Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 2 – Trap-Hole Of Albert, Who Is Too Serious About His Work



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Author: Taro Hituji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated By: Max

Edited By: Anonymous Editor (User wishes to remain Anonymous for privacy reasons)

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Translation Starts Here

In the dead of night.

Darkness runs freely throughout Fejite’s streets, with dimly lit street lamps under the moonless night.

In a certain back alley within Fejite.

A sudden pillar of flame violently erupted, the red flame burned through the surrounding darkness.

“Ha! I did it!”

Draped in a black robe, the formal uniform for the Researchers of Divine Wisdom, a man gleefully yelled.

“I’ve killed him! I’ve killed ‘The Star’!”

The hellish flames casted by the man surrounded the enemy before him — an Imperial Army mage, who was engulfed in flames.

The mage was trapped within a swirling pillar of flames before the man.

With nowhere to escape, victory was his.

“Nya ha ha ha! The rumored elites of the Special Missions Annex are such pushovers!”

When the mage first appeared before him, the man felt a bone chilling fear…which turned out to be no big deal having dealt with him now.

“Excellent! By defeating ‘The Star’ Albert, my reputation within the organization will surely soar! And if I manage to get my hands on Rumia Tingel as well…”

Just as the man was muttering to himself.


A thundering flash came piercing through the darkness, piercing the man’s head with pinpoint accuracy.

And just like that, the man’s consciousness faded away.

At the top of a certain tower, about 3000 meters away from where the man fell into his eternal slumber,


Albert, Operative Number 7 ‘The Star’ of the Imperial Court Mage Corps’ Special Missions Annex, slowly lowered his left finger that pointed into the pitch black abyss below him.

“Not realizing that he was fighting an illusion made of light…he isn’t even worth the effort.”

Muttering to himself, Albert gazed into the abyssal darkness before him.

“Isn’t that right? Old man.”


“…using an illusion to lure the enemy into a sniping ground…! It truly is a superhuman feat!”

Behind Albert was an old man with a well built physique.

Like Albert, who was also dressed in the same Mage Corps uniform, he is “The Hermit” Bernard…an old fashioned veteran of the Special Missions Annex.

“It’s no big deal. It’s just a means of engaging the enemy.”

“Hang on, what are you even saying…?”

Bernard glared back whilst grumbling.

“The one of a kind master who’s capable of Sniping Magic from a distance of 3000 meters away…a feat not even Celica is capable of.”

“Is there something you need, old man?”

Albert turned towards Bernard, cutting straight to the point.

“An old man making this trip just to see things from the sniper’s perspective…is that really all there is to it?”

“Always the kind to skip the fun and get down to business aren’t you…no matter.”

Bernard took out a letter from his pocket, tossing it towards Albert’s back.

Without pursuing the oncoming letter with his eyes, Albert’s minimalistic movements received the incoming package, as he unsealed, opened and began reading through it.


Shortly after, Albert’s eagle eyed gaze became even sharper.

“Do you understand your next assignment? We’ll leave things to you then ‘Star’.”

“Hold on…old man ‘Hermit’.”

Albert’s tone slowly became stone cold.

“Investigate the credibility of the following information…‘Glenn Radars’ being associated with the Researchers Of Divine Wisdom’…‘Possibility of an ongoing plot to assassinate Rumia Tingel’…where did the source of this assassination plot came from?”

“Who knows? It’s either from the Military’s Intelligence Division or the Empire’s Intelligence Agency, not that it concerns us soldiers about where it came from.”

“Tch…just a bunch of tied up idiots. Tell them to go to hell.”

Albert clicked his tongue in annoyance, delaying his pre-casted spell.

And so, the document was burnt into a crisp as it disappeared from the world.

“Look, I get what you’re trying to say. But given that it involves the Researchers Of Divine Wisdom, you should be wary of our experiences with these ‘No way this person is part of the organization’ situations yes?”


“Since this information was brought up, it needs to be investigated. I don’t want to believe it but…in the event Glenn-boy is actually…”

“I’ll look into his true motives.”

Bernard was the one who trained Glenn, who despite lacking the ability to be a well accomplished mage, his training gave him a unique style of fighting that made use of his strengths to compensate. To Bernard, Glenn was like his disciple.

“I apologize for asking you to look into this disturbing matter, Al-boy…”

“Nothing is certain. This is a mission, I will carry it out…all the way. That’s all this is.”

Albert coldly replied.

“Since this investigation is on such a short-notice, I’ll take over as her highness’ long-distance personal guard for now…and I’ll leave the rest to you.”

As he received Bernard’s words from behind.

Albert leapt off the roof of the Clock Tower…

The next day.

A refreshing morning came with gentle streaks of sunlight and small birds chirping, along the road to the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

“Ah, good morning teacher.”

A smiling Rumia happily waved towards someone.

In the direction where the smile was pointed towards, came Glenn, who was in a “I’m too sleepy and annoyed” expression, as he arrived at the intersection where Rumia awaited.

“…morning…you girls sure are early…”

Glenn grumbled with a stuttered yawn.

“Apart from Rumia and White Cat, Re=L…I’m surprised you’re early today.”

“Mmm. That’s because I wanted to meet up with Rumia and Sistine early.”

“Is that so?”

As per usual, Glenn had a gentle expression to greet Re=L’s usual emotionless and unassuming expression.

“Hey teacher! You’re late!”

Then, Sistine cut into Glenn and Re=L’s conversation to begin lecturing him.

“Just because we have plenty of time, doesn’t mean you can just show up at the last minute! As an adult, you should be arriving early with time to spare!”

“Ugh…please stop…”

Glenn closed his ears to keep out the troublesome lecture.

“In this case, why don’t you just go ahead without me? Re=L should be more than enough to guard Rumia.”

“Tha- that might be the case…bu-but Rumia here insisted on waiting for you…”

Sistine’s eyes darted around as she came up with her excuse.

With her emotionless gaze, Re=L tilted her head.

“…? Rumia didn’t say that. The person who did it was Sist-mmph.”

“Whaaaaa?! Re=L stoooooooooop!”

Sistine swiftly covered Re=L’s mouth with both her hands as she began squealing.

While Rumia watched over her best friend’s antics with a giggle.

“Jeez, you sure are active this early in the morning…alright, let’s go…ugh, I wonder if I can take a paid leave…”

“Oh right, teacher.”

Rumia came up to Glenn, as she’d just recalled something.

“Today, I made lunch boxes for everyone, but there’s a lot of it. So if you want, would you like to join us for lunch today?”

“Oh? Would that be okay?”

“About that…I’m actually still learning how to cook, while I’m not as good as Sisti yet…but if it’s okay with you…”

Rumia inquired with her upturned but timid eyes, as Glenn smiled back.

“Thank you Rumia. At least this way my food expenses can be taken care of. I’d be more than happy to share a meal with you girls. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

In an instant, Rumia smilingly beamed like a blooming flower.

“Of course!”

A short distance away from where Glenn and company were having their cheerful conversations…

(Looks like there are no problems…for now…)

Near the entrance into a back alley, Albert was observing Glenn and company from a certain blind spot.

(Just as I thought, some of that intel is incorrect…no, it’s still too early to draw a conclusion…)


The citizens strolling along the main street made passing glances at Albert within the back alley.

“No way…has the economy been that bad lately?”

“It’s unusual to say if that has anything to do with Fejite…”

“Mama, what is that man doing?”

“Shush…don’t point at him.”

While exchanging whispers with one another.

The reasoning had to do with Albert’s current appearance, which consisted of a dirty worn-out shirt  with a jacket and trousers, coupled with his ruffled unshaven face. It was the appearance of a miserable looking figure, leaning against the back alley’s wall accompanied by a dirty newspaper on the ground

This was no longer the spine-chilling appearance commonly associated with Albert.

Whichever way you look at it, Albert was disguised as a perfect-looking hobo.

Nobody would ever suspect him of being a mage-in-disguise.

(Hmm…they should be heading to the Academy soon.)

Despite his shabby appearance, Albert’s eyes remained eagle-eyed as he observed his targets.

(I can’t afford to lose sight of them…I should make a move now.)

Just as Albert began to move out.

“Young man, oh young man…”

A gentle old lady called out to Albert and approached him.

“Young man…please have this food to eat…”

The old lady smilingly presented a basket of bread to Albert.

“Hmm? …no…wait…”

“Ah ha ha, it’s a bit burnt…but I was just sharing it around with my neighbors. Now come, don’t be shy.”

“…thank you for your kindness but…I’m sorry, but I cannot accept this.”

Albert politely declined, as he attempted to pursue Glenn and company.

“Ah! I like it! Your form may be battered, but you’ve still got spirit!”

Now, a middle aged laborer came up to Albert, to tap him on the shoulder.

“Oi, young man. You look pretty well built, and you haven’t died right? It’s a shame to see you in such a state…why not come work at my factory instead?”

“Uh…I don’t need any help. I can take care of myself, no need to worry.”

Albert silently returned his frowning gaze towards Glenn’s back in the distance.

All this while, Albert’s position was restrained by the citizens nearby, who gathered around him for his praiseworthy spirit of being a hobo.

“Do your best!”

“Young man, you may be facing hardships now, but don’t give up.

“Hello there! Let me hand you this advertisement for a job!”

“If things don’t work out, you can head to the government’s Labor Office over at the Central District! You can surely find a job there young man!”

And so.


Albert kept silent.

Dead silent.

Eventually, the citizens encouraging Albert slowly took their leave, as signs of people slowly disappeared from his surroundings.


Albert undid his disguise in one fell swoop.

With his previous outfit’s goods soaring into the sky.

His appearance shifted into his usual mage uniform, a sight which heretic mages associate as being the appearance of the messenger from hell.

“Now then, where to?”

Having lost sight of Glenn and company…that wasn’t a problem. He knew where they would be heading.

(Still, that mess from earlier…why did that even happen?)

Albert pondered for a moment, whilst using his sharp sights to observe his surroundings.

“Hmm…was my acting ability not enough here? Strange.”

With that conclusion.

Albert rushed after Glenn and company at the Academy.

Bing, bong, bang, bong…*

*Note: Insert Japan school bell here.

The bell that heralds the end of morning classes echoed across the Academy.

“And so, this is the reason behind this spell’s structure….hmm? Oh, this is a nice spot to wrap up.”

While teaching in front of the blackboard, Glenn concluded his usual batch of top notch lessons today.

“Well, that’s all for today…we’ll continue the lesson from here tomorrow.”

At that moment, a relaxing mood spread across the classroom.

It was time for lunch break.

The long awaited session by the class’ boys, with appetites built for their growing bodies.

As a group of boys scrambled towards the cafeteria.


Rumia and the others came up to Glenn, who was busy sorting his teaching materials on the podium.

“Why don’t we head to the Courtyard right away?”

“Oh, sure. You made a bento today, right Rumia?”


Rumia smiled.

“I want to have Rumia’s bento…but I also want some strawberry tarts.”

“Sure, I’ll buy some from the school’s cafeteria later, okay?”

“Mmm. That’s good.”

“Well then, so we’ll all head to the courtyard…”

Just when Rumia was discussing with Glenn and the others.

“Oi, are you goofing off?”

“No sir!”

Suddenly, an exclamation came from the windows outside of the classroom.

The startled students within the classroom turned towards the windows…

On the other side of the glass windows, on a suspended scaffold were two window cleaners, presumably hired by the Academy, performing their cleaning duties.

One appeared to be a elderly man who displayed his skillfulness in his cleaning duties. The other was a young looking newcomer wearing a hat, glasses and a mask, with both cleaners wearing their respective sullied work clothes.

“What’s with that weak-ass scrubbing? Are you licking the windows instead? Put more heart into it, new guy!”

“I- I’m sorry! I’ll do my best to improve!”

The fearful looking young cleaner bowed his head before the elderly man.

“But actually…I’m actually afraid of heights…”

“Hah?! You can’t make it in this industry if you’re already afraid of this level of height! Get used to it! Clean our window-sama as though your life depends on it!”

“Ye- yes sir! I’ll give my life towards cleaning window-sama!”

And so, the trembling young man continued cleaning the windows on his side.

“Good grief…working in any industry is hell, having to work means you’d lose by default.”

Upon noticing the young man, Glenn sighed in sympathy.


“Hmm? Oh right. You mentioned something about having your Bento at the courtyard right?”

Glenn scratched his head while pondering for a moment.

“That reminds me, I have something I need to handle first. Can you girls go ahead without me?”

“Eh? Is that so? I can help you if you’d want…”

“It’s alright, it’s not a big deal. I’ll meet you girls at the courtyard shortly.”

Then, Sistine sullenly murmured.

“It can’t be helped…Rumia did make plenty of lunches today…just come early okay?”

“Right, right.”

And so.

Rumia and the others left the classroom for the courtyard, as Glenn saw them off.

(Hmm…doing something on your own?)

Albert, disguised as the young man in his window cleaner overalls, sharply observed Glenn through the glass.

(I must’ve been careless. By being this close, could he have seen through my disguise? Even if he did, I still have to keep watching.)

Currently, Albert’s acting and disguise was flawless. An entirely different level compared to his disguise from the Field Study Expedition where he was discovered, and his earlier disguise as a hobo.

Albert was now impersonating a low-level cleaner whose soul was currently being exploited by the Empire’s capitalistic system. Therefore, he was nothing more than a physically unskilled and mentally timid young man.

As such, it was no surprise that Glenn did not notice.

(That aside, Glenn…why would he seperate himself from the Princess?)

Completely unaware of Albert’s presence, Glenn headed towards a certain part of the classroom.

At the corner of a table, were two students sitting around while goofing off and munching on bread…the big well-built youth Kash, and the small boy with a petite looking face, Cecil.

“Oh, teacher…could it be?”

Cecil noticed Glenn, dropping the tone of his voice as he took a guess.

“Ah yes, it’s about that.”

Glenn also followed in lowering his tone.

“Okay teach, let’s go over our current situation…”

Kash gave a grin.

And so, the trio began discussing something in secret.


Outside the windows, Albert squeezed a wet rag into the bucket by his feet, whilst murmuring a short-versed chant to activate a spell for long distance hearing.

With that, Albert could easily overhear the conversation between Glenn and company.

“Say, Kash…about Rumia’s activities, have there been any changes?”

“None at all, it’s clear that she hasn’t noticed anything.”

“That’s great. Remember, we absolutely cannot have her suspect anything.”

The exchange Albert heard sounded rather disturbing.

“In that case teacher…is it time to do it?”

“Yep, the plan will proceed as scheduled…don’t make any mistakes now, okay?”

“Leave it to us sir. Granted, things are going so smoothly that…there’s no excitement in it.”

“We never planned for this in the first place…but Rumia will definitely not see it coming…”

Kash and Cecil gave some treacherous smiles.

“Ku ku ku, when the time comes…I wonder what kind of look will she make on her face …”

After confirming their intentions, the trio’s gathering concluded as Glenn left the classroom to Kash and Cecil.

(What the hell will happen today…?)

Albert watched Glenn’s back depart the classroom, as he stopped squeezing the rag to think.

(It’s clear they’re keeping their plans away from the princess…but what could it be?)

The Researchers Of Divine Wisdom.

Rumia was the main target of this terrorist organization.

With members infiltrating every inch of the Empire, it was often the least suspected people that wind up being revealed to be secret operatives of the organization.

(…this is unexpected.)

Albert squeezed the rag in his hand tightly, wanting to disperse the faint suspicion building within his heart…

“Oi! Did your hands stop working?! Or you’re waiting for window-sama to come for you?!”

“N-, no sir! Sorry to keep you waiting, window-sama!”

As he hurriedly returned to cleaning duty.

 A short while later…

“Uuuu…I’m so sorry…teacher…Sisti…Re=L…”

Glenn and company were making their way from the Courtyard to the Cafeteria, accompanied by the teary-eyed Rumia.

“Uh…we-, well…you’re still learning how to cook after all…?”

Without knowing what to say, Glenn vaguely comforted Rumia.

“Could it be that…you mistook sugar for salt and vice-versa…even though Rumia tends to make these sorts of obvious mistakes…I honestly wasn’t expecting it…”

Sistine let out a sigh.

“Mmm. A sweet tasting meat pie and salty tasting pudding…they don’t taste good at all.”

“You should learn how to put it less explicitly!”

“It hurts.”

While Re=L’s head was being drilled into by Glenn, next to him was the disheartened Rumia.

“I’m really sorry!”

“It-it’s nothing to be worried about! That’s…probably some kind of new food texture! The awakening of something new!”

Thereupon, Rumia shook her head and gave a brief chuckle.

“Thank you for your concerns…but it’s fine. I can’t let the teacher and everyone eat strange dishes for the sake of my own self-esteem.”

“Well, if you say so.”

“Let’s head to the cafeteria for today then? But next time, I’ll prepare a much better lunchbox for everyone.”

“Ah, I’ll be looking forward to that day.”

That was the reason Glenn and company made their way to the cafeteria.

As usual, it was crowded with students during lunchtime.

Fortunately for them.

Even though they’d arrived relatively late, Glenn and company managed to find a table by the corner of the cafeteria.

“So…what should I get today?”

“…a strawberry tart please.”

“Re=L, is that it? Your nutrition will be imbalanced…look, why don’t you try eating a salad once in a while?”

“I hate veggies…”

Just as Glenn and company were having their conversation.


A sudden uproar of cheers echoed from the kitchen area.

“Wha- what the?”

The startled Glenn turned towards where the uproar came from, the crowded cafeteria counter, where crowds of students leaned on to get a glimpse of the kitchen.

“Sorry to keep you waiting! Ten servings of Radolf-styled truffled foie gras terrine with its veal sweetbread and lentil cake, topped with kirua beans…complete! Please, enjoy!”

Due to the crowd making it difficult to see…a chef dressed in white kitchen overalls was presenting his dazzling dishes before the counter with his excellent skills.

“Thi-this isn’t a joke right…? We can have such high-class dishes right here in the school cafeteria?!”

“A great chef has become part of our school cafeteria!”

The excited students gazed upon the food they received on their trays.

While the students by the counter kept their eyes glued on the chef, he continued to calmly prepare his dishes.


The chef handled his cutting knife in a gorgeous manner.

In one fell swoop, the chef swung countless slashes around his cooking area. A sight so fast that it’s hard to catch.

Within the void of the silver slashes were various meats, potatoes, onions, and other ingredients, cut into near perfect and accurate chunks.


As the chef finished cutting, a passing breeze brushed past the students.


“That’s cold! This breeze…it’s like the frosty gust of winter!”


“Ah! The cooking technique ‘Sword Dance Of Eternal Frost’ (永久凍剣舞閃)! To think that there’s someone who could use it here-“

*Author’s Note: You’re gonna see a bunch of these Kanji names next to these ‘translated’ techniques, I honestly don’t know how to word these perfectly, so make of them what you will I guess. Ever watched Shokugeki No Soma or Yakitate Japan?

“You know about it, Kai?!”

“Umu. By handling a cooking knife at high speed, any ingredients being sliced will have its moisture neutralized, while the knife cools itself off by evaporating from the moisture it gathers, allowing the ingredients to maintain its freshness. This was also supposedly a legendary yet mysterious cooking technique from the dark side of the Empire’s cooking world, meant to push the tastes of food to its absolute limit…”

At a nearby corridor, Glenn’s various students, a chubby boy Kai, was explaining to Rodd, a boy with a short ponytail.

“Hmph. Ingredients, time to dance!”

After that, the chef sorted his ingredients on his cutting board, before tossing them into the air with the same board.


“Ah! What kind of prelude will these sacred ingredients perform…?!”

“Wait! It can’t be…! Tha-, could it be…?!”

The ingredients flying up into the air magically landed themselves into the frying pan the chef had raised overhead to catch.


With the sizzling oil resounding from the pan, a fragrant scent soon filled the air.

“Now! Awaken! Revive yourselves with this taste of life!”

Every time the chef shook his frying pan, several ingredients took to the air without spilling out of the pan, almost as though there was some kind of thread keeping the ingredients tied to the pan.

“That…it can’t be…the secret cooking technique, ‘Dance of the Revived Dead’ (死と再生の舞踏)?!”

“What?! You know about that too Kai?!”

“Mmm. To be fair, no matter the ingredient, it’s always regarded as being ‘dead’ anyways. However, with the flame of ‘life’ that causes the ingredients to interact with the air’s surrounding oxygen and mana, the once burnt ingredients become hyper stimulated and are restored to life, but it remains trapped in this illusion of ‘life’, restricted by the natural laws of resurrection…to think a user of this technique even exists…just who is that chef anyways?”

Next, the chef picked up a bottle of brandy he’d left aside, pouring its contents until it resembled a half-moon.

Within the frying pan were the glittering droplets that resembled an empty yet elegant crescent moon.

And at that moment.


A crimson red flame erupted from the frying pan, nearly burning the ceiling of the kitchen.

“Tha- that’s the ultimate cooking technique, ‘Deep Crimson Flame Storm’!”

“Wha- what the hell is that even?! How do you know all this Kai?! Just what the hell are you into?!”

Across the corridor, the audience became enthralled by the chef’s spectacular display of one technique after the other.

Meanwhile, at a table near the kitchen counter, were the lucky students squealing their hearts out, after dining on their dishes prepared by the chef.

“Ooh…it’s delicious…it’s too delicious!”

“Ah…I can’t stop crying…! The food I’ve had before is crap compared to this!”

“It’s rich in flavor without being addictive, refreshing but mild…the perfect balance of raising the texture of the dish to a high level, with its chewy and pleasant taste waltzing across your tongue. The juices from the meat then spread across your mouth, as it begins playing a harmonious symphony…

“I don’t really get it but…all I know is that, this is amazing!”

And so, the students and chefs within the kitchen continued observing the mysterious chef, wondering what dish he would prepare next.

“That chef is like a conductor! An orchestral conductor who directs the ingredients and tastes of this concert hall called, the kitchen.”

“What is he going to do next?”

“Just what the hell is going on…?”

The surrounding spectators became passionately entranced by the chef’s flashy movements, from his polished refinements of using the kitchen knife to the way he handles his frying pan…

…while all this was taking place near the kitchen area. 

Glenn and company stared at the scene before them.

“It looks like there’s a new chef or something…?”

“Ye-, yes. He looks super-popular and passionate too, just looking at him makes me all fired up.”

Seeing the difference in spirit from their table and the front of the kitchen counter, Glenn and Sistine’s aura paled in comparison.

“That’s…nice. I wish I could cook like him too…”

“Rumia…maybe, that’s not a good example to learn from…”

While Rumia gazed enviously, Sistine picked up the jug on the table to fill her cup.

“Oh? The jug’s empty.”

“Is that so? I’ll go refill it then.”

“You’re going? Sorry about that but…thanks.”

With the jug in hand, Rumia left Glenn and the others by their seats.

(…it would seem that the princess has left Glenn and the others…)

Albert sharply observed Glenn and company from the back of the kitchen counter…as a stand-in chef currently shakes a warm iron pan.

(That said, it would seem that my cooking skills from that one infiltration mission, where I was hired as a chef by a rich merchant who was involved in trading drugs, still remain capable enough. Thanks to that, there’s no reason to worry about having to infiltrate this place inconspicuously…)

“That man is truly amazing! Though, it does feel strange.”

“Ah, it’s easy to notice him! He stands out so much!”

“He’s a truly charismatic chef!”

In response to the praises around him, Albert brushed aside the sweat from his forehead while maintaining his sharp observation…

(…this is no problem.)

Or so he thought.

(My acting as a chef should be on-point. I did read the ways of being a chef from that one manual before…)

“By the way…this guy looks awfully familiar…”

“That guy?”

“Yeah, there was this popular novel where the protagonist is a chef with superb skills at cooking, who goes on an adventure to challenge chefs from the dark world of cooking to culinary battles. This guy here reminds me of that protagonist…this famous novel was called…”

“Ah, that’s it! ‘Knife Of The Gods’, one of Wrights Nich’s famous works! He looks just like him too! With all those high action, over the top names for its cooking techniques!”

While various conversations happened around them.


Albert temporarily stopped himself for a moment…

(…in any case, this is still a mission. Back to watching what you’re up to, Glenn.)


Under the cover of him chopping an onion, Albert secretly casted the spell for long distance hearing.

As Glenn’s conversation slowly seeped into Albert’s ears.

“By the way, Re=L…do you have a knife prepared…for Rumia?”

“Mmm. It’s prepared…for Rumia…will it be enough?”

“Ah, it’ll do. It’s more than enough.”

“I can forge a bigger one easily, just think about it…”

“It’s not needed. As long as you handle it properly, one is more than enough. Besides, if you use a big one, the cleanup afterwards will be troublesome…I don’t want to cause too much of a mess later…”

Albert’s ears became disturbed from the conversation he heard.

That only deepened his suspicions.

The possibility that Glenn Radars was working for the Researchers Of Divine Wisdom. With a plot to assassinate Rumia.

It’s a load of crap, was what he wanted to believe.

“Ha ha…by the way, White Cat…will it be okay for you? It’s not too late to call this off.”

“…fu, this is payback. If anything, I cannot wait to see the look on her face at that exact moment…”

“Ku ku…you know, it’s bad to deceive your friend like this…”

(Payback…doesn’t she mean revenge…?)

After hearing Sistine’s words, the stone cold Albert turned pale, whilst continuing to stir his stew pot.

(I can understand if it’s Re=L…as much as I hate to admit it…it’s possible in her case…but, Fibel is…behind this? Is that really so…damn you…Researchers Of Divine Wisdom…)


Just as Albert clenched his fists…

“Mr Alto! Could you have a look at the state of this meat’s condition?”

“Mr Alto! Would it be okay to season with this amount of herbs…?”

At that moment when the chefs all voiced for his help, Albert made his next big move…

…to turn around.

“Hmph. Leave it to me. The emperor of taste, the conductor of food, Alto=Fraden!”

After dispersing his long distance hearing spell, Albert turned around to swiftly assist his fellow chefs.

Some time after lunch break.

After the end of their next class, Rumia, Sistine and Re=L headed to the classroom for their next class.

“…so? How are the preparations going for that…thing for Rumia?”

“Everything’s being set up as we speak.”

“Are all the essentials in place?”

“Everyone’s just waiting for the right time to set up.”

Glenn and the students of his class gathered around to have their secret conversations.

(…to think their plans have progressed more than I expected…)

Albert clicked his tongue, whilst secretly observing the situation.

(As I suspected, nearly all the students are involved in this plan…damn you Researchers Of Divine Wisdom…just how much of the country have they infiltrated…?)

“By the way, Wendy. When things finally wrap up, will you be ready to handle the cleanup?”

“Of course. The Nablesse household can help with this matter.”

Wendy replied to Glenn’s question with a fearless grin.

“Leave it to me, teach. You and the others should focus on preparing yourselves beforehand, we can’t afford to get sloppy now.”

“Right, just don’t get caught or we’re finished.”

(Having plans to dispose of the body after finishing…)

Albert glared at Wendy whilst contemplating.

(But…to think that Count Nablesse would be involved as well…that’s the biggest surprise here……)

Albert groaned to himself about this sudden revelation, with a calm facepalm laid across his face.

Wendy Nablesse.

According to his previous intel, she is the daughter of a prominent noble family within the Empire, the successor to the Count Nablesse, who runs the Empire’s various financial businesses and territorial administrations.

(The influential Count’s family that runs the Empire’s economy is part of the Researchers Of Divine Wisdom as well…dammit! Their shadowy influence knows no restraint does it…”

Upon realizing that he was up against a foe with such influence, Albert felt helpless at the prospect of having to combat such a foe.

“…as we’ve discussed before, we can’t afford to fail or screw up now, okay? Otherwise, White Cat’s gonna kill me for this…”

“We understand teach, it would be a waste if we all fail now.”

The students nodded at Glenn’s reminder.

(That said, the mastermind is apparently Sistine Fibel…was she putting on an act of being such a frail person when we first met?)

It was hard to believe considering her involvement in the Academy’s Terror Attack and Field Study Expedition awhile back…but Albert kept his cool by quickly discarding such thoughts from his mind.

(No, considering that it involves that organization…it’s possible, since its members would utilize various Memory Sealing or Personality Building Magics to maintain their aliases. There have been cases of that…all with the purpose of achieving their goals, they will take any advantage they can get, whether it’s burning bridges or killing off others…but it’s premature to decide now without further observation…)


Albert clenched his fists.

(Assuming that is the case, Fibel would likely be a high ranking member of the organization with the power to purge her subordinates if needed, an ‘Adeptus Order’ (Level 2) or higher member at the very least….that sly fox.)

By the way,

The place where Albert had been hiding out for his surveillance this whole time…was within the broom closet in the corner of the classroom.

He could easily peek at Glenn and the others from the gaps of the cabinet’s doors.

Apparently, Albert’s decision to sneak into the cramped cabinet to monitor Glenn throughout his classes had paid off.

His legs stood within buckets, and the mop on his head making his hair look like dreadlocks, it didn’t matter to him.

The highest priority was the mission. Because of that, he was able to secure vital information about his target.

(This is no problem at all.)

Albert told himself when he first entered the cabinet.

“Hmm? Oh, the floor’s dirtied up from our Magic Circle lesson. The next person to use this class is…oh right, Senior…”

Suddenly, Glenn stood up whilst scratching his head.

“Sorry to trouble you guys, but could you grab the cleaning tools from the cabinet over there?”

Glenn pointed towards the cabinet where Albert was hiding in.

“This is a hassle but, we should at least clean up the place, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“That’s rare for the teacher to say something like that.”

“Shut it, it’s fine sometimes, such as right now.”

Albert gritted his teeth upon hearing that exchange.

(Tch, did he notice me? Using cleaning up as an excuse.)

Regardless, once the cabinet’s doors open, he will be discovered.

(I can’t afford to be discovered now…)

Albert casted the chant for the Black Magic spell, [Quick Ignition]…



At that moment, an explosion emerged from the cabinet, briefly blocking everyone’s view with its blast, fire and smokescreen.

“What the heeeeeeck?!”

“Kyaaaaa, what happened?!”

“What the? Why did it explode at this time?!”

Within the chaotic classroom, Albert quietly snuck out of the classroom…as though he was never there.

A truly vibrant means of escape.

(Apparently my cover hasn’t been blown…or was that just a needless worry? No, perhaps I just didn’t pay enough attention to them…No matter then.)

Whilst walking towards his next hiding spot to plan his next move, Albert finally discarded the mop on his head and buckets on his feet.

(…no problem at all.)


“Glenn Radars?! You…what the hell happened?! What happened to that cabinet…breaking school property I see?!”

“Geh? Harpy Senpai?! No, I- I don’t have anything to do with this!”

“Shut up and be quiet! I’m reporting your barbaric behavior to the board!”

“Waaaaa-please forgive me! Not another pay cut!”

From the classroom he’d left behind, a tragic exchange occurred…

(…there is nothing wrong at all.)

Through sheer iron will, Albert coolly left the scene whilst assuring himself about his own thoughts.

Glenn Radars does plan to assassinate Princess Rumia.

With his suspicious activities becoming more apparent, this was no longer a laughing matter.

Even so, Albert continued his undercover investigation to hopefully disprove the suspicious claims, by keeping an eye on Glenn’s activities and whereabouts.

But instead of clearing up the suspicions, they only intensified with each revelation.

And so, without any means of disproving the allegations, the school day ended.


(The situation is getting to a point where it might be too late…)

While watching the sunset on the Academy rooftop, Albert pondered to himself.

It’s possible now that Glenn Radars is associated with the Researchers Of Divine Wisdom.

With plans to assassinate Rumia Tingel.

When he first heard of it, Albert shrugged it off as a baseless speculation of some idiots…

(Guess I’m the idiot here huh…)

He could only admit defeat.

Based on the information about Glenn’s activities from today, he is an enemy.

Almost every student associated with Glenn is working for the Researchers Of Divine Wisdom.

It was hard to believe…it was hard to admit…that the Researchers Of Divine Wisdom were one step above them this entire time.

(The Researchers Of Divine Wisdom…the terrorist organization that disregards people as actual human beings…I swore to exterminate those within the Empire…at any cost…no matter who it was…yes, no matter who it may be.)

Cool, calm and ruthless.

While trying to convince himself, in the middle of making sense of this ongoing situation, Albert contemplated the next course of action he should be taking.


The sound of gunpowder suddenly exclaimed nearby.

“…a gunshot?”

Albert sensed a disturbing premonition to come.

Most normal mages disregard small arms as rugged props that lack the magical properties of Magic Tools. However, Glenn is the only person in the Academy who skillfully wielded guns.

At this exact timing.


Albert clicked his tongue and cast his spell for long distance hearing.

In an instant, all sounds within the Academy swiftly entered his eardrums.

Disregarding the loud noises in the background, Albert managed to pick up a certain voice…

“N-, no way…to think that you all went out of your way to deceive me…”

The trembling and upset sounding voice of Rumia.

“Well, what do you think? Not bad huh?”

The ruthless voice of Glenn replied.

“There’s no mistaking it!”

Albert kicked off the ground and sprung into action.

(I knew there was something planned but…I didn’t expect them to carry it out today!)

He jumped across the roof, stretching to kick off its iron fence surrounding the roof to gain more distance.

Leaping into the sky from the rooftop-

Around the same time, he casted the spell [Magic Rope] to keep himself hanging off the rooftop, whilst running towards his destination.

Albert’s body cut through the air with the shape of an arc.

(From where the sound is coming from, the place where they’re attacking the princess is…their classroom!)

Before Albert, he swung like a pendulum towards the courtyard window of Glenn’s classroom, as it slowly approached him…

(Be safe, princess.)

And so.


Albert busted through the window and entered the classroom.


The eyes of the students surrounding Rumia all turned their attention towards the sudden intruder.

Albert rolled across the floor, using said momentum to jump up, landing and adjusting his body as he pointed his left finger at the students

“Nobody move!”

Suddenly, the squealing sight of something overhead entered Albert’s sight…

“Happy 16th Birthday Rumia!”

…it was a massive banner overhead.


Keeping his finger pointed, Albert calmly observed his surroundings.

A cake placed on a large table in the center of the classroom, surrounded by various confectioneries.

Glenn, Rumia and the other students surrounding it remained surprised at Albert’s sudden yet stylish appearance.

“…uh, Albert? What are you doing here…?”

Holding a noise making cracker in hand, Glenn questioned his former comrade.

“…what’s all this supposed to mean?”

Albert calmly returned with a question.

“No, what do you mean…? This is a surprise party to celebrate Rumia’s birthday…that was planned by White Cat…”


Albert continued maintaining his position.

While certain others disregarded his sudden appearance.

“Hey Sistine? Can I cut the cake? I’m good at handling cutlery. Let me cut it.”

“Just…wait a little while more…”

All this while, Re=L held onto a small cake knife.

“…Sistine Fibel. What do you mean by ‘revenge’?”


Albert’s sudden glare startled Sistine.

“Uh, I don’t know what you mean exactly…but if it’s about this party, it is revenge in a way! It’s payback to Rumia for using this trick on me last year…so this year, I wanted to…”


Albert became stiff.

“…Wendy Nablesse. What do you mean by ‘cleanup’?”


Wendy became startled by Albert’s glare.

“Cleanup…you mean the cleanup for this party? Basically, the servants of the Nablesse household will be coming over to help out later! Please forgive me if I did something wrong!”


Albert became even stiffer.


An awkward silence fell upon the classroom for a moment.


In an instant, Albert stood up and turned away.

“…I apologize for disturbing you all.”

Albert made his way towards the exit without the sound of any footsteps as the students watched him.


He left the classroom by the back door.


Everyone remained stunned at what just happened.

“Isn’t that person…Mr Albert? The teacher’s old friend.”


“Where on earth did that person come from…?”

“Honestly, I have no idea myself…”

Glenn sighed as he answered his student’s questions.

“It’s been so long, I have no idea what he is up to. Though, I do know that he is always overly serious, but terribly reliable.”

“Oh…is that so…?”

And, around the same time.


The sound of someone rushing towards the classroom became louder.

“Glenn Radars! What was that noise?!”

Bang! Halley slammed opened the door.

“Eh?! Loopy-senpai?!”

“You can’t even mention ‘Ha’ anymore?! Furthermore, explain all that!”

Halley angrily pointed towards the broken window Albert came from whilst yelling.

“Breaking windows…just what do you make of this sacred building?!”

“Eeeeeeh?! But I didn’t do it!”

“You’ve said enough! Regardless of whether it was you or your students that did it, you’re responsible for this on-site activity! I’ll be reporting this matter to the board!”

“Gyaaaaah stop! They’ll dock my paycheck even further! Please let this one go Hage-senpai*!”

*Author’s Note: Hage (ハゲ), coincidentally, means bald.

“Damn you!”

While the figures of the two instructors noisily argued.

In the background…

“Well…let’s get started then?”

“Oh? Okay.”

Sistine urged the others to begin the party…

And so, later that evening.

Within a quiet secret alleyway in Fejite.

“So Glenn-boy’s betrayal was fake? Ah, that sounds about right.”

After hearing Albert’s report, the ‘Hermit’ Bernard casually replied like so.

“That soft naïve righteous idiot, of course he wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“…but according to the mission letter.”

“Oh that? Yeah, it’s a forgery. Made by yours truly if I might add.”


“Fu fu fu, it looks awfully similar doesn’t it? Forging the Imperial Army and her majesty’s signature is said to be one of my specialties-…”

At that moment.

Two lightning flashes squeezed by Bernard’s ears to pierce into the wall behind him.

Albert shot out two rounds of his preemptive double-casted [Lightning Pierce] spell.

“Explain yourself…why did you forge this entire investigation? Depending on your answer, I’ll decide if it’s sufficient enough…”

Pointing his left finger towards Bernard’s eyebrows, Albert currently gave off a violent sense of intimidation that was as though it could be heard in the background.

In addition, Albert’s forehead had a vein sticking out, which was rare for the normally calm Albert.

“Ehhhhh?! Hold on Al-boy, of course there’s a reason! You’ve been straining yourself too much lately!”

Bernard waved his hands in a panic whilst giving his excuse.

“Having to serve as the personal guard for the princess, you’ve been straining yourself a bit too much this whole time. Sometimes, it’s fine to take a breather, you know? Such as experiencing what life is like at that Academy.”

“…I don’t need that sort of thing. Well then, are you ready…? Old man.”

Albert coldly replied.

“Ugh…you’re so wrong…you still have so much to learn…”

Despite the threat, the pretentious Bernard gave a sigh and shrugged.

“…what’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s fine to take things seriously. But it’s crucial to do so in times of an actual emergency.”

Bernard gave a grin.

“A warrior regarded as a hero is one who can maintain a calm mind in times of peace, where the moment a conflict breaks out, he can immediately shift back into the battle-ready devil that he is…but as for you however, you always appear so terrifyingly cold as though you were freezing your surroundings, that’s why I said you still have much to learn.”


“In your current state, even though you can handle the small-fries like the one mook from yesterday, when an actual powerful foe appears, you’ll be too exhausted to combat them with your full abilities…am I wrong?”


“Because you take things too seriously, you took the contents of that cooking novel I joked about quite literally, whilst also failing to realize that this whole affair was just a plot for a surprise birthday party.”

With his weakness being pointed out, a bitter looking Albert kept silent, whilst lowering his finger.

“I see…it does make sense. Thank you for your advice…”

“Yes of course! I did all this for your sake! I didn’t do all this because it was fun to watch or something.”


Clenching his fists, Bernard exclaimed like a Rakshasa* into the heavens.

*Author’s Note: Dunno why it’s called this, but think of it as, ‘cackling like a demon’, like he’s celebrating or something.

And at that moment, again, several beams of thunder brushed by Bernard’s ears.

“O-ld man?”

“Eeeeeeh?! Stop! Give me a break! Don’t joke around like that!”

Bernard backed up onto a wall, whilst turning pale.

“Well then, Al-boy, why don’t we go get drinks for tonight? Surely this whole personal guard mission’s getting a bit tiring? Because I sure am!”


“As her personal guard, rest assured. I have a barrier setup around town, such that no one will escape our sight should they try anything.”

He was, after all, on a mission.

If it was the regular Albert, he would’ve just turned the offer down.

As he silently contemplated for a little while…

“…fine. I’ll tag along to grab some drinks.”

And so, that was his answer.

“Oh? So you do understand what your priorities are then?”


Letting out a brief snort.

Albert and Bernard made their way towards the crowded main street.

End Transmission.


From Max,


A few notes,

  1. Albert. You need to chill bruh. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  2. This side story’s cooking section may be an overblown parody of various series related to cooking. Yakitate Japan and Shokugeki no Soma come to mind.
  3. This is the only side story (So far) to have a hard confirmed date for it, that being the same date as Rumia’s Birthday, officially listed on July 7th. (Kind of why a certain someone leaked a certain paragraph early on July 6th)

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