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Author: Taro Hituji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated By: Max

Edited By: Anonymous Editor (User wishes to remain Anonymous for privacy reasons)

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The 25th Wrights Niich Rookie Literature Award’s Evaluation Report

○ Title: Sylphide Of The Wind

○ Pen Name: White Cat

○ Characters: E

Too mundane. Rather, the main cast are too similar to your previously submitted works, only revolving around the forbidden relationship between teacher and student…why don’t you consider writing different characters instead?

○ Originality: E

None at all. It appears to be a forcibly patched together plot from similar stories and settings of works I’ve read before. I wonder if it’s possibly a parody of these novels?

○ Writing Ability: E

The way your work is expressed is both messy and twisted, and I honestly do not understand why. It’s as though only you feel good about writing it, while it hurts to read from the reader’s point of view.

○ Composition Ability: E

A complete mess. The development of the plot is inconsistent, making it hard to assess if it’s a battle or romance comedy, a gag or serious plot. Your passion for writing is there, but you rely too much on personal thoughts to drive the plot. Please consider keeping the concept of the story more consistent.

○ Story: E

To be blunt, it’s boring.

○ Selection Result: Rejected (First Review)

○ Overview:

It’s unfortunate, but to be honest, it seems like you have no talent for writing at all. Perhaps you could consider giving up being a writer for other alternatives?

For example, your depiction and knowledge of magic in your works is excellent. Honestly,instead of being a writer, you should aim to become a mage instead.

“Aaaaaaaaah! Come on!”

With the rattle of torn up paper, an enraged shriek ensembled from Sistine’s personal room within the Fibel Household.

“What’s with this evaluation?! As expected, the world is too stupid to understand my literary talents!”

The normally intellectual girl unusually cursed out, and slammed the evaluation report mailed to her today into the trash can.

Then she threw herself onto her bed, trembling with boiling rage.

This is the secret hobby of the honor student, Sistine, a student of the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy…writing stories.

Yet again, Sistine attempted to apply for the Newcomer Award, however…the result is as stated.


After lying down for a while, Sistine sighed deeply, the result of her boiling rage finally cooling down.

“…I was so confident in this one too…”

She’d praised herself, with the thought of this being her best work yet. Which to be honest, was a little overconfident.

But the end result is thus.

With the possibility of making her debut as a professional novelist…she excitedly waited for the results, but they just made her feel miserable.

“Do I have any talent to write stories at all…? Maybe I should just study magic obediently…”

That said, it’s unlikely that the results of her evaluation will improve even if she’d continue writing. At this point, she doubted it was feasible for her to be a novelist anymore.

“Maybe I should give up writing…”

Lying on her bed, Sistine glanced at the corner of her room.

Where several unfinished manuscripts lay.

Sistine stared at the stack of manuscripts for a while.


As she let out another deep sigh.

On a different day.


Somewhere in downtown Fejite, Sistine madly dashed through the town.

Soon enough, she’d arrived at her usual reading cafe.

In her spare time, Sistine would occasionally visit this reading cafe, to enjoy a leisurely sip of black tea whilst secretly writing short stories.

Writing stories within the cafe’s atmosphere gave her a sense of being like a novelist.

Therefore, on this day-off where Rumia and Re=L had their own errands to run, Sistine had been at the reading cafe to write stories all by herself as usual.

But, was it because of the recent criticisms she’d received from the Literature Award’s Evaluation Report?

Many thoughts jumbled her mind, as she couldn’t put her words into writing. Even though she’d enjoyed the fun of writing stories, it would seem that writing itself was becoming something tiring and pointless.

Without being in the mood to write a story, she’d decided to leave the cafe early a short while ago…

“It can’t be…I can’t believe I left the manuscript for my new work in the cafe!”

Despite her absentmindedness, there would be time to lament it later.

Although it’s unlikely that anyone would steal such a thing, it would be embarrassing if someone were to read it…even worse if the store clerk were to mistake it for garbage and dispose of it.

“My manuscript…please be saaaaaaafe!!!”

She visibly squealed.

Soon enough, Sistine opened the door and rushed into the reading cafe, [Muse Library].

[Muse Library] had the business model of general reading cafes, where visitors can pay an entry fee of 1 Celt for unlimited access to the store’s books, magazines and newspapers.

Of course, food and drinks are paid separately. However, Sistine liked [Muse Library] for its collection of rare books not found anywhere else.

After paying the 1 copper Celt coin, Sistine hurriedly entered the cafe’s premises and began looking around.

The interior of the cafe housed a great show window that allowed visitors to look into its premises from the outside, with its service counters, tables and bookshelves housing various books and newspapers made of the finest oak material, giving form to a space of chic calmness within the cafe.

There were a moderate number of customers. It was not too noisy or quiet enough to hear one’s own ear ringing. The naturally exquisite atmosphere enhances the alertness of those within it.

Sistine swiftly walked in without making too much noise.

“Er, let’s see here…the seat I was sitting at…ah…aaaaaah?!”

Upon arriving at her former seat, reflexively let out a hysteric squeal. Her worst possible fears had come true.

A new guest had arrived at Sistine’s former seat in the cafe.

A young woman roughly 20 years of age. An intellectual beauty, with the natural elegant composure of a grown-up woman, an aspect of womanhood the child-like Sistine had yet to master.

With glamourous chestnut coloured hair and well maintained glamorous skin, she was wearing a casual yet well-tailored high end dress.

Evidently, she was some upper-class or aristocratic lady…sitting there.

She was eagerly reading through the stack of papers she’d picked up earlier.

The same stack of papers…that were part of Sistine’s unfinished manuscript.


Sistine pointed at the woman as her mouth stuttered.


The woman noticed Sistine’s figure, and batted her eyes as she smiled apologetically.

“Um…about this story here…could it be yours?”

“N-, no, that…”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to read it…I just saw my name being mentioned and so…”


Sistine gazed upon the woman’s visage.

“My apologies, I should introduce myself. My name is Mistine. Mistine=Caroline. It’s nice to make your acquaintance.”


The same name as the protagonist of Sistine’s story.

“Caroline…the famous household name in Fejite? If I remember correctly, they made their fortunes through the finance industry…Miss Mistine, you’re one of the family’s daughters?”

“I guess so…though, that may be the case in the eyes of the public. Ultimately, the famous one is the household name and not myself, so there’s no need to be so formal, Sistine.”

Sistine and Mistine both shared a table, with a cup of tea in one hand whilst making small talk with each other for a while.

“Ooh…I can’t believe I let such a garbage story tarnish your eyes! Of course, this story isn’t mine, it was actually written by a friend of mine!”

Sistine’s embarrassment had spurred her to tell this lie.

“This story sure is boring isn’t it?! I’ve been trying to get my friend to stop writing for a long time now! But she doesn’t listen at all…every time she has me read her work, I’d like to ask her to be in my shoes instead! Ah ha ha ha…”

Sistine’s own spoken criticisms made her want to weep in response.

“That’s no good.”

Mistine gently called out Sistine’s criticisms.

“Whether something is enjoyable or not is down to the individual to decide…if someone puts in their best effort to create a work of art, even if it’s garbage, you shouldn’t tell them to stop writing, right? Even among close friends…no one has the right to take away someone’s freedom to express their creative imaginations.”

“Oh…that…I’m sorry…”

Although it was a lie told for her convenience, Sistine looked down in shame.

However, Mistine smiled and spoke to Sistine.

“Also, I found that story to be rather entertaining actually.”

Upon hearing Mistine’s unexpected praise, Sistine’s face sprang up to meet her feedback.

“Eh?! This?! You found it interesting?!”

“Yes indeed.”

Mistine thought back to what she had read moments earlier, looking through the notes across the table as she explained.

“Certainly, there are some poorly written parts…but I can tell that the writer is enjoying putting this story together when writing…and the main protagonist ‘Mistine’…I can empathize with her.”


“If you don’t mind, please tell your friend that I enjoyed reading her work. I enjoyed it so much that I almost lost track of time. Thank you.”

Sistine’s eyes blinked in disbelief, as she was left befuddled by Mistine’s words.

But in all honesty…Sistine was glad. None of her works had been acknowledged like this before.

“Of course! I’ll definitely tell her! I’m sure she will be happy to hear it!”

“Fu fu…it seems that I’ve become a fan of Sistine’s friend’s work. I’d certainly want to read the continuation of that story.”


“If you don’t mind, if your friend writes a continuation, could I read it too?”

Sistine was at a loss of words.

(What do I do…? This new piece…I wasn’t confident in it after being rejected for the award, I actually wanted to give up on it… I thought about giving up writing altogether…)

Unaware of Sistine’s inner turmoil, Mistine gave a hopeful smile and remarked.

“I am a regular at this cafe, I’m always here at this spot during this time and day….so, please do tell your friend?”


There was no way she could turn down the request of her first fan.

And so, the curious interactions between Sistine and Mistine began, centering around a story written by her friend (Herself).

Recess time, at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

Within the second year classroom of Class 2.

“Hey Rumia, Re=L, what’s going on with White Cat these days?”

Glenn had summoned Rumia and Re=L as he whispered to them.

Then, as they gazed into the corner of the classroom…


There sat Sistine, eagerly writing something in her notebook.

Occasionally, she would let out a moan of frustration…

“That’s it! By developing things this way, everything can be connected!”

Or let out a sudden spur of laughter…

“…but then…I have to rewrite those things from here to there…hah…”

Or suddenly turn gloomy…


Then, without knowing what she was smiling about, she returned to grinning like before.

“…just to be clear, I’m terrified. What’s happening to you, White Cat?”

Glenn glared with disgust whilst asking Rumia and the others about what’s happening, as greasy sweat dripped from his forehead.

“Well…I was curious about it too, so I asked Sisti about it the other day…and it turns out Sisti is working on some new Magic Formula at the moment.”


“…mmm. I heard it’s some new technique that affects a person’s heart. Even though I don’t quite understand it.”

“That’s right. It’s some sort of technique that allows the user to freely influence a person’s emotions, from anger, to joy and sorrow. That’s the kind of magic she’s developing.”

“No way…! A technique that manipulates emotions?!”

Glenn was astonished.

Within the realm of White Magics that affect the body and mind, a technique that affects human emotions is both advanced and complex to develop.

Although influencing human emotions sounds simple at first glance, it does however exert tremendous power in Magic Combat.

If a person was gratified by ‘Joy’, their fighting spirit would diminish; and if they were in a state of ‘Anger’, they’d be unable to make rational decisions.

If a person was filled with ‘Sorrow’, they cannot exert their full strength; and if one was in a state of ‘Calm’, their own ability to perform would be stabilized.

“White Cat…she’s working on such a high level technique on her own…?! She’s already reached that point…?!”

By witnessing the growth of his student, Glenn could not hold back his teary eyes.

“Alright! I should work harder too!”

“Eh? Teacher, where are you going?”

The restless Glenn could no longer stand still like a statue, as he sprung away from the classroom…

“White Cat!”


Sistine immediately slammed her notebook shut (The notebook for stories), upon hearing the sudden voice by her side.

Looking up, she gazed upon the exhausted Glenn standing before her.

“Wha..what the hell, teacher?! Could it be…you saw?! You saw what was written in the notebook just now?!”

“You idiot, as a mage myself I’m not one to behave so shamelessly. Anyways…”

In an instant, Glenn piled up several books before Sistine.

“…eh? What’s all this for?”

“ [The White Grimoire’s Esoterics Of The Mind], [Nac’s Emotion Theory Journal] and [Count Zest’s Latest Research Paper]…all the best possible research papers for White Magic, to which I’ve gathered for you at my own discretion…I hope it helps you even a little bit.”


Sistine blinked her eyes in disbelief, questioning how could this possibly help her with writing?

“I know, I know! You’re growing and improving a lot! Not just today but tomorrow too! You are just that talented!”


“Don’t worry about leaving your peers behind! Don’t hesitate to march forward! So you can achieve even greater heights beyond my own!”


“It’s okay, don’t worry. Although these restricted first-class research papers cost quite the sum to borrow, about the same amount as my salary for this month…but it’s the very least that I, your teacher, can do for you after seeing your passion! So no need to worry about it!”


“Do your best, Sistine. I’m rooting for you.”

After giving her a thumbs up across his smiling face, Glenn turned around to leave.

Whilst leaving Sistine staring in complete shock.


“My heart…hurts!”

Crash! Sistine slammed her face on the table…

“Say, Sistine. Could it be that…?”

Later that weekend, at the reading cafe [Muse Library].

As usual, Mistine was reading the continuation of Sistine’s story, which she pretends belongs to a friend of hers.

When suddenly, Mistine chuckled whilst asking a question.

“About this story written by your friend…and the main heroine ‘Mistine’, would she happen to be based on you, Sistine?”

“Eeeeeeeeeh?! Tha-, that’s true!”

Sistine squealed when Mistine’s inquiry.

“Fufu, I thought so. From the similar name, to the same actions and behaviors shared by you Sistine…it feels as though this ‘Mistine’ is alive.”

“Wha…I, I didn’t notice that was the case until now!”

Sistine shivered with fear, her eyes darting around to avoid eye contact with Mistine whilst taking a sip of her tea. The delicious tea she’d always enjoyed seems to be lacking in flavor today.

“As for ‘Mistine’s’ love interest ‘Grain’, is he based on a real person too?”

Fwoosh! Sistine suddenly spit takes her tea.

“Gwoh! N-, no! Absolutely not! At least, I don’t think so!”

“Is that so? A teacher that’s usually an unreliable slacker, who becomes a reliable person in times of crisis…this character’s description feels mysteriously realistic, almost as though he exists as a real person.”

(Just how keen are you Miss Mistine?!)

Internally, Sistine became anxious at what she heard.

(Well, if you ask me, the main characters may or may not have been based on me and Professor Glenn…so it’s not entirely impossible!)

And so, Sistine’s face turned beet red whilst sweating with anxiety.

“But…this part does feel like it’s missing something.”

After finishing reading today’s chapter, Mistine closed the manuscript and gave her usual impressions of it.

“Sistine, based on your friend’s work, it feels as though she hasn’t really experienced any form of romance before…her description of the love feels as though they’re based on her imagination, which makes it feel disingenuous.”


There was no refuting that point.

Sistine did have absolutely zero experience in romance.

“If she could gather and depict some real-life examples of romance in her work, it’s possible to improve upon it…”

“U-, um, Miss Mistine?”

“Ah, sorry about that. Anyways, the love scene doesn’t feel like it carries any weight to flow with the story. However, the progress of the story is still rather interesting. Please tell your friend about this.”

Thus, the day’s reading session came to an end…

“What should I do for the love scenes?! Without any experience in romance, this feels impossible!”

On her way home, Sistine was afflicted with a new burden.

“She’s right, the love scene doesn’t fit with the flow of the story at all! It’s pointless for it to even be there! Even so…I want to live up to Miss Mistine’s expectations!”

After all, she is the first fan of her works.

It’s only professional (Despite not being a pro) to live up to the fan’s expectations.

“Oooooh, what do I do…?”

Upon returning to the Fibel household, Sistine kept thinking about her dilemma while eating, bathing, and even in bed… 

The following day.

After school hours, within an empty classroom.

“I see, so you need a practice partner for developing your White Magic hypnosis spell.”

Glenn had been summoned by Sistine, who nodded in agreement.

“Well…I guess it’s kind of useless, right? It’s such a bothersome request after all! In that case, it’s fine if you cannot do it!”

Sistine twirled a finger around her hair, attempting to end the conversation here.

Glenn placed his hands on Sistine’s shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“Don’t be stupid! When students are working hard to reach greater heights, what kind of teacher would say no to helping their students?!”

“Eh, eeeh…?”

“I’ll help you out, to the best of my abilities!”

(Professor Glenn…why are you only this passionate about being a teacher today…?)

With the way things turned out, there was no going back now.

Sistine was prepared, and explained to Glenn.

“We-, well…in that case, thank you so much teacher.”

“Of course!”

“Right now, I will cast the hypnosis spell on you. During that time, you will be in a state of hypnosis where your consciousness will be declining, which will cause your memory from this session to be lost…will that be okay with you?”

“Ah, it should be no problem.”

Glenn answered Sistine with a joking smile.

“But while I’m unconscious, don’t you do anything weird to me now.”

At that moment, Sistine became startled as her face turned beet red.

“Wh-, why in the world would I do something like that?!”

“Ha ha, sorry, I’m kidding! Anyways, let’s get started now!”

“Of course…”

Thus, Sistine took a deep breath, whilst pointing her left palm towards Glenn’s eyes.

As she slowly and calmly casted the spell’s incantation.

“《Relax the body ・ Give peace to the mind ・ Bring thy consciousness to sleep》…”

The spell casted was a modified version of the White Magic spell [Sleep Sound].

Which puts the subject in a state of hypnotic unconsciousness.

Because Glenn voluntarily chose to be Sistine’s training partner, he intentionally let himself be devoid of any mental resistance. Therefore, Glenn’s consciousness easily succumbed to the spell’s hypnosis.


Within 10 seconds, Glenn was left completely stunned, with his hollowed out eyes staring into an unseen void.

“Tea, teacher? Are you awake?”

Sistine waved a palm before Glenn’s eyes whilst asking her question, and concluded that he was in a state of complete hypnosis.

“A, alright!”

It was time for the main attraction.

“While the teacher’s unconscious, I’ll be able to gather data for the love scene! This is strictly for data collection purposes! Strictly data collection!”

Truly, Sistine was putting the cart before the horse.

“Well, I never intended to choose him as the lover, but it can’t be helped since he’s the only one who can do this! Yeah, that’s right…it can’t be helped!”

Sistine defended her actions to an unseen audience, whilst slapping her blushing cheeks in the process.

“Anyways, the love scene…in short, it’s a scenario where lovers flirt with one another…in this case, I should simulate two people walking side by side down the street to start the lover’s connection. Shall we begin?”

And so, Sistine nervously nestled close to the hypnotic Glenn, holding his hands as their fingers interlocked together.

At that moment.


Bon! Sistine started to feel her head boiling up.

Her chest started throbbing frivolously as these feelings spread across Sistine’s body.

“I, I see…so this is what it feels like huh…? This is getting a bit embarrassing…even without anyone watching…anyways, next up…”

Next on her list, is the classic experience of a girl hugging her lover from behind.

“Okay, sooooo….”

Sistine made her way behind Glenn, and took in a deep breath.

Eventually, she made her move to hug him from behind.


At that moment, the same embarrassed feelings from earlier throbbed stronger than before, shaking her body to the core.

(This is bad! This is really bad!)

Sistine anxiously looked around as she thought to herself.

The longer she hugged Glenn, the longer her body felt like melting away due to his body temperature.

“Awaaaaaaaa! The purpose of this is strictly for collecting data! Only for collecting data!”

Sistine’s current state of mind was in a state of crisis.

Eventually, Sistine’s process of ‘collecting data’ continued…

“N, no! Tea, teacher…if you do it any harder…ah!”

Sistine had ordered the hypnotic Glenn to hug her from the front tightly and vigorously…

“If I recall, he has hugged me before…but to ask him to do it again…it’s a bit……Uuuuu…”

In an instant, Glenn carried her like a princess…

“He’s so close…I can feel his weight under my thighs…”

Glenn suddenly laid his head on Sistine’s lap…

Sistine thought of every possible flirting-related activity a pair of lovers could, while having Glenn act it out one by one.

With each new intimate activity she tried, Sistine’s heartbeat throbbed violently, to the point of bursting.

Her body felt lightweight as though it was flying, while her head was in a state of overheating itself to the point of melting.

“Hah…hah…we’ve almost tried everything right? But…of course, there’s still that…yes…that…”

Of course, that.

There was one fundamental part of any love scene between lovers.

And that was…the kiss.


Sistine glanced down. At this moment, Glenn’s head was resting on her lap.

As her gaze drifted towards his lips…

“Tha, that’s impossible! I can’t do something like that!”

Bon bon bon! Sistine writhed her head vigorously of such thoughts.

“But…I do want to live up to Miss Mistine’s expectations…so, in practice it shouldn’t involve any actual kissing, just the buildup that stops before the kiss…yes, of course! This compromise will do!”

After convincing herself.*

Translator’s Note: The original Kanji here is “そう意を決して。”, see what Google translate says, with the full stop. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Sistine slowly brought her face close to Glenn’s face…

(So, this is what it’s like…for sure, I wouldn’t understand it without experiencing it…)

While thinking to herself, she kept slowly approaching Glenn’s lips…and at that moment…


Sistine’s heartbeat suddenly began throbbing harder than before.

In an instant, her mind blacked out.


At the same time, Sistine’s own body was acting on its own passionate impulses…

“I want to see this through to the end.”

It was as though her physical body and mental consciousness had been separated, with her own actions blowing away Sistine’s own rational thoughts like a storm.

Currently, her face was getting closer to Glenn. She had no way of stopping herself.

(Aaaaaahhh….no….I, can’t….!)

Unable to overcome her turbulent impulses, Sistine’s lips were about to overlap with Glenn’s when…at that exact moment.


“Ah, Sistine’s here.”

“Sisti, we should go home now…Sisti?”

Re=L and Rumia appeared by the opened classroom door.


Thanks to that, Sistine managed to forcibly escape her urges to rapidly get away from Glenn.

Because she’d suddenly pulled away her body, Glenn fell from her lap to land his head on the classroom floor.

“Ah, that hurts! Eh…is the magic practice session over…?”

Glenn snapped back to reality, after the impact on his head knocked him back awake.

“Erm, Sisti? What is it you’re doing today? Is it practice or something?”

Rumia and Re=L looked over curiously.

“No, no, nothing! It’s no, no, nothing at all!”

…following this.

Before Sistine’s beet red face, she skillfully explained the situation between them, backed by Glenn’s testimony, she’d managed to cover up her true motives…

“…today’s story is awfully amazing.”

Within the usual cafe.

The moment Mistine finished reading the new story Sistine had brought her, she immediately praised it in good spirits.

“The love scenes feel very realistic…I can feel the same feelings of love as ‘Mistine’ very well…I’m excited to read through it. Surely, the author must’ve experienced many deep levels of romantic love.”

“Ha ha ha ha…is that so, I wonder…?”

Sistine’s cheeks twitched whilst stuttering.

“All things considered…it seems like the story is reaching its climax…”

Mistine placed the cherished manuscript on the table, as she replied in a deeply emotive tone.

“O, of course, though, probably in about one or two more chapters tops.”

“A forbidden love between teacher and student…even though the times and circumstances are against such ideals…at least such a story exists.”


Sistine blinked her eyes in disbelief at Mistine’s strange sentence.

“Based on the story so far, there’s no hint that the two will happily end up together…which is rather bittersweet…Even though I knew it would come to this, I kept wanting to see what happens next. For something this long, it’s inevitable that it ends in such an unfortunate way that’s rather sad…but with regards to completing the story, it’s probably best to have a sad ending.


Sistine kept silent.

(Eh? A bad ending? This was supposed to conclude with such a messed up ending?)

However, in the eyes of a viewer, if such an unpleasant ending is to be expected, it only makes sense for the work itself to conclude on such a higher note.

(A bad ending is the only way…? But…I…)

Sistine was unsure about what she wanted to do.

“I truly enjoyed today’s piece, Sistine. Please tell your friend that I’m looking forward to the next one?”

Mistine smilingly told her.

The following day.

“Beats me. Just tell that friend of yours to write however she wants, it is her hobby after all right?”

“No way…”

Somewhere within the Academy, Sistine met with Glenn for his consultation, only to receive his usual blunt answers in response.

“Could you please think about this seriously…my friend, she’s genuinely worried about this.”

“As I’ve said, there is no proper way to write a story correctly…unless it’s a case of professional writer and commercial novels, then it’s a different situation altogether.”

Glenn relentlessly persisted with Sistine.

“People create and read stories as a protest against the idea of living only once…so long as someone can relive someone’s fictional life, it’s a great story to experience regardless of how good or bad the quality is. What’s most important is what the writer wants to do for the story.”

“…that is…”

“If you insist on my advice, tell her to stand by what she wants to write. If she caters to what the readers want and writes things she doesn’t want to, she will only regret it later…at least, that’s what I think about the creative process.”


Sistine contemplated to herself.

What should she do to write the last scene?

Thinking it through.

Your passion for writing is there, but you rely too much on personal thoughts to drive the plot. Please consider keeping the concept of the story more consistent.

Finally, after thorough consideration, Sistine came to the following conclusion…


“…so in the end, this is how the story concludes…”

Within their usual seats in the cafe.

With a saddened expression, Mistine placed the manuscript down after reading it, and exhaled.

“As I expected, the main heroine lacked the courage to make a move at the last minute…by choosing to not tie the knot with her childhood friend…despite being what she wants…So, for the sake of the country, the heroine had an arranged marriage chosen by her parents, whilst her time with her childhood friend remains a cherished memory in her heart…”

“So, so what do you think..? My friend’s been super worried about the ending.”

Upon hearing Sistine’s question, Mistine smilingly replied.

“It’s been an enjoyable read, of course. Although the ending is rather heartbreaking, I can say that it remains to be one of the few works I will always remember in my life.”

“Oh, is that so…?”

Sistine was delighted. She wasn’t expecting such a high level of praise.

(In the end, I had to compromise. It’s important to develop the story towards what readers want while being consistent with the plot after all.)

Despite this compromise, she couldn’t shake the feeling of this being an acceptable outcome, but it can’t be helped.

There’s utmost certainty that writers have to live with such guilt.

While Sistine thought to herself…


Suddenly, Mistine spoke with a look of sorrow.

“Eh? What is it?”

“…Mmm, it’s nothing. It’s a personal matter I have to face.”


“Anyways, tell your friend who wrote this that it’s a wonderful story. Please continue doing your best…”

“Of course! I’ll definitely tell her! (Even though you’re telling me in person!)”

Even though something was off about Mistine, Sistine was overjoyed to have her work recognized that she paid no heed to the strange behavior.

Several days later.

“…I’m in a complete slump.”

Within Sistine’s room, gripping her head before an empty manuscript.

Nothing could be written on it.

In the past, she could lose track of time just writing stories on her own, but now she couldn’t even finish a single word. It was as if writing was causing her agony.

“I think I now understand the cause of this slump…”

It was likely due to the finished work she’d forcibly written for Mistine’s sake.

She was still haunted by the unsatisfying conclusion she’d created. She was also upset at the thought of having to do the same for her future works.

As a result, her pen wouldn’t move…

“Haaaaaa…I can’t do this. I wonder if I should talk to Miss Mistine about it…”

At that moment, it was around the time and day when the pair would usually meetup.

Sistine had made up her mind, and departed the house to make her way towards the usual cafe…


“Eeeeeeeeeh?! Miss Mistine isn’t here?!”

Upon entering the cafe, there was no sign of Mistine waiting at their usual seats.

Sistine was perplexed when she first arrived, as the cafe master came around to explain this shocking fact.

“Wh, why?! Why would Miss Mistine…”

“That lady, you know she is the daughter of the renowned Caroline family around these parts right?”

“Right…I knew that…”

“The truth is,…she’s getting married. It’s an arranged marriage that had been decided for her long ago.”


“The groom is a noble of sorts. About 30 years older than her, and is infamous for various gaudy womanizing behaviors, with rumors constantly being passed around.”

“Ha?! For someone like this…does Miss Mistine really want to marry such a person?!”

“Of course she doesn’t want to, but what can she do about it? This arranged marriage is all for the convenience of her parents and family…a political marriage, if you will.”

“That is so cruel…”

“It’s not just you young lady, but most of the regulars of the cafe think so too. To sacrifice such a kind-hearted child…it’s a pity really.”


The master bowed before Sistine, who was thinking about Mistine.

“Actually…she had a lover.”


“She had a personal tutor who had been taking care of her since she was young. I heard from her that she once considered an elopement with him, and that he had made up his mind of wanting to ensure her happiness by preparing to live together.”


After listening to the master’s explanation of what happened to Mistine, a thought came to Sistine.

This story structure sounds familiar…

“I recall Miss Mistine said something like this…If the protagonist of the story could bring out the courage to fight for her happy ending…I wonder if I too could summon the same courage…”


Sistine was shocked when she realized.

“…and the main protagonist ‘Mistine’…I can empathize with her.”

Sistine finally understood why her terribly written story managed to touch Mistine’s heart.

She had the same troubles as ‘Mistine’ from her story…

(But…because I chose to compromise…she…)

To be fair, it wasn’t her fault. It was Mistine’s decision after all, Sistine is not responsible for any of this.

After all, it ist Mistine’s future. It was Mistine who lacked the courage to make a decision.

(Even so…I…!)

At that exact moment.

“Oh? So this is the reading cafe…? I didn’t know there was such a place in this part of town.”

“Yep, I only found out about it recently…I actually wanted to bring Sisti along, but I guess she had something to do today…”

“Hmm. Are there any strawberry tarts here…eh?”

Sistine recognized the familiar voices, and turned around to notice 3 familiar figures walking into the store.

“…hmm? White Cat?”

“Ah…Sisti, why are you here…?”

“Te, teacher?! Rumia? Re=L?”

Sistine blinked in disbelief at the sudden arrival of Glenn and co.


Sistine walked towards Glenn, bowing her head as she made a determined question.

“Teacher, I know this is sudden but I need an urgent favor!”

“Uh…White Cat…?”

Glenn was left confused, but eventually…

Fejite’s high-class residential area district.

The Caroline mansion was located in a corner section of the district, where many luxurious mansions of upper class nobles and famous magicians resided.

In front of the Caroline mansion square was a heavily guarded high end carriage, where the fully dressed Mistine and her parents stood.

“Kyaaa, Mistine’s finally getting married!”

“And it’s to the head of the local Kamas family too! I’m truly blessed that Mistine is matched in such an excellent relationship!”


Mistine silently paid no attention to her parent’s words.

“Ho ho ho! With the power of the Kamas family, our Caroline family will be blessed with more prosperity! Not only that, our stature in society will soar!”

“That’s right! It’s better for Mistine to marry into the Kamas family than that civilian tutor.”

“Of course. Mistine, forget about that man, even if he passes the Empire’s bureaucratic exams, he is still just a commoner. Someone like him is unworthy of you.”

“Now now Mistine…today’s your special day…please show us that smiling face of yours…”


Mistine remained silent, not showing any response to her parents’ words.

“Miss Mistine!”

Sistine suddenly appeared onto the scene.

“Sis, Sistine…”?”

Mistine’s eyes blinked in disbelief.

“Wh, why are you…”

“Ha…who’s this commoner approaching Mistine? Someone take her away.”

Mistine’s parents glared at the troublesome Sistine before them.


“Shut up! I’m a daughter of the Fibel Family! Fibel Family! Let me through!”

Sistine unwillingly declared her family name, seeing as there was no other option.

“The Fibel family?! The prestigious family of mages and long standing landowners?!”

The effects were instantaneous.

After all, Sistine’s Fibel family was above the Caroline family in terms of status and reputation.

As a result, Sistine’s approach towards Mistine was left undisturbed by security.

“Sistine…wh, why are you here…?”

Sistine brought Mistine several manuscripts, to her surprise.

“Please read this first, Miss Mistine.”

From Sistine’s earnest gesture, Mistine willingly accepted the manuscripts to read through.

…a short while later.

“This is the same story I’ve read before…but this time it’s…”

After reading through the story, Mistine was left amazed.

“With the happy ending. This is the real conclusion of this story.


For a brief moment, Mistine was left surprised…however…


Eventually, she started laughing at the thought of it.

“Fufufu, I suppose? The last scene where the protagonist and her partner come together to viciously combat their opposing enemies…ah ha ha, it’s such a mess. It ignores the story’s hints and foreshadowing, making it inconsistent , but…Sistine…”

Mistine brushed away the tears in the corner of her eyes.

“…it’s really interesting.”

Sistine confessed to Mistine.

“I’m sorry for lying…but this story was something I’ve written all along…”


“But, because I wanted to live up to your expectations by writing that ‘better’ ending…I ended up regretting it…”

“Is that so…”

“Also Miss Mistine…I’ve heard about what happened. It might not be my place as a child to say this but…I…don’t want you to have any regrets! Because you’re the first and only fan of my works!”


“If you choose to compromise, you will have lingering regret! Even for my third-rate story’s ending, I regret writing something that accommodates what the readers expect! That said, with something as life changing as marriage…Miss Mistine! If you really don’t want to go through with this marriage, please bring out the courage in you! I’m sure your lover is still waiting for you!”


Mistine began trembling.


Suddenly, a young man appeared on the scene.


Mistine was astonished upon seeing the young man.

“Ha…thank goodness Professor Glenn, you found him just in time.”

Sistine breathed a sigh of relief as the young man stood before Mistine.

“Roc, why are you here?”

“Mistine…I just can’t give up on you like this!”

Mistine’s former personal tutor and lover, Roc, expressed his true feelings for her.

“I know that I don’t know what I’m doing! But…Mistine, I will always protect you and ensure your happiness! That’s why…do you have the courage to come with me?”

In the face of Roc’s words.


Mistine began shedding tears.

“..thank you…Sistine…I think…I’ve finally decided what I want to do…

With that said.

Mistine rushed out of the carriage to embrace Roc with a hug.

“To hell with this!”

Witnessing the developments before them, Mistine’s parents had enough.

“Mistine, are you taking your marriage to the Kamas family as some kind of joke?”

“That’s right! Do you have any idea how much wealth and honor you will bring to us by marrying the Kamas family?!”

“Father, mother…I’m sorry but, I’m choosing to be with him!”

“No, you will not be together with such a lowly commoner! Guards, remove him from our presence!”

Her furious parents ordered their personal guards to seize both Mistine and Roc.





Glenn and Re=L leapt onto the scene, kicking away the guards like leaves in the wind with a fist and a greatsword.

“Teacher! Re=L!”

“First, you made me help you find this guy, and now I have to deal with these guys like some kind of vandal! With students like these…”

Despite his whining, Glenn teaming up with Re=L to combat the guards was somewhat enjoyable to him.

“But teacher, you don’t hate this sort of thing right?!”

Sistine cast a wind-based spell to assist Glenn.

“Heh, well, I liked the happy ending more than the other bittersweet option, even if it was a little forced and messy.!”

Glenn and Sistine teased one another.

Mistine and Roc stared in disbelief at the scene unfolding before them.

“Miss Mistine! Mr Roc! Over here!”

Rumia guided Mistine and Roc to evacuate the scene peacefully…

While on their way out.

“Thank you, Sistine!”

Said Mistine, at the top of her lungs.

“I…I’m glad to have met you! Thank you so much! Please let me read more of your works again someday!”

Sistine responded with a thumbs up in response.

And so, some time after.

Sometime later, within the classroom of the Academy.

“Ah, teacher! Miss Mistine and Mr Roc just had their wedding ceremony in a rural place!”


Sistine explained to Glenn about Mistine’s current status from a letter she’d received.

“Mr Roc’s assigned to work under the local ministry, it looks like their lives will be quite stable for a while. In a way, the text seems to indicate that they are happy living together.”

“Tsk, having such a good life…I’m jealous now…”

“…teacher, thank you so much for your help on this…and for other…things.”

With those words, Sistine stood up to stretch.

“Hmm? Where are you headed?”

“A secret ♪.”

With that mischievous grin, Sistine left the classroom.

“…yeah, writing stories is a lot of fun…somehow I got so caught up in wanting to win awards that I forgot how much fun it is.”

Sistine lightly walked through the city of Fejite.

With her destination being the usual cafe.

“It was thanks to Miss Mistine that I remember now…of course, I should write what I want to. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like it, because the action of just writing itself is good enough…but also fun.”

For now, it was time to begin her next work.

No storyline or setting has been decided yet, for the time being, only the names of the main heroine and partner protagonist have been decided.

Selfina and Gray.

“…of course, writing should be about writing what you want right?”

She muttered to herself.

As Sistine happily opened the door to the reading cafe, [Muse Library]…

End Transmission? (Wait…what the hell is this?)


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