AniManGaki Online 2021 – Day 🥥

August 5th, 2021

“New Event, who dis?”

What do you mean new event?! THIS THING WAS ACTIVE LAST YEAR! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This Lockdown Summer Mk 2.

Strap in for 16 going on 17 days of AniManGaki Online. :0

Forget all that real-world s*** happening on earth with da varus.

In between that flux of overly horny people suddenly interested in Sports called the Olympics.

And cross the online instead! ;D

Crash Course (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

“Where’d you put the brakes on this thing?!” (っ °Д °;)っ

I thought you said break. (⊙o⊙)

AniManGaki, spelt with an intended capital M and G for some reason (Based on the last time we did coverage), is a Malaysian-based ACG event organizer that hosts its annual convention of the same name since 2009.

Because getting infected and dying is a bad idea, the convention has moved online to outfect people from this real world pandemic, by hosting the online iteration of this convention, dubbed,

AniManGaki Online!

The free to attend 17 day long online event, which includes the entirety of everything you’re about to read here with no restrictions on watch time?! Suit up and get on that line now! (The network, not that phone chat program thing.)

Just clip those scenes yo, just don’t be that F-ing guy.*

*Disclaimer, certain events/panels seen here may not be legal to reupload publicly, so don’t be that F-ing clown who think they’re hot s*** because Japanese laws, as dumb as they are, don’t apply to you.

Phase #1

Day 1 – August 6th

Kick off Night 1 of AMG Online with,

Performer, Ray Mak who starts the stage!

Workshop, Supa Dupa Circus, on folding balloons! In case they make Poker cards out of balloons.

The Magic Rain, who brings the downpour of the following,

-> ACG Feud, fresh off the Feudal Era.

-> ACG Treasure Hunt, which…wait, didn’t Bruno Mars already called dibs on this? 🤔

Day 2 – August 7th

Day 2 Performers take the stage,

-> Pumpkin Nest Cafe + Return-Circus + 暖爐 -Stove- together! Wait, what do you mean, “Our witches are looking forward to mingle with you mortals in the future, TOGETHER.” :pepechrist:

-> Tukuyomi, not to be confused with Tsukuyomi, the Jutsu, Character or Vanguard archetype.

-> Kururu, who does Anisong & Vocaloid covers from Indonesia!

-> Simple Jam, because kaya/butter > all, duh. (Especially frozen butter.)

Joining the performing crew on stage are…

The IDOLMON! I CHOOSE Y-…wait, wrong crossover. (っ °Д °;)っ

Where the town’s monstrously strong Idols battle on stage!

Before judges, Stroberitea! (That’s…wait, they make those?)

Day 2’s AMG POWERED Workshop content, from,

-> JasonBacons & Miyazaku Homura, with the Digimon Card Game…oh that one. (That makes it what, the 4th one?)

> Arisa & Greg, of Panic INC, with Panic On Playdate: Is The World Ready For A New Cranky Game Console? (The world’s more preappled than prepared.)

> Malaysia Origami Academy, with how to fold a Battle Axe & Shield? Can’t we get that Axe in quelling and shield in Poor Man pls.

> Leon Noel & Yee Hong, with D.I.Y Cosplay PROPS, because propfessionals have standards. (Unlike cheapskate company dipsticks who pay in exposure.)

Up next, but STOP right there! Criminal Jebaited Scum! That is not Hololive EN. It’s just a Guest Illustrator that happens to do works for them. Damn people and getting jebaited. 🤔🤔🤔

Anyways, the other Day 2 Events!

-> Flex It, where you flex your hardest for the thing you like, whatever that is. We don’t judge.

-> Guest Illustrator, Tsukino, who asks the great questions of, “To Art, or Not To Art, what is Art?”

Up next, a concluding Competition!

Of Low Budget proportions, kind of like irl Ma-*shot*


Oh fine. >:

LOW BUDGET Cosplay contest! Where contestants face the judgement of,

-> Judge Shinku

-> Judge Rikka Blurhound

-> Judge Vivid Vision, who’s…vivid visions bring…yeah no, let’s not do this dumb joke.

Then, an Anime QUIZ.

That doesn’t ask the question of ‘Season 2 when’, but the questions of Season 2 how. 🤔

*Looks at gif*

Good point Anime quiz.

Why does it feel like we’re forgetting som-…oh right.

Lemme check the script here…ah.

It says, ‘Vampire feat Dangerous Zombie’…huh.




YES, that one.

Alongside Special Guest Liliana Vampaia, of MyHolo TV, comes Kureiji Ollie, of HoloLive ID!

…Oh, so that’s why she’s called Kureiji, it’s crazy that’s how that works!


Hey, why does the bloody script say the following here?

-> Insert Chess size and/or Crystal math joke here.


Day 3 – August 8th

Let’s Rocket, by taking a chill pill with Day 3’s Rocket League broadcast!

Bought to you by Orange…oh, so that’s why they got to sponsor the event.

Kei-chan, what did you do? 🥖

Day 4 to 7 – August 9th to 12th

Join the daily dose of drip-feed streams, from Illustrator people all over the goddamn artist scene, for Days 4 to 7, which includes,

-> Kendylife, the doodle master. Does the lyrics of his song go “Kendy doodle this?”

-> OLM Asia, the local branch of the same studio stationed in Japan! Oh they worked on Pokémon too?

-> Lipwei & Rachta Lin, a double time guest session on…illustration. How illustrious. :0

Phase #2

Day 8 – August 13th

PHASE 2 of AMG Online 2021, STARTS HERE.

With Day 8’s night time performers brought to you by,

-> Meelz, because Meelzgoodman. ;D

->Drumstick – 桿子, look guys we know drumsticks are hot, but control yourself.

-> Luna◇Crescente & Sol◆Spectra, the sister idol groups to take the stage all night long! :0

<Insert Quiplash Session Here?>

Day 9 – August 14th

Day 9 (The day, not the SC 1 personality) performances, kick off with,

-> Alida, a fellow cover artist from Indonesia as well!

-> Patriots, guns not included, but a surprise tag-along performer is. Wonder who could that be.

-> Windy, of cawfeeMIX! Wonder if he knows anyone called Earthy and Fiery, maybe they could form a trio! *shot*

Tagging along Day 9’s antics, is the Pet Cosplay competition, wher-

PUT THAT DAMN hand down, or so help me!

It says Pet competition, not pat competition.

…to be fair, who wouldn’t…but ask first goddammit.


Passing judgement includes,

-> Judge JY

-> Judge Yugana Senshi Uon,

-> Judge Dova

Cosplay contests aside, also comes the Geek Chef Competition!

Where chefs and shefs battle with creations of hopefully edible works of food!

With judges joining the judgement,

-> Keempossible, of KeemPossible_2

-> Michelle, of FoodMakesFun

Maybe we shoulda just submitted these. .-.

No…we did not attend the Haachama School Of Culinary Arts.


Now, the good stuff. ;D

With a surprise appearance and welcomed guests of AMG Online’s Day 9 event,

-> Mika Kobayashi, singer and songwriter of…wait. What do you mean we forgot to add this? D:

-> Babybeard, the godly chad cosplayer who…happens to be in a Pop Metal Idol Group too? Holy crap.

-> The Great Genshin Saltcast, by The Brave Room, to which…if I wanted salt, I’d just watch people’s gacha compilations.

-> Todak Studios, with Police Sentri, a game of Police & Thief that actually knows what they’re doing. Compared to real life anyways.

Day 10 – August 15th

Wait, the same pic again?

YES, but this time with BRAWLSTARS! Instead of a league of rockets.

Wait, what do you mean there’s a Wild Rift event too for this day?

…well…budget cuts happened so…eh. (No pics, yet)

But yes. Day 10!

With Brawl Stars in a Wild Rift tournament to get yall rolling for action!

Day 11 to 14 – August 16th to 19th

Taking time off for the final stretch of AMG Online, comes the workshop sessions of more illustrators!

-> Aku Napie & Cz Yong, tagging along to show us the fun or drawing, to the dismay of folks who share the same face as the top right pic…come on people, panels are fun to listen to. >:

-> Taragraphika, Faezal Tan, Kupeh Rodriguez, with illustrated Comic relief! The comic comics, not comedy comic. Though having both works just as well.

Phase #3

Day 15 to 17 – August 20th to 22nd

The penultimate guest of AMG Online 2021, welcomes…

Mr Ryosuke Tei, the founder of Okosama Star, gracing AMG Online on Day 15 of the event!

Talk about a high profile person, holy crap.

And last but not least, a place for Infinite Carnage, of the following cage match games!

-> Tekken 7, because this IP’s not Tekken for granted unlike Street Fighter.

-> Guilty Gear Strive, to be…innocent gear?

-> Touhou Hisoutensoku, where…wait, wasn’t Touhou about dodging bullets?


Those who don’t CAGE FIGHT, don’t survive.

See yall at AMG Online 2021. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

End Transmission

Next Transmission >



17 days of AniManGaki Online.

…bold strategy AMG, let’s see how it turns out. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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