her to not be popular. Eve had the ability to thrive in this career.

Lately, she had gotten used to receiving guests, and having accepted some advice, she was smiling a lot more.

From time to time, Eve revealed a goddess-like smile, lighting up her corner.

Just for a glance at Eve’s smiling face, the men captivated by Eve kept returning. Every single one of them set down huge checks for Eve.

But a portion of Eve’s incredible sales numbers was also due to Glenn’s skills.

“Ohoho, sorry for interrupting while you are having fun with Freya, sir.”


Just when Eve and the gentleman were at the climax of their conversation, Glenn chose the perfect opportunity to cut in.

Leaving the astonished Eve aside, Glenn shamelessly began a cheeky sales pitch.

“Alright, old chap. Why don’t we take this chance and get a pricier bottle? Let’s show our noble and adorable lady here your good side!? Ho, really? Are you sure!? As expected of our old gentleman, you’ve got a good eye! Manager! A 60-Year Old King Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac, our guest ordered the entire bottle! Alright, everybody, applause, applause!”

The staff proceed to applaud the gentleman, hyping up the club. The gentleman being induced to buy the liquor, scratched his head and revealed a bitter smile.

Glenn then winked at Eve.

(What a trouble maker…)

Eve was astounded and let out a wry smile.

Working together, Eve quickly rose to fame and showed no sign of stopping. She was well-known even outside of the club.

Understandably, with recognition comes trouble–

“Ah, Mr. Gion? Ah-, that’s a bit too close. Please back off a bit…”

“Ufufu. What’s wrong, what’s wrong with it! Freya-dearrr!”

“Iiya! Just-, just now. You touched my back and…my thighs!?”

“What’s the big deal! Freya-dear! Have some more fun with me! Hahahaha!”

“Wait, n-, no…”




“This club strictly prohibits groping. If you don’t respect that rule.” (Sound of cracking knuckles)

“Eeee!? Sorry!”

“Hu…thank you, Dallas…you were a big help there.”

“No problemo.”

Sometimes, Eve gets tangled with drunk customers–

“Freya, here’s some water. Calm down for a bit, take it slow. …Alright?”

“Umu, uuu…I’m not alright at all…“

“Man. That customer was trying to get you drunk…You don’t need to serve these guys okay?”

“…sorry, Dallas, you helped me a lot there…If you didn’t take me away by force, I…”

“Don’t worry about it. Just take a break. I will ask for one of the other girls to help. There’s always a solution.”

“…I’ve always been-, under your care…”

“Because I am Miss Princess’ assistant.”

“…seriously…you idiot…”

Occasionally, some crooked customer would try to get Eve intoxicated.

However, whenever she gets into trouble, Glenn was prepared to help.

The only reason that Eve can focus on entertaining guests, is because Glenn was there to help her.

And just like this, time flew by–


After work one day, Glenn and Eve had their own little celebration.

“Congrats, Freya. You are now first in sales at [Night Eden]!”

“…I can’t believe it myself.”

Glenn and Eve sat across the table from each other. They raised their glasses full of celebratory champagne and clinked them.

The two of them had yet to figure out the other person’s true identity, but they had now formed a wonderful working relationship.

“It was all thanks to you, Dallas.”

“What are you talking about? This is all because of your strength.”

“Even so, allow me to thank you. If you weren’t here, I probably would have quit or been fired.”

“Really? You’re smart and strong just by yourself. Even if I wasn’t here, you’d probably…”

The two revealed gentle smiles, and poured champagne into their glasses, while enthusiastically chatting.


“Sigh, how do I put this…you…at first I thought you were a troublesome woman. In reality, you are quite an appealing one.”

“Hmm, what are you on about? What about you? Even though you are in this line of work, aren’t you quite the rare capable man?”

With the assistance of alcohol, the two slowly began revealing their true thoughts…

“Actually, I know someone who looks exactly like you…but you are completely different from him. You know how to socialize and are very gentlemanly.”

“Ho, what a coincidence. Of the people I know, one of them resembles you…but you are completely different from that person.”

“Huh? A woman that resembles me? I am kind of interested. Can you tell me who she is?”

“Aahh, alright. I will omit the name, she was a coworker from my original job…that woman is always a pain…”

…and started to confess.

“(cut)– that’s about it. Soo…, aggravating right? That girl! What do you think, Freya?”

“Uw-ah, that’s so awful. She treats you like that. What an annoying woman…That girl has something wrong with her.”


…and began talking about everything.

“That man I know… (cut) –and, that’s it. You…what do you think about this type of man?”

“Hah!? What’s up with that guy! What a stinking bastard!? He is that cold to you? How inconsiderate!”

“Right? Right!?”

……they revealed it all.

Not long after, as the alcohol muddled their heads, Eve slumped on the table, and sent a flirtatious gaze towards Glenn.

“In this world, there are not a lot of proper men. But, you’re different Dallas…women must not leave you alone do they…”

“Hahaha! I wish! That doesn’t happen to me!”

“Ah, really? What a waste. They have no taste, the women around you…”

“Speaking of which…don’t you have a lot of pursuers? You definitely do.”

“Hehe, unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of luck with that.”

“The men around you must be blind.”

They confessed everything, even the romance portion of their lives.

As they both returned to their senses.

Stopping their hands that were holding the glasses of champagne.

As they began thinking about the conversation.



Instantly, an embarrassing silence dominated the scene…

“Uh…um, I think I drank a little too much today. Hahaha…”

“Y- yeah. Me too! Mmm.”

“I-, it’s about time to finish up right?”

“Yeah let’s-, let’s leave it here! Got to wake up early tomorrow!”

With their faces beet red, they frantically cleaned up and left for the day..

–The next day, at the academy.

“You, you are such an obnoxious woman.”

“Hng! You are the worst and the most disgusting bastard!”

In the corner of the academy hallway, Glenn and Eve started arguing again.

“Its teacher Glenn and Professor Eve again…do they not get tired of it?”

“Mmm. Glenn and Eve, always fighting.”

Thinking about how to stop them, Sistine and Re=L watched with a troubled look.

“Actually, I know someone that looks like you, but she is completely different from you. She is a real adorable lady and a nice girl! Why don’t you learn from her!?”

“What a coincidence, I also know someone that resembles you. But he is completely different from you, he is a gentlemanly and respectable teenager! How about you learn from him!?”

“Sigh! So unlikable! There are probably no men that want to marry you! You are bound to go down the path of an unmarried old granny!”

“Wh-, that’s my line! There’s definitely no woman who wants a relationship with you! You are going to become a lonely single old man! You better be careful, don’t be single till you’re dead!”



Watching the two of them.

“Sigh…what should we do?”

Sistine was left speechless.

But, Rumia’s reaction was different.

“W-, why…I don’t know why but, I have a bad feeling about this situation.”

The sixth sense of a young maiden. Cold sweat began to form on Rumia’s forehead.

“Wh- what is it? Rumia.”

Looking at Rumia, Sistine tilted her head in confusion.

Thus, the days Glenn and Eve spent working at their secret nighttime job slowly passed.

(This life…is finally going to end soon.)

In the changing room of [Night Eden], Eve changed into the dress she normally wears, while thinking to herself.

(I’ve earned enough money. Starting next month I won’t need this job anymore…Also, this is against the academy’s policy…I can’t keep working here…perfect timing.)

After changing into her dress, Eve sat down in front of the make-up desk, and started putting on makeup and combing her hair.

However, for some reason, her hand movements were heavier than usual.

(I’ll have to…bid farewell to Dallas soon.)

Then, while thinking about this, her hand stopped.

(…What am I thinking? What about him? It’s stupid.)

She forcibly lifted her heavy hand, and continued putting on her makeup.

(In the beginning, he and I lived in different worlds. It was just a lucky coincidence that fate brought our paths together for this short while. It was just a passing moment…just that.)

Precisely. Eve understood this from the beginning, she originally planned to stay temporarily.

Furthermore, this isn’t a world she should be in. After she quits, Eve will not have anything to do with this club…she had decided.

(But, why?)

After quitting the job, then she will never see Dallas again…as she thought about this, her heart was throbbing.


Eve placed her hand on the mirror, reminiscent of searching for her own heart, as she stared straight at herself in the mirror…

“Miss Freya! It’s about time to open! Are you ready?”

“…I got it, I will be there soon.”

Being called by a hostess coworker, Eve stood up.

(It’s no use thinking about that now.)

(I just need to do my job properly first.)

After adjusting her mindset, Eve forcibly forgot the concerns in her heart, and walked out of the changing room.

So, as it normally does, [Night Eden] is open for business.

However, unlike regular days, this night was extremely horrific.

“No sir, as I’ve said many times Mr. Kars, but we have banned you from using our establishment.”

“AAAAHH–! Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up! I am a customer, you got a problem with that?!”

At the entrance of [Night Eden], the manager and a male guest are having an altercation.

This male customer was chubby with a sloppy appearance. The suit and jewelry was a mish mash of premium products. It looked like he already had plenty to drink, with the alcohol taking effect. His eyes couldn’t look in the same direction, his speech was jumbled, with an overall unseemly appearance.

“It’s Kars.”

One of the hostesses standing next to Eve, whispered into Eve’s ear.

“He is the son of a big business’ owner. But he has no skills, just a typical fatass. He doesn’t do any work, and all he knows is how to spend his parents’ money having fun.”

“Scum-of-the-earth huh.”

“Mmm, but…”

The hostess suddenly strained her face…and at that moment.

“Huh? You dare disobey me? Guess there’s no other way!”

Muttering to himself, the fatass Kars snapped his fingers, and 4 men in hooded robes gathered around him.

From their movement and signs of leaking mana, Eve instantly discerned the identity of those men.


“That’s right. Kars spent a fortune to hire 4 illegal mages. They are Kars’ lackeys. They follow Kars’ orders and spread violence and destruction…I heard some businesses were either burnt down or smashed. In this area, nobody dares to disobey him…”

Of course, there is an entire world of difference between a mage and regular people.

(Hmm…every single one of them are third-rate who can’t control the mana leaking from their body…but for normal people, the gap is immeasurable.)

As if it was trying to prove Eve’s mixed feelings…

“I- I understand! I apologize! Please enjoy your time here! So please, forgive me!”

…the manager surrendered.

“Haha! As long as you understand, it’s all good! Hiya!”

Kars began pummeling the manager.

The struck manager lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Screams came from all around.

“Alright, looks like it’s my turn.”

So, Glenn stepped up without any humorous expression. He cracked his knuckles and walked towards Kars and his lackeys.


Eve caught Glenn’s sleeve, and stopped him.

“You can’t, Dallas! They are mages!”

“No, but they are weak.”

“But you are just a normal person, you may have confidence in your skills! But being up against 4 mages is too much of a disadvantage! Worst case scenario, you will be killed!”


“Please, don’t do anything rash…I don’t want to see you die.”

After Eve desperately pleaded, Glenn reluctantly dropped his fist.

At that moment.

“Ah man–, seriously, after finally getting a chance to visit, all we have today are a bunch of ugly wenches…there’s just no first-rate beauties worthy of me…heh, HOO–!”

Kars let out a rude shout.

Turning her head back, Eve saw Kars pointing at her.

“You, you there! That girl with the red hair! I choose you! Better be grateful!”


Kars lecherously eyed at Eve from head to foot. Eve crossed her arms and returned a cold gaze.

Everybody on the premises gulped, watching how the situation would unfold.

…not long after.

“I understand. It’s a pleasure being called. I will do my best to entertain you tonight.”

Eve seemingly gave up and let out a sigh, and proceeded to walk towards Kars.

“…Oi Freya.”

“It’s fine.”

“Sorry Dallas. I don’t want to cause any trouble…I have ‘Some unspeakable circumstances’ after all.”

Hearing her say that, Glenn could only shut up and watch her.

Thus, Eve’s evening hostess job began.

(Right, this will be fine. …this will be alright.)

Eve is the former commander for the Special Missions Annex, operative No.1 [The Magician]. The guns-for-hire mages that Kars employed are not worth the dirt under her boot even if there were hundreds of them. As long as she is even slightly serious, things will end instantly.

But right now Eve is working under another name.

Even if much of the blame laid squarely on Kars, the moment magic is used, law enforcement and the academy will be notified. Then, the fact that Eve was working here will immediately be known by the hierarchy.

Eve knows that by now, even people in this line of career have their own reasons and status in society. It’s not a job to look down upon, but there is overwhelming bias in society against the matter. The same bias she had before.

If word that she worked here makes it to the academy, the trust and status Eve has struggled to build up will instantly crumble and collapse.

If it was just that, then it would be alright. Worst case scenario she would be fired.

(If that happens, then I will no longer have a place in this world…So I need to tolerate this…for now, just keep this scum-of-the-earth company.)

That’s right, just that.

As long as she suppresses her ego, and just suffer through it, the situation will lead to a happy ending.

Eve was ready to decide.


The harassment Eve was going to receive, for someone who had lived based on pride, was just too cruel.

Eve walked to the table and sat next to Kars, desperately trying to entertain her guest.

But instead, she was just being drunkenly ridiculed…

“Do you truly understand? Can you-, understand-, my words? And not just casually go along with it? Isn’t the content just too deep for you to understand? Heh?”

“Eh, yeah, of course…”

“See, liar! Just now, your eyes, they wavered Freya dear! Ahaha don’t worry, no need to act intelligent! After all, those things called women, are just a bunch of morons!”


“Quickly! Oi, fill it up, too slow! Man you only know to do it when someone asks you too! Oi, chug it down when it’s full! Oi, chug chug chug!”

“Uuu…umm…if this keeps going…”

“Bahhhh. Women just can’t read the room! I, am your customer okay? Ah you, you got quite the face! Ah, I can’t deal with it anymore, ahahahaha!”


“W-wait…Mr. Kars…where are you touching!? Th- that’s…”

“So difficult, just stop complaining…You, anyways, are worthless except for your face and body…”


Occupational harassment, alcoholic harassment, sexual harassment…It feels like it’s all intentional, all sorts of ridiculing assaulted Eve.

Every time this happened, Glenn automatically revealed hostility…the body guarding mages then stared at Glenn with fierce eyes, containing him.

(Uuu…I’m fine! So please, control yourself! Dallas!)

Eve kept sending Glenn pleading gazes.

Like so, Eve staunchly endured the harassment.

“Al-right, I’ve decided! I will buy you tonight!”

However, when that sentence left Kars’ mouth.


Eve had reached her limit.

“After all, your brain is no good, but your face and body are first rate! …so? How much?”

“…This establishment strictly prohibits escort services. Or you can leave.”

Although Eve used an extraordinarily cold voice, the flushed drunk Kars did not mind at all.

“Hahaha, say, aren’t you…originally a noble?”


Hearing Kars’ oddly sharp remark, Eve froze.

“Haha, bingo…I am proficient in this type of stuff…I can easily discern it…the fallen children like you. All of them, give off the same air as you, like ‘I don’t belong here, I shouldn’t be here’.”


“Sigh! I love buying these fallen kids! Like all of you pretentious kids, because of money, the moment you open your legs after trembling with ridicule, is just the best!”


Seeing Eve clenching her fists speechlessly, Kars continued.

“Woman, you are that stupid huh? No matter how much you cake on makeup, you are no longer a noble. Also, once you’ve fallen you won’t make it back, this is the cruel truth of this world. Understand? The only way for you at the bottom to survive is to fawn and depend on strong men like me…Oi, come and entertain me okay? If it’s not bad, I can feed you no problem? Hmm?”

Eve no longer heard anything.

She had reached her limit. Her knuckles were white, her tightly closed eyelids overflowing with tears. Unwittingly, she could no longer hold back the tears.

The reason why is because of Kars’ ‘once you’ve fallen you won’t make it back’ statement. For the severed Eve, it was always a deep concern.

(It’s impossible? My return to nobility? I vaguely understand it but…I understand…!)

But, being treated like a mere weed in the field, Eve’s self-esteem was crushed. She could no longer hold herself back. She believed she had not fallen that far yet.

Because even if she had been severed from the household, she was still a noble regardless.

“Reward for your favor, sword for your insult.”

(Forget it, whatever happens will be fine…Have a piece of my might…!)

Trying her hardest to hide the reversed scale, but it was struck nonetheless, Eve could no longer control her emotions.

If she caused a ruckus now, what comes after will truly destroy Eve’s life.

But, there is nothing else that could be done.

Eve teared up. To protect the last speck of self-esteem she has, she used [Delay Boot] on a spell she chanted beforehand. Attempting to draw fire from her hand.


–but, for some reason, fire did not materialize in Eve’s hand.

“Unfortunately, in this establishment–”

Instead came–

“–Escort services are STRICTLY PROHIBITED!”

–Glenn, rushing over.

His right hook cut through the air, and sunk into Kars’ face.


Kars flew through the air while demolishing the chairs and tables along the way.


“Hahaha, sorry Freya. But I can’t deal with it any longer–, Ahahaha……I can’t forgive these brats who made you cry.”

Glenn was smiling but at the same time not smiling. His whole body emitted an intimidating pressure of his boiling blood. In his left hand–was the [Fool Arcana].

“You ignorant SOB…What do scum like you know about her? Ah-huh?”

“Eh!? What, what do you think you are doing, what are you!? Damn, do something! Kill him!”

The hideous twisted face of Kars’ called out to his four mages.

The mages began frantically chanting spells…but for some unknown reason, not a single one of them could activate their spells.

“Wh-what are you doing!? You lot, quickly dispose of that man…”

While the obeying mages were taking their sweet time to cast their spells…

“Lay down! You rotten bunch of moronic bastards!”

Glenn swiftly took care of the mages in the blink of an eye.

“Eh!? IIYAAA–!? H-how, you bastard!?”

“For a brat like you, you deserve a more stern beating right? Oi, save some face. Let’s go out the back! Alright?”
“Some-someone save me…please save me AAAHHHHHHHHHHH–!?”

Kars’ out of character scream echoed.

“Dallas…y-you are…”

From the start to finish, Eve attentively watched Glenn’s back.


“That’s why I’m quitting the establishment!”

After everything came to an end.

Glenn was talking to Eve in the back alley of the nightclub.

“That Kars guy, it would be real peaceful if I handed him over to the management (Luciano Family) of this area…ah crap, the Academy’s going to find out about this…I’m in trouble aren’t I…”


Eve looked at Glenn again.

He had used magic, meaning that his [Prosopagnosia] Magic had dissipated.

Eve was now aware that Dallas was Glenn.

She was wondering why she couldn’t detect it earlier, not that it matters now.

The magic had been lifted.

It was time to return to reality.

“Well, I’m going now. Sorry for troubling you, Freya.”

With that said, Glenn turned his back to Eve.

“Don’t worry about what that garbage said. You can definitely return again someday.”


“Whether it’s this or that, you’re a great woman who does her best. What’s one or two setbacks? In due time, everyone will surely see the person you truly are. Keep doing your best, see ya.”

After saying his final words, Glenn walked away from Eve.

“Wait, Dallas!”

Eve, still acting as “Freya”, stopped Glenn.

She believed that, moving forward, this would be best for both of them.

The time they had spent together was like an impossible dream.

“What’s up?”

“…thank you so much. I’m glad to have met you.”

“Ha. Still, we might meet again.”

“Without a doubt. I know we will.”

“…I hope.”

With that exchange.

And a smile to one another.

They gently separated.

These were the last words exchanged between ‘Dallas’ and ‘Freya’.

On a later date.

“Are you an idiot?! What on earth were you thinking?!”

Sistine’s squeaky voice echoed across the academy building.

“You were in trouble with money, and you decided to do part-time work at such an indecent place! You should be grateful they only cut your salary by undoing your contributions! Hey, are you even listening?!”

“Shu, shut it…please forgive me…I’m just hungry…”

The half-mummified Glenn ruggedly slumped on the table, while Sistine scolded him. Rumia let out a wry smile, as Re=L blinked her eyes.

It would appear that this is the usual sight.

(This is bad…I think I might starve to death.)

“Good grief, you really are someone beyond saving! Whi-, while it can’t be helped, you can have my bento for a while…”

At that moment, just when Sistine turned her hair around to say something.

Donnn! A basket was placed next to Glenn’s face on the table.


As Glenn looked up…standing before him was the moody looking Eve, looking down at him with both eyes.

“Eh? Miss Eve?”

“Why are you here…”

Ignoring Sistine’s words, Eve spoke directly to Glenn.

“‘Reward For Your Favor’…go ahead if you want to eat it?”


“I-,if you like it, I can keep making it for…awhile.”


Eve said something over her shoulders, as she turned her beet red face around and left.

“What’s with her? Suddenly doing this…”

“Wh-, who knows…?”

Glenn and Sistine could only blink at Eve’s unexpected appearance.

“I, I have a bad feeling about this! A VERY bad feeling about this! What should I do?!”


Rumia was the only one who could sense something with her maiden’s intuition as she turned pale, while Re=L tilted her head without understanding what was happening.

By the way, about what the basket was carrying…the menu of the lunch box given to Glenn by Eve was [Salted boiled pasta, without sauce].

Needless to say, the two of them would argue again later.

End Transmission.


From UrsaTL,

“Heyo, new guy on the translation team. This is my debut project. When Max asked what we should do to celebrate Eve’s VA’s BDay, I suggested doing a Memory Records story with Eve as the center. With 4 days to finish 50 pages, we barely got it done in time. It was a fun project. 

Anyways, since this is my debut project, I am going to tell you what I am planning to do after this. After talking with the team, I will be patching up the hole that is volume 4 and 5 first. Then I will pick some Memory Records story to do–I currently got my eye on Fake Hero, Rumia’s back story, and To the Future Me. When the time comes, I might translate some of the double digit main story volumes. Right now with just 1 story published, I don’t have a website to put it on. When I get working on Volume 4 then I may set up one. 

And yes, all the names of my online identities are different.”

From Max,

…we’re idiots. (We meaning me, I kind of use ‘we’ in place of ‘I’ as a habit.)

…Ursa and the other editor did some pretty crazy great work…despite the last minute decision to Rush B this. D;

There’s stuff to improve upon but…well. Just know that, stuff will keep coming, at everyone’s pace.

Just keep talking, sharing and discussing the series, that’s all we ask yall to do.

Or help push for the Light Novels to come to English. Then, the ticket to Season 2 will build itself.

Thanks for checking out the translations.

Again. DO NOT expect regular updates for this. We’re busy with other stuff. D:

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