Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 6 – Father Watches Over Us



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Author: Taro Hituji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated By: Max

Edited By: Ursa TLs & Anonymous Editor (User wishes to remain Anonymous for privacy reasons)

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“Ha ha ha! It’s good to be with the family here and now.” 

On a particular day–

Sistine’s father, Leonard Fibel, was enjoying his time off.

Leonard is a high ranking government official in the Ministry Of Sorcery, who works alongside his wife Fillyana in the Imperial Capital, and is often absent from the Fibel household in Fejite.

Today however, he had finally earned a break from work, and returned home after a long absence.

For the first time in months, his daughters awaited his return home.

Sistine, his biological daughter

Rumia, the daughter of his wife’s best friend.

And Re=L, a friend of his daughters, who recently rented a room at the Fibel Household to stay over with them.

To Leonard, everyone is family, regardless of their blood relation.

“Welcome home father!”

“Fu fu, welcome home foster father!”

“Hmm. Welcome back, Leonard.”

With his three daughters greeting him at the front door, the fatigue from work disappeared.

After returning home and taking a leisurely bath, he gathered his family to enjoy dinner prepared by Fillyana, his lovely wife. After their conversations over dinner, he spent time with Fillyana in the living room, with servings of wine.

“Hmm…it may be short, but it’s good to have a few days off.”

“Fu fu, agreed, dear.”

Fillyana poured wine into Leonard’s glass, who sat next to him on the sofa.


“Of course! Since the Academy is closed tomorrow and the day after, why don’t we take the entire family out to Fejite’s Central District tomorrow?!”

Leonard, who was in a good mood, stood up to proclaim his proposal.


“Umu, that’s a good idea! I heard that Mary Kleiter’s newest play will be hosted at the Artrem Theater, it’s near a newly opened high-end cafe that serves delicious strawberry tarts! There’s also Sisti’s favorite book rental store ‘Croodz’ that she loves! This will surely be an enjoyable day!”

“Ah, that is wonderful.”

“Alright, this is good! I’ll inform my daughters this instant!”

And so, Leonard rushed out of the living room.

“Oh, I shouldn’t be this vulgar. It’s bad to surprise my daughters’ so suddenly. I must remain a gentleman…”

While walking quietly along the carpeted corridor, Leonard considered restraining himself.

Soon enough, he came upon the door to Sistine’s room.

From his experience, it’s likely that Rumia and Re=L would also gather in the same room.

“This…well then.”

Naturally, Leonard chose to knock on the door rather than opening it so suddenly……and at that moment.


“Are you sure you want to keep this from foster father? Sisti.”

From the other side of the door, the faint voices of Sistine and Rumia could be heard.


Leonard stopped himself.

To eavesdrop on his daughter’s conversation at this age is not part of a gentleman’s routine…even though he knew that, it was difficult to not be concerned about the subject matter.

Unable to suppress his curiosity, Leonard gently leaned on the door to eavesdrop.

Then…the conversation between his daughters within the room became clearer.

“Of course not! Father absolutely cannot know about tomorrow!”

“Mmm, that’s right…If foster father finds out about it, even just a little…”

“Sistine’s being sneaky. I want to come along too.”

“I’m sorry Re=L…but if you aren’t around tomorrow father will get suspicious…er, it’s just for tomorrow…hey now, on the day after, I’ll treat you to as many strawberry tarts as you want.”

“Hmm. Understood.”

“Good luck tomorrow, Sisti.”

“Mmm. Leave it to me!”

“…fu fu, it should be fun right?”

“Fun, I don’t know about that …since it’s that guy, someone that insensitive, I wonder if I can even enjoy being with him…after all, this secret meeting with him is for…”


Leonard backed away from the door with a pale expression, almost as if he was pushed into the deepest abyss.

In his youth, Leonard couldn’t understand the subtleties between boys & girls when dating Fillyana, but he understood the meaning behind his daughters’ conversations today.

(It-, it, it can’t be…my Sisti? My dear little Sisti…what kind of man is going on a date with heeeeeer?!)

With the sense of his body collapsing, he was visibly trembling in fear.

What came to Leonard’s fleeting mind was the innocent smile and voice of Sistine when she was young.

“Father! Father! Fufu……I love you father! When I grow up, I want to marry someone like my father!”

“Hey, father, let’s take a bath together?”

“Uuuu……father…I’m scared of the dark…can we sleep together tonight…”


The various expressions and words of the young Sistine disappeared as fast as they came to his mind.

And so.

(UghoOOooOOOOaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Dammit! I object! As your father, I cannot accept this! It’s too early for Sisti to have a boyfriend!)

Bam! Before he could vigorously attempt to open the door, Leonard regained his composure when Fillyana calmly approached him.

“Oh, honey, you look terrible. Did something happen?”

“Fi, Fillyana……! Our plans for tomorrow…it’s decided!”

Fillyana tilted her neck.

The intimidating demon-like Leonard, began shedding waterfalls of manly tears. This figure of a man who was touted to be one of the highest ranking officials from the Ministry Of Sorcery…disappeared.

And so, the next day.

Under the sky that feels like it could purify one’s heart.

The warm sun shines all over.

With noon approaching. On a bench by the fountain square–


–Sistine quietly sat alone, in a well-behaved manner, while patiently watching the fountain’s white jewel-like stream.

She wasn’t wearing her usual uniform or regular clothes.

She was dressed in an elegant blouse, scarf and skirt…a chic outfit with simple accessories like earrings.

Sistine appeared exquisitely fashionable, neither too flashy nor too plain.

From her own well maintained appearance, her matured looks made it seem as though she was waiting for someone. The flawless lady appearance caught the attention of passing boys who could only turn around for a passing gaze.

Even those who had experience in dealing with girls felt overwhelmed by such an unreachable mountain top flower like her.


“Oooooh…Sisti…..before I knew it, you grew up to become such a fine young lady…your father is so happy…”

“Now now, honey. If you lean out too much, won’t you be noticed by Sisti?”

If anyone threatening attempted to approach Sistine, they risk the wrath of Leonard who was watching from a corner near the square with Far-sight Magic.

“But! It just occurred to me again that our daughter is truly magnificent! If she appears in any high-end function, she will surely captivate everyone!”

“Fu fu, that’s true. I’ve always thought Sisti was still a child, but before I knew it she’s grown up so elegantly.”

Fillyana, who accompanied Leonard to prevent her husband from acting recklessly, smiled delightfully.

“Umu, even though her beauty is enough to sway even me, her own father…it’s still inferior compared to you.”

“Oh please, honey.”

Fillyana’s cheeks blushed at Leonard’s natural remarks.

For the people passing by, they could only hold back their restrained smiles.

“However…this is unforgivable! There is an unscrupulous man looking to seduce or take advantage of our prized jewel–Sisti’s innocence!”

“Hmm, surely she wouldn’t be fooled that easily? Our daughter is very smart after all.”

“No, I’m certain that she’s deceived. No matter what, this man of unknown origins, who doesn’t know his place, is surely approaching our dear little Sisti with malicious intent! Today’s the decisive moment for us to stop him!”

Blinded by the love for his daughter, Fillyana felt as though she couldn’t rebuke Leonard’s remarks.

“However…who on earth is Sisti…”

“…oh honey, look. It seems that the person Sisti had been waiting for has arrived?”

The place where Sistine stood had transformed into a kind of unapproachable holy ground.

Then, a young man walked into it without hesitation, and approached Sistine.

The usual shirt, slacks and tie…an outfit clearly lacking motivation, he approached the holy ground where the blooming mountain top flower stood.

“Yo, kept you waiting, White Cat?”

“Ah, teacher!”

Sistine’s eyes glittered, as she smiled like a blooming flower at the arriving Glenn.

At that exact moment.

“It’s this guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy?!”

Leonard exclaimed with bitter tears. The brick wall gripped by the tip of his fingers began to crack.

Around the same time Glenn appeared, Fillyana casted a soundproof Isolation Barrier around their area, which saved them from being abruptly exposed for observing their daughter.

“I see…it’s teacher Glenn. Well, for some reason I kind of expected this.”

“That unorthodox lecturer?! I said I entrusted my daughter to him before, but this is not what I meant!”

“Now now, calm down honey.”

“Student-teacher relationships are also morally forbidden within society in the first place! Singlehandedly behaving like this to our dear Sisti, your student no less…”

“A student-teacher relationship, it does sound familiar, right? Teacher Leonard.”


Leonard kept silent.*

Note: The next few paragraphs repeating itself is not a joke, this line repeats itself a LOT.

“Erm, this is bad…apparently I kept you waiting a bit too long?”

“Mmm, not really. It’s actually 5 minutes before our scheduled time…I’m somewhat impressed.”

“Really? That’s good to hear.”

“The nerve! Doesn’t this bastard get it?! Sisti willingly waited for him for 30 whole minutes! And he kept our dear little Sisti waiting for 30 whole minutes! A man should be at the meeting spot at least 3 hours earlier!”

“That’s right…during our first date…honey, weren’t you late too? By about 3 hours if I recall.”


Leonard kept silent.

“Oh. White Cat, did you…dress up just for today?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s pretty normal for me though.”

“Hmm? Is that so? That’s normal for girls huh? I didn’t know that…”

“As if that’s normal! Don’t you know how much Sisti prepared herself in front of the mirror before heading out?! Don’t you get it?! As a man you should be giving her upfront compliments!”

“That’s right…during our first date…I dressed up so much for the occasion, but you didn’t even notice or praise me once, did you?”


Leonard kept silent.

“Erm…anyways, teacher…how do I look?”

“Hmm? Well, to be honest, I think it suits you? For a moment there I might have mistaken you for someone else, I almost couldn’t recognize who you were.”

“Eh? Is-is that so? I-…I’m glad to hear that…”

“Aaaaaaaaah! He gave her an upfront compliment?!”

“Now now, calm down honey.”

“Since you’re all dressed up, should I be concerned about my appearance?”

“Not at all! You don’t need to worry about it! You just need to be yourself.”

“Hmph! Yeah, look at your sloppy appearance. Compared to our dear Sisti, you don’t suit her at all! As a man you should be wary of your appearance so as to not embarrass the woman you’re accompanying-“

“That’s right…during our first date…you were exactly like him honey, so unmotivated that you wore your instructor uniform, right?”


Leonard kept silent.

“I was the one who made this last minute request to you in the first place! For…it being your precious day-off too, I truly apologize for this favor.”

“Maa, don’t worry. I’m indebted to you in more ways than one. It’s a hassle, but since it’s a request from my splendid student…I’m free today to accompany you. Fu…can you thank me later?”

“Th-thank you so much! Let’s head out now, professor!”

“Who. Does. He. Think. He. IS?! Having this insolent arrogant behavior towards my dear little Sisti?!”

And so, Leonard’s anger had finally reached its peak…

“I can’t take it anymore! That damn insect, I’ll pass judgement to hi-“

Fwoh! With his pre-casted spell, Leonard’s left arm began wielding a burning flame. As his raging eyes burned more than the flame on his left arm, he prepared to jump out from the corner.

“Fu fu, oh honey.”

But before he knew it, Fillyana went behind Leonard to tightly hug him like a baby, and entangle her slender arms around his neck…

And so. Crack.

As usual, Leonard had been shut down completely.

…after those events.

Glenn and Sistine walked side by side through Fejite city.

“Because of that, Re=L…”

“Ha ha ha…she never changes…”

Next to Glenn, Sistine was happily telling him about her various stories.


“Grrrr…what’s with this pleasant atmosphere…?! Don’t get too close Mr Magic Instructor! Stay away from Sisti!”

“Now now, calm down honey.”

Leonard and Fillyana were sneaking from several dozen meters behind, while keeping out of sight.

Glenn and Sistine arrived at a restaurant on 3rd Sunlight Street in the Central District.

It was an establishment for the middle to upper class.

Both its interior and exteriors bore a stylish yet luxurious look.

“Oh? Is this the place?”

Glenn looked up at the restaurant sign without fear.

“Yes, I was thinking about going here…what do you think teacher?”

“Well, it looks okay, perhaps we should go in first?”

With that said.


Glenn reached for Sistine’s hand.


“From the looks of the place, it’s compulsory and part of the atmosphere to be escorted in.”

Glenn informed the perplexed Sistine, in an annoyed tone.

“Eh? That’s…”

“I can read the mood of this place.”

Surprised at Glenn’s suddenly reaching his arm out, Sistine stared at him in a daze for a while.

“Good grief…you’d be a lot less troublesome if you acted more gentleman-like normally.”

Blushing, Sistine nervously placed her hands on top of Glenn’s.

Sistine was escorted by Glenn into the restaurant…

“That damn MAAAAAAAN!”

Leonard exclaimed in tears while watching from behind.

“Escort what?! He just wanted a justified reason to hold Sisti’s hand!”

“That said honey…if he didn’t escort her in, wouldn’t you get mad anyways?”

“Of course!”

“Well aren’t you refreshed, honey.”

With a smile, Fillyana continued.

“Look, why don’t we go in too? Care to escort me honey?”


Soon enough, Leonard and Fillyana followed Glenn and Sistine into the restaurant.

The luxurious interior was crowded with ladies and gentlemen calmly enjoying their conversations over lunch.

Glenn and Sistine were guided by a waiter to a corner seat; whereas Leonard and Fillyana took a seat far away from them.

Because their reservation had been made earlier, their order would be brought to them in advance. Soon enough, dishes began arriving onto Glenn’s table.

First up, the appetizers. Green salad with salami, and assorted prosciutto.

Glenn and Sistine began eating their dishes, with the proper table manners.

“…that’s surprising. You sure have unexpectedly good table manners, don’t you teacher? Honestly, I was worried that while dining in this place, I’d have to scold you about your manners…”

“During my army days, my colleagues drove me into learning it…for missions that involved infiltrating high society functions. Guess you could say I could show it if I wanted to?”

“Fuu…looking at it again, even just a little, the usually unscrupulous bastard of a teacher is actually such a fine gentleman!”

While Sistine smiled at Glenn…

“Don’t be fooled by him Sistiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Leonard exclaimed while eavesdropping on their conversation with Sharp Hearing Magic.

If not for Fillyana’s soundproof Isolation Barrier she’d casted around their table, they would’ve been exposed for stalking their daughter in the restaurant.

“It’s the same as a bad man who does good deeds when he needs to, and vice versa! Come to your senses!”

“Now now, calm down honey…oh, this salad is delicious.”

With Leonard kicking up a fuss, Fillyana was dining on her appetizers with her elegantly handled utensils.

“By the way teacher, about the food here…what do you think? Is it delicious?”

“Oh yes it is. Your taste in food is amazing! You should be proud of it!”

“Really?! Eh, he he…”

“Damn this guy! Trying to score points with Sisti by specifically pandering to what she suggests?! To think he’s such a coward! As a man, you should never just cater to what a woman suggests, but also give your damn opinion about it!”

“Now now, calm down honey.”

“However…although the food is good…this course meal has a problem.”

“Eh? I-, is that so?”

“Ah, did you choose this course meal? Hmm, while I don’t understand why…but it feels like more of a girl’s choice of meal.”

“Ah…that’s right.”

“For me as a guy, it feels unsatisfying.”

“Damn this guy! Trying to be a cheapskate towards Sisti’s tastes?! As a man you should swallow your pride rather than push your opinions onto a woman!”

“Now now, calm down honey. What you just said earlier isn’t the same as what you’re saying now.”

“That’s right, White Cat. Why don’t we order one?”

Glenn grinned while making his suggestion to Sistine.

“Order one…?”

“Wine of course. Apparently the wine for this place is known to be a delicacy. How about it?”

“Eeeeeh?! But, I’m still-“

“Fifteen, aren’t you? It’s not exactly illegal right?”

“Bu-, bu-, but…”

“Besides, isn’t it a good idea for you to taste their recommendations in advance here?”

“Damn this guy! Trying to push alcohol onto a reluctant girl?!”

Of course, Leonard’s temper began building.

“Now now, calm down honey.”

“I can’t stay calm! I know what that man’s true aim is! There’s no doubt that he’s planning to intoxicate Sisti, causing her to lower her guard, then forcibly bring her to some shady looking inn! Of course he is!”

“Now now, calm dow-…”

“-just like what I did to Fillyana!”

At that moment when Leonard exclaimed like a looming god.


Silent. Fillyana kept silent.

Silent with a radiant ‘smile’.


Leonard froze upon seeing his wife’s terrifying smile.

“Ah, what about…that? Fillyana…today…that…”

“Ho-ne-y? …Fuu? Is that so…during our younger days…so that’s what happened…”

Fillyana maintained her ‘smile’, whilst giving off a mysterious yet intimidating presence.

“Eh? Hmm…Is that so..? I didn’t know you’re such a person, dear…”

“Eeeeeee! I- I’m so sorry! I was immature at the time when you were so charming!”

Ignoring the surrounding public, Leonard kneeled before Fillyana’s feet…

“…fuu! Hee hee…”

Fillyana began laughing, as though she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“…Fi- Fillyana?”

“Ah ha ha, that’s enough honey. You’re so easily flustered. Actually, I already knew.”


“Originally, I was the one always pursuing you, and we both eventually fell in love with each other…so at the time…it became clear to me that I would live alongside you, honey.”

Despite being the daughter of a noble family, Fillyana didn’t seem uncomfortable, as she blushed and whispered her explanation into Leonard’s ear.



And so, as the two stared into each other…

“Ooooooh! I love you so much!”

“…I love you too, honey.”

The two warmly embraced each other with a hug, while attracting the attention of their surroundings.

“Good grief, I don’t know who that is, but to be this lovey-dovey in broad daylight…”

(Hmm, it’s far from here and I can’t tell but…that back…could it be…)

Glenn and Sistine were amazed at the couple’s embrace from afar.

In the end, Sistine firmly rejected the wine due to her age, and Glenn did not continue forcing the issue.

After the meal, the pair went shopping.

At a gentleman’s luxury clothes store on 7th Road Street in the Central District.

“Hey professor! Which one do you think is better?”

Sistine hand picked several types of neckties, showing them to Glenn one by one.

“Huh? Since you’ve already picked them, I still have to decide for you?”

However, Glenn responded to her with a drowsy expression, while yawning.

“Jeez! Please give me an honest answer! I need to make a serious choice!”

Sistine’s cheeks puffed up in frustration at Glenn’s behavior.

“Come on! You’re not being a good frame of reference!”

“Ah…my bad.”

“I’ll keep looking around for more, but if you find anything you like, please show it to me, okay?”

“…right, right.”

“Ah, by the way teacher…what do you think of this?”

Sistine picked out a fine looking necktie, and began fastening the tie around Glenn’s neck for him to try out.

It appeared as though they were a newly-wed couple where the wife was taking care of her husband.

“Mmm! This looks wonderful! Don’t you think so?”

“Hmm, the shape and the color are good. The problem now is whether it matches the outfit…”

“Fu fu, it is difficult to assess with your current outfit…ah.”

Then, Sistine realized that she was now super close to Glenn’s face while adjusting his tie.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”


Sistine quickly retreated from Glenn as her cheeks began turning red.

“Grrrr…! A present…?! This is such an enviable course of events, watching Sistine choose a necktie for that man! Dammit!”

And of course, Leonard and Fillyana were observing Sistine’s activities from afar.

“How nostalgic. I remember always choosing a necktie to give you as a present, honey.”

“Fuu…your sense of style was always the best…but back to reality, that unorthodox professor…he hasn’t shown his true intentions yet. In the event he unveils his impure impulses and starts doing insolent things to Sisti, I’ll burn him down with Magic! If anything, the sooner the better! I won’t hesitate here! Now show me your true self!”

“Honey, enough already.”

While watching her husband’s incoherent excitement in astonishment, Fillyana could only give a wry smile in response.

“Although he is rather unusual, you do remember that back during Parents Day, teacher Glenn isn’t that sort of person right? How about you try learning to let your daughter go?”

“No, I can’t be careless! All men are brutes! I speak from experience! In fact, I used to have no self-control over my love for you!”

“Heh he…oh honey.”

Fillyana knew that he was not as bad as he sounds.

“Yes, I suspect that this date with Sisti must’ve been something she was reluctant to do! But because that man is her instructor, he must’ve forced her to go on this date today! Of course, that must be it!”

“But…from what I can tell, it seems as though Sisti was the one who invited Glenn.”

“Ugh…well…that might be the case…”

Leonard was not interested in disproving his doubts.

“Come on honey, you need to learn how to trust your own daughter. Tell you what, since you’re so worried, why not just ask her directly?”

Fillyana made her suggestion to Leonard.

“To…make sure?”

“Yes. Sisti’s true feelings.”

With that said, Fillyana smiled at Leonard.

“Hmm…which one to pick…I can’t decide…”

While Sistine was looking and trying on various neckties.

Glenn went wandering off in the large store, after losing interest awhile ago.

“Jeez…it’s pointless without the professor’s input…”

Sistine mumbled about her dissatisfaction towards the absent Glenn.

“Welcome, young lady.”

A bearded gentleman wearing thick glasses called out to Sistine. From the look of his uniform and tailpipe, it would seem that he is one of the store’s employees.

“Is there something you’re looking for?”

“Yes, of course…I’m looking to choose a necktie as a present for a guy…but I can’t decide since everything here is so well-made.”

“Ho ho…? As I expected, a gift for a man…?”

At that moment, Sistine did not notice the employee’s sudden twitch in his facial expression.

“Pardon me young lady…about this man, may I ask what he means to you?”


“It can help me recommend the right product for the occasion. If you don’t mind telling me about it…”

“Ah…you’re right…”

Sistine placed a finger on her chin and stared upwards into the sky, whilst organizing her heart’s true intentions…

“Sure enough, to me, that man is the most important person in the world to me. I can’t express it in just a few words.”

“Ghouuuuugh! Graaaagagghh!”

Suddenly, the male employee began coughing vigorously.

“Hey, Mr Employee?! Are you okay?!”

“No, no, it’s nothing! It’s just my chronic disease!”

However, the male employee’s facial expression appeared grim.

“A-, anyways, young lady…about this special someone, is he really that important to you? Are you sure you aren’t being deluded by your heart, or jumping to the wrong conclusion?”

“Eh? Ah ha ha, that’s impossible. That person has always protected and supported me…he’s a one of a kind person to me.”


Upon hearing Sistine’s words, the male employee began trembling in fear before her innocent smile.

“I don’t think I can ever repay him for all he has done with such a gift. But…sometimes, I just want to give him something in return as a way of saying thanks…”

“Isssss that so…in that caaaaase….”

The male employee picked out a necktie hanging on the table next to him.

“How about a necktie like this for that man?”


The necktie picked by the employee…was a gaudy, over-the-top jewel, with an absolutely upstart and tacky style to it, essentially a necktie of poor taste.

“Surely, this would fit the man you speak of…ke ke ke…”

“Uh, no, it’s the same as the others…actually, what is your criteria like…?”

“Or how about this one?!”

The employee pointed towards a necktie, as Sistine was left speechless.

It was another necktie in bad taste, vulgar ones commonly worn by members of the Mafia, with a gaudy rising dragon imprinted with the oriental Kanji that says “Best Regards” on it.

“E- eh?”

“I believe that this necktie will suit him for sure! Something this crude is the most suitable for him! I will even forgive you for gifting him this hand picked necktie you chose fo-“

As the male employee began persuading Sistine excitedly.


Before anyone knew it, a plump looking female employee instantly entangled her arms around the male employee’s neck, putting him down.

“…excuse us. About that present for this person…please take your time in choosing.”

“H- huh…”

As Sistine gave her half-hearted reply, she watched the female employee dragging the male employee by the collar into the back of the store.

“…hmm? Something wrong? Did something happen?”

At that moment, Glenn had returned to Sistine after his stroll around the store.

“No, it’s just…those people…why do they seem kind of familiar…? Hmm, but who…?”

Sistine tilted her head and wondered to herself, as she saw the two employees off.

“Honey, enough already.”

“I-…I’m so sorry…”

After their Transformation Magic had worn off, as they returned to their original forms, Leonard and Fillyana continued tailing Sistine from behind.

“By the way…while you were knocked out, Sisti decided to buy a necktie after all, based on teacher Glenn’s suggestion.”

“Hmm? Is that…so? When is Sisti going to give her present to that magic instructor? That man’s birthday? The anniversary they started dating? Ugh, this is annoying!”

“Oh, stop sulking honey…come on.”

Watching Leonard sulking publicly, Fillyana could only give a wry smile.

“Anyways! We’ll continue monitoring them as usual! That man will definitely do something sinister to Sisti…”

At that moment-


Fillyana spoke to Leonard in a serious tone that matched her current expression.

Leonard stared at the sight before him.

“Ha ha ha…that’s right, I’ll talk about that during the next class.”

“Really?! Uwa, I’m looking forward to it! I can’t wait!”

As Leonard observed Sistine…on occasion, the pair would appear as though they were squabbling….despite that , it seems as though they enjoyed each other’s company.

Sistine’s gaze towards Glenn felt rather passionate as well…

His daughter had a look that Leonard had never seen before.


The lonely looking Leonard continued gazing towards the delighted Sistine in the distance.

The sight of the couple walking while nestling close to each other, strongly reminded him of himself and Fillyana…

“That child…yes, not just her, but also Rumia and Re=L…the day will come when they will separate from us to live on their own.”


“Our job is to support them, guide them, believe in them, and warmly watch over them until that day comes…our parents and ancestors…have been doing so for the longest time throughout human history. Honey, I’m sure you already know that right?”

For a while, Leonard continued silently gazing towards Glenn and Sistine in the distance…until.


“Yes dear?”

“I’m sorry…but, would you follow me one last time, in carrying out my self indulgence…?”


Fillyana smilingly nodded at her husband’s wish.

Thereafter, Glenn and Sistine went to the Artrem Theater to watch the popular new play at the time.

The setting was based on the God War from 40 years ago, an epic whose ensembled cast portrayed the various real life heroes that refuse to give up what they fight for. With solid historical accuracy and a well-written story, it was worthy of being a magnificent near-flawless play, where the aspiring author Sistine decided to (One-sidedly) recognize the playwright as a worthy rival.*

(Popular young author Mary Kleiter, I’ll be the one to surpass you someday!)*

*Note: See here to get the gist. Also, :omegalul:.

After the play ended, the pair exited the theater onto a dimly-lit area.

“What the? That play ended faster than I thought.”

“…you were sleeping through it, teacher.”

Sistine grumbled towards Glenn next to her.

“I already told you! I’m not a theater person!”

“Well, it’s still one of the delicacies!”

“Tha- that’s right! So how was the play?”

“Yes, it’s perfect. I don’t think there will be any problems with that level of performance.”

“Is that so? That’s good to hear.”

“Jeez, don’t excuse yourself for sleeping over it…”

While the pair walked and conversed with each other…it was at that moment.


Glenn noticed something and stopped. Even though it was the main street, before he knew it…there was nobody around.

Obviously, this was not a normal situation.

(The people behind this barrier…just who are they?”

“Pro-, professor?”

Sistine turned her anxious gaze towards Glenn.

“In any case, stay close to me.”

Glenn gave instructions to Sistine, while keeping a close eye on their surroundings.

“<In the arms of the slumbering god>”

The one-verse chant for White Magic [Sleep Sound], echoed clearly throughout the area.

A sleep inducing wave rippled towards the pair like a tsunami.

“This is bad…White Cat! Be careful-“

As expected of a former Imperial Army soldier.

The experienced Glenn instantly began casting some form of mental defense on himself against this surprise attack.

“Eh? Ah…”

In contrast to the inexperienced Sistine, she had failed to resist the spell. And as a result, she began keeling over, crouching and eventually falling into a deep sleep.


Shaking off the looming violent drowsiness eating at his mind, Glenn scrambled towards Sistine to protect her.

“Who goes there? Show yourself…!”

At that moment.

“…I’m certain now, about your companion….”

In the dark byroad ahead, a strange figure of a man appeared.

Wearing a mysterious white mask and dark cloak, with an unusually cold high pitched voice, likely the result of magic voice change, which helped reinforce the eeriness of the mysterious man.

“Who the hell are you?”

“That girl…Sistine Fibel? Hand her over. The daughter of the prestigious noble Fibel Family, she is a valuable person to make use of.”

“Damn you…who are you people? The Researchers Of Divine Wisdom…wait, no?”

“This matter has nothing to do with you.”

With a thud, the mysterious man flipped his cloak-

“Hah? And what makes you think I should hand her over to someone this shady?”

Without hesitating, Glenn kicked off towards the mysterious man.

Pulling out his Fool Arcana to cast his Original Magic, [Fool’s World].

A spell that seals the activation of magic in an area around its user.

(That [Sleep Sound] from a while ago…only a powerful mage could utilize such a high level spell! Fighting with Magic will be a disadvantage!)

In that case, fight by sealing off Magic.

Glenn had decided the moment he clenched his fists and charged towards the mysterious man.


Just when Glenn was about to land his fist, his eyes flinched in surprise.

Commanded by the mysterious man’s left hand, an overwhelming swirling blaze ascended around him, with a crimson red flame heading to strike Glenn.

“That can’t be, Magic should’ve been sealed!”

Immediately, Glenn leapt sideways to avoid the flame.

As it struck where he just was.

Whilst rolling on the ground, Glenn could barely dodge the second and third wave of flames coming for him.


Having leapt away from being in close contact with the mysterious man, Glenn gritted his teeth.

“You, that ring…”

Glenn gazed towards the four rings worn on the mysterious man’s left hand. A Magic Tool that housed powerful magic.

From their recent clash, Glenn identified the ring-like Magic Tool as a ‘Device that stores magic’. The ring serves as a temporary storage for chanted spells, allowing the user to cast it any time without having to chant a spell.

Of course, because the magic stored within the tool had been casted beforehand, the effects of Glenn’s [Fool’s World] has no effect on it.

(Damn, this is bad…how come I’ve never encountered such a crappy tool like this back in the army…?)

“Ku ku ku, you know of this device’s abilities? It is one of my finest works.”

The mysterious man began encroaching towards the fearful Glenn.

With those words, terror ran through Glenn’s spine. Against this person with the ability to make such tools with these advanced features…there was a world of difference between this mysterious man and himself.

“Isn’t this effective for those like you? That said, you made a mistake the moment you sealed away your magic.”

“Tch…you already figured me out beforehand…dammit!”

“Now that we’ve established that you have no chance to win, let me reiterate.”

The mysterious man pointed towards the slumbering Sistine, and spoke.

“That girl…leave Sistine Fibel behind. By right, I should not be leaving any witnesses alive, but leave now and you will be spared…I cannot say the same for her however.”


“You can save yourself the effort of  trying something like escaping with her, as I’ll remind you that I am fairly strong, on a level you cannot hope to compete with. Your choice is to either abandon her and live, or die here…so what will you do?”

Before the mysterious man’s full-bodied warning, filled with a murderous and intimidating intent, Glenn felt defeated.


If he goes against him, he will die.

With this overwhelming premonition of death that scorched Glenn’s soul, his forehead began sweating profusely.


“Bah, don’t say something so stupid.”

With cold sweat flowing all over his body like a waterfall, Glenn took on a boxing stance.

“I-…I’m her instructor right? Even if I’m told to abandon my students, I’ll never leave them behind!”

“…hmm. Then you will die here…doesn’t that matter to you?”

“Ha, you can try…! I look forward to your crying face after!”

However, Glenn was the opposite of what he was presenting, having been exhausted by the despair awhile ago.

He understood that the mysterious man’s words were not lies, not by reason, but by his soul.

There was no doubt that he would not win against this mysterious man.

(But, I have to do this right! I’m prepared to be fatally wounded, I’m sure I have to jump in to end him. And that’s to protect White Cat dammit!)

What on earth is happening?

In the face of these unreasonable circumstances, Glenn made his determined resolve clear, as he began marching towards the mysterious man…

“Good grief…he really is an annoying person.”

The mysterious man unexpectedly muttered to himself.


“To think he’s even like me…dammit! God dammit!”

Before Glenn, the mysterious man’s murderous intimidation disappeared, as he stamped on the ground like a child.


“Now now, calm down honey. Didn’t you know that teacher Glenn would do something like that?”

By the side of the road, a gentle sounding woman appeared.

“In any case, he does act a lot like you when you were younger.”

“A-ah…? You’re…White Cat’s mother…was it?”

“Yes. It’s been a while, teacher.”

The woman that appeared, Fillyana, leisurely thanked Glenn.

“The-, then this mysterious person is…?”


Then, the mysterious man took off his mask and cloak.

“It would seem that my daughter was well taken care of by you, teacher Glenn.”

Leonard revealed himself, albeit in a sour mood.

“Jeez! What were you thinking?! How could you father?!”

“Uuu…I’m sorry, Sisti…”

After Sistine woke up and learnt about what had transpired, she angrily reprimanded her father who could only apologize tearfully to his daughter.

“Oh…is that so…that whole charade…was a test Miss Fillyana’s parents used to test Mr Leonard in the past?”

“Fu fu, that’s correct. They wanted to see for themselves if he was a worthy husband for me.”


Glenn could only remain half-astounded.

“As I mentioned, my husband at the time was a lot like you, someone who’d always fight against the odds just to protect me. Fuu, and that was how I fell in love with him all over again…”

Fillyana spoke fondly in delight.

“Huh…is that so…? But…why did you decide to test me…?”

As Glenn tilted his head.

“…teacher Glenn.”

Leonard, who gave up attempting to pacify his daughter, turned towards Glenn with a humble appearance.

“I was observing you all day today.”


“…I’ve lost. It’s clear to me now that….you truly are a suitable husband for Sistine…”

“…ha? Husband?”

“Since Sistine is still a student, I cannot accept your marriage together yet…I ask that you continue giving my daughter your guidance accordingly…”

With his lonely yet daunting resolve.

Leonard bowed before Glenn…and at that moment.

“Um…hey father? What the heck are you talking about?”

Sistine nudged at Leonard, with her blushing cheeks.

“Suitable husband? Marriage? Asking to give me guidance? Father, what are you saying…?”

“Hmm? Sisti, what are you saying? Aren’t the two of you dating?”


For a brief moment, Sistine became as stiff as a stone statue.

“Eeeeeee?! Why do you think that?!”

Eventually, she exclaimed in her wild voice.

“I-, I-, I’m dating the teacher, there’s no such thing-“

“Isn’t that the case? Sisti, didn’t you spend the day with this man on a date?”

“Haaaa?! No father, this isn’t a date-“

“Eating together, buying a gift for a man, watching the play together…this whole time…having fun…happily…guu……u…oooooooh!”

Leonard rattled on and began crying manly tears, looking up towards the heavens as his sorrow from earlier had returned.

“…Oi, White Cat, did…you not tell him about it?”

“But…it was meant to be a surprise…”

Sistine sighed at the exhausted looking Glenn.

And so.

“Guess it can’t be helped then.”

Sistine took a package out of her shoulder bag…and presented it to Leonard.

“It’s still a bit early but…happy birthday, father.”


With teary eyes, Leonard looked towards the package being presented.

It was a neatly wrapped necktie.

“Eh? Sisti, this is…”

“Good grief, I was going to save this to surprise you…that’s right, a birthday gift I bought for you, father.”

“Eh? My birthday?”

“Oh honey…did you forget about it? About tomorrow being your birthday.”

“So that’s what it was…I’ve been so busy that…”

Bit by bit, Leonard’s understanding of the situation slowly colored his face.

“The-, then…this whole date Sisti had today…”

“Ha…it’s not a date, but rather a preview of plans for the whole family to celebrate father’s birthday tomorrow. Dad, I know you’re fussy about certain food and wine, but you also have a specific taste towards certain types of dramas. For my dear father, I didn’t want tomorrow’s plans to be disappointing, so I needed a man’s opinion. So that’s why I asked teacher Glenn…”

“…my…dear…father? For…my sake…?”

“Yep. That’s why…your suspicions about teacher Glenn and I aren’t true at all…for now…”

Without realizing, Sistine unintentionally used the phrase ‘for now’…

“Ooooooooh! Is that soooooooo?!”

Without him noticing, Leonard began rejoicing in a boisterous dance towards the heavens.

“Whoo! Did you hear that Fillyana?! Our daughter is truly an angel! A present for me…! To think Sisti having a boyfriend was just a big misunderstanding! That’s good, that’s good to hear!”

“Fu fu, that’s good for you honey…though, I am a little disappointed.”

That said,

While comforting Leonard, Fillyana looked towards Sistine,

“Anyways Sisti, why was teacher Glenn the person you consulted?”

She asked the question in a mischievous manner.

“About that…you see, the teacher is kind of like father in a way.”


(…eh? teacher Glenn is…like…me…?)

Leonard calmly organized his thoughts.

Sistine loves her father the most.

Teacher Glenn is similar to her father.

Which means.

Teacher Glenn is Sistine’s…


“Um, Mr Leonard? Is something wrong?”

Glenn called out to Leonard, who was keeping silent…

“Glenn Radars…it would seem that I have to get rid of you after all…!”

Leonard glared back like a demon with flaming hands.

“Eeeeeh?! But why?!”

“Shut it! Let me make this clear! I will never hand my daughter to a man like you!”

“Father?! Hold it!”

“Oh, honey.”

“Aaaaah! What did I do?!”

Glenn fled the scene like a hare.

With Leonard chasing like a hound.

Glenn and Leonard’s unjustified chase begins.

Until Fillyana caught up to Leonard and shut him down.

End Transmission.


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