Field Guide: Tropicana Gardens Mall (2021)

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For when you’re visiting some new place that’s like an alien planet of god knows what.

…usually concrete floors, extinct parking spots and a whole lot of future corpses not moving on the escalator.

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Have a song to fit the mood. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Target Event: TAGCC 2021 Lite

Date: Nov 26 – 28th, 2021 (Friday to Sunday)

Location: Tropicana Gardens Mall (Center Court, CC Floor)

Dumb Skit

So…TAGCC’s the one to go hosting an event for the pandemic.

Wait, wasn’t there that Toy Fest thing at LINC KL in 2020?

*Looks at unfinished drafts*


…maybe this one actually has some Gardens or something. Unlike that wannabe from Mid Valley.

Intel A: Entry Points 🚪

Before we start, go check out the official map for Tropicana Gardens here.

It helps. Works for your phone, com, whatever it is you use to browse the internet.

Entry into Tropicana Gardens Mall’s non-parking routes are as follows.

Route #1 – MRT Drop (Surian MRT Station, 2 Targets)

Upon arriving at Surian MRT Station, head right from the station to come across a checkpoint.

Bypass the MRT Entrance checkpoint, and you’ve got 2 options to reach the event venue.

Neither of which is better, just know that they exist.

Option Left Stairs:

-> Lets you reach CC Floor, and straight shot to the event venue.

-> It’s stairs. Hint: It’s supposed to suck.

Option Right Route:

-> Lets you view the event venue from above before arriving.

-> Still need to go down to CC floor to reach it, you’re at GF (Ground Floor).

Route #2 – Main Entrance (1 Target, Direct Attack/Arrive)

Find The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cafe at the front to reach the entrance. From there, head inside and turn right to arrive at the event venue itself.

-> Quick arrival, no need for BS. Excellent if you’re dropping off or skipping on parking.

-> Walking. Duh. D;

You can also access this route from the MRT station, just head down the MRT escalator instead of going to the MRT Entrance.

Head through the chokepoint by the left (right in the images), towards the open area. You’ll need to take the ramp up to reach the mall entrance.

Route #3 – Parking Access

For folks parking under the mall, it’s the usual “Find an Escalator, access the mall.” logic.

Any part of the mall you park at can send you up, so just find one of these 5 access points.

The Escalator access near the Exit out of the Parking bay will drop off at this part of the mall. (Only applies for LG Floor, keep that in mind)

Basically this area with all the extra shop lots. (Bottom Right)

There is an escalator access near there which leads directly to the event venue, just find the access without shop lots.

Regardless of which route you’re taking, the keyword here is.

Keep. Walking.

Intel B: Target Area 🎯

The venue area is located in the center of the mall, about the average size of most mall based center court areas.

…basically, small AF.

Recon reports indicate danger of chokepoints causing avoidable traffic jams in these 3 areas.

Due to the positioning of food eateries in the area, it’s recommended to head up to GF (Ground Floor) & above to avoid the guaranteed traffic.

Dining at these places is also risky due to them being opened areas for customers to sit at. D:

There are stalls where customers are sitting right by it when dining.


Small space, just head upstairs.

Intel C: Facilities & Other Sites 🚽

Report: Indoor Intel

All upper floors except for 3AF are accessible.

3AF appears to be some convention centre of sorts, which was inaccessible during recon.

Don’t bother with escalators/elevators going up there, they’re tweaked to prevent people to go up.

Most of the upper floors of Tropicana Gardens appear to still be ‘under construction’.

Think, less mall closing down its stores and more literally still being worked on with stores coming later.

Like the Don Don Donki and conspicuously accessible shop lots…huh.

Keep an eye out on 2F and 3F, some parts of the mall are blocked off like 3AF, you should see a massive blockade in the way.

These sites are decent enough to ‘photograph’ at, but not recommended due to…one tiny problem.

…apparently ‘Cameras’ are banned here. (Like duh.)

Be wary.

Police looking people (Likely just regular mall security that look like actual cops) were seen patrolling the upper levels during recon, it’s unclear if they will make a move on people taking photos during the event weekend, but just be aware.

It’s uncertain if photography will be allowed during that weekend.

Apparently, it’s ‘allowed’ if people are just lepak-lepak-ing (Hanging out) in regular restaurants etc.

Report: Outdoor Intel

Several outdoor sites have been spotted to be accessible publicly at the site.

2 entrances were spotted to allow access to this site.

Emergency Field Update Here.

Outdoor gardens, with a strange parking access meant for…vehicles or something at the back. Unsure what’s that about.

There’s a patch of punching bags that belong to one of the stores in Tropicana Gardens Mall.


Otherwise, it’s a decent site for photos and/or a smoke break.

We don’t judge.

Check out this Gallery by DarkDragon Phonetography & Gaming for a better idea of what to expect. (That man is a GOD.)

Alternative outdoor venues include:

The Starbucks Garden area by the upper floors.


The Sunway Nexis place based opposite of the mall, accessible via the MRT Entrance.

It’s an opened indoor/outdoor…plaza or something.

Not really a mall but hey, it’s something.

Intel #: Field Updates (Important)

Warning Sticker for iOS & Android | GIPHY

T.E.A Time (Tactical Event Advisory)

Yeah, this name is cringe.

Covid Case Dangers

Covid cases in Malaysia, as of writing, are still within the 5-digit range.

Things are still NOT looking good.

It’s less sh*t than 6 months ago, but still kind of sh*t.


Skip the event to save yourself, even with the vaccines.

One Event Skip = 100 future events. ;D

FREE Event Pickles

Free events are magnets for 2 things. People, and trouble. (How convenient they attract too, like magnets)

Basically. Uncles & Aunties who ‘coincidentally’ chose to come visit the mall on event day, or have never visited a mall in their life.

…someone give these people “Let’s Go To The Mall” please.


Attending the event is not wrong. Just beware the dipshits.

Not Much Of An Event


Yes, they are an event organizer.

But, they’re focused on toys based on their history.

…and guess what content is going to show up at TAGCC Lite.


Nothing else.

Hey, even their FB answered some questions about it, so…eh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Pics excluded for privacy reasons, duh)

Basically, don’t attend this event thinking it’s like a normal event. It’s more of a roadshow than an event.

Once you’re done seeing the venue, there’s literally nothing else.

Staying around for too long can get dangerous. D;

That Botanical Gardens thing on Sunday (28th) is more of an actual event than this, to be honest.

At least that’s worth a visit for the coswalk thing. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Unless you’re into toys, this event might not mean much.

What else is this event for other than being a conga line for uncles & aunties to slowly zombie walk their way through the event, as though they’ve never been to a mall before

…ever watched “Let’s Go To The Mall”?

“Tactical” Advisory?

Yep, still cringe.

  1. If you want to attend, just pick 1 day at best.
  2. Day 2/3 will likely have more people, just be wary.
    • Event physics, Day 2 & above always draws more people for some reason.
    • It’s like people see content from Day 1, realize there’s an event, and attend the next day.
  3. Stay on the higher levels to avoid the crowds. Don’t Underestimate Uncle/Aunties on weekend free events.
    • They probably shouldn’t have legs if they can’t WALK.
    • Seriously, F these people.
  4. Walk. Duh.
    • It’s either that or don’t attend at all. Which might be safer/better to be honest.
    • In the field, just keep moving, you’re less likely to get sick or get shot by that Sniper Assassin on floor 46.
  5. Watch out for security when taking photos indoors. (Mostly shoots, you get the idea)
    • Impossible to say if they’ll allow it, outdoors might be safer.
    • Recommended to not have a whole setup, it’s just a magnet for trouble. D;
    • This is in case the mall is run by one of those ‘Managers’.

End Transmission


Hey there, uh…thanks for reading.

Hope it helps yall out in the field. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Not just for the event, but also for when you’re visiting there for the first time.

Less feeling like you’re entering a foreign country’s customs that’ll have you arrested, and more “Oh hey it’s this place that has…let’s just go roam KLCC instead.”

…yeah, this tends to happen a lot for locals and tourists visiting new places.

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