A Pandemic Report: TAGCC Lite 2021

Date: Nov 26 – 28th, 2021 (Friday to Sunday)

Location: Tropicana Gardens Mall (Center Court, CC Floor)

Difficulty: …Pandemic (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Dumb Skit Here

So why do they call it TAGCC?

“Probably because it stands for Toys, Anime, Games Comic Con or som-…”

You sure it’s not a game of tagging people named CC? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Good Goods (Stuff the event did right)

Test Starts Now

Start up now or never. D:

We get it. The pandemic sucks. Events suck.

…but, whether people like it or not, at some point someone’s going to start hosting events to test the waters.

Not doing it now means taking even longer for ACG events to return.

Given the number of furniture fair addicts spamming their activities all up in Mid Valley Convention Centre, this is a sign that physical events with crowds are allowed.

Long as the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are in place. (More on this later)

TAGCC taking the first testbed is an important step to return things back to normal.


At least one organizer has to bite the bullet before everyone starts getting ideas of whether ACG Events like this can happen w/o getting people shot.


“<Insert Karen Joke here>”

One thing most attendees may have missed during the event was how certain, let’s call them ‘visitors’, tried to enter the venue with their precious unvaccinated children.

…only to get rejected at the front door with the event’s strict ‘No children below ages of 12’ rule.

This is THE BEST THING to happen for any event (ACG in this context) ever, because it finally gives a knockout punch to those dipstick parents who for some reason decided that playing their children card is a free ticket to enter events.

Only for them to slowly sloth through the venue like highway traffic jams when an accident happens, while taking photos of things they’re never going to see ever again, with a dash of posh sh*thead smugness of considering events like this a ‘waste of time’.

…which for some reason is not called out as much. Come on people. >:

Side tangent aside.

Just to be clear, I don’t believe all those elderly parents who bought their kids over did so with malicious intent, it’s just considering the shituation of kids below the ages of 12 being unvaccinated at the time, it felt like a massive unnecessary risk.

I get it, parents want to bring their kids out for the weekend. Why not go literally anywhere else but the event?

…unless there was some arbitrary reason that attracted them here in the first place?

10 bucks says, it’s not for the toys.

So kudos to the staff for sticking by this rule, the pissed off Karens and Uncle dipsticks complaining about this sort of thing is nothing to worry about.

They’d be too cheap to pay for ticket entry anyways. So nothing of value was lost.



The Case Of Lite

Personal diss track at Karen-ass parents aside.

TAGCC Lite’s people limit is an interesting take to handle the situation.

From what we’ve observed, the staff hold a strict 80 people limit for entering the venue.

With each person that exists, another shall take its place inside.



Okay moving on.

The Lite in TAGCC Lite’s name is not just for the attendee limit, but also their showcase.

It’s one of those small scale events you can literally wrap up by an hour or 2, tops.

The downside is that once you’ve seen it all, you’re practically done.

But if anything else, this small event’s small pool of content is enough.

Bring out the big gun Guests for the actual TAGCC eh?


Smol event is actually content with its people limits and features.

Bad Blehs (Stuff the event did left/badly D;)

Ring Around The Roadshow

“Nice art booth, pity it’s getting F-ed.”

As mentioned before, the event is small, which may be finished for most attendees there for its toy related content.

But one other bit of content that was present, but F-ed were the…art booths.

These goddamn Art Booths, are placed outside of the event site for some reason, which became the unfortunate magnet for causing congestion to happen.

Yeah, crowds are one thing.

But as the organizer, washing your hands clean of that issue should be the plan, instead of being dragged along for the horrible ride event when traffic jams happen.

Actually, could the event have moved the Art Booths into the venue? Or alternatively, extend the event area to include them?

Point is. Art Booths got F-ed cuz of the positioning outside the venue, which dragged them to traffic jam hell.


Art Booths did nothing wrong.

Chokepoint Central

Image Credit

“Event Traffic Jams are fear and pain.”

One thing that was definitely a problem during the event were the crowds present for the event, without going in.

This one is definitely an issue TAGCC Lite could use some mall staff hands on deck for.

Traffic Jams suck, don’t keep them around.

With the added pandemic, people getting close together is one thing, an unvaccinated dipstick nobody knows of running around is another.

If TAGCC Lite’s staff can’t move the crowds around the venue, then have mall security clear them out or something.

There’s actually a solution to this at the bottom that we’ll get to, but basically.

If the event staff can’t do shit, venue staff, yall are up.

Nobody wants to get caught up in a jam of getting infected, so either start whipping to move their legs or cut them off, or let’s kick-off a virus cluster.

I’m sure those backdoor blokes would love another lockdown sequel.


Man the F up and use all the manpower on the field. Event organizer AND venue people. Yall want to live forever?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

New Event +? (Sequel or nah?)

Now, for some spicy stuff.

Most of the following is rated Off-The-Record, so take what’s mentioned here with a MASSIVE grain of salt. You have been warned.

Side: Tropicana Gardens Mall

Interviewee: Mr Harold (Surname unknown, possibly this guy? Maybe?)

Funny story that led to this little conversation.

It was Day 2 of the event, when out of nowhere some guy came up to us asking, “Hey you a cameraman?”.

Of course we answered yes, since that camera’s for…something. Thankfully not a haunted prop.

“Oh hi, I’m from management and am wondering if you could take pictures at the Starbucks outdoor area instead of around he-…”

Okay wtf, management? Why the F is some bloke from management asking people to do…I mean management? The F?

Long story short, after sending a complaint to the reception that called us 30 minutes later, a Mr Harold, also from Management, came up to clarify and explain what happened.

Turns out, the Tropicana Gardens management were busy trying to get photographers to take pics at the outdoor Starbucks site area, which is a REALLY nice outdoor venue with some god-tier shots that can happen there.

The problem was, the person approaching us at the time played their ‘We’re management’ card, which is how you spook the hell out of people into thinking they did something illegal.

…look, if this is about the field guide thing, then I’ll admit fault on our end.

In exchange, we’ve tried to avoid shooting in the mall as much as possible, unless it’s night time or we’re shooting stuff in the event site itself.

…ok getting REAL off-topic now.


Mr Harold mentioned the following about TAGCC Lite,

  1. They’d initially wanted to use the Convention Centre for the event, which actually exists. But because of the current pandemic shituation, that’s not a good idea, so roadshow in the Centre Court it is.
  2. TAGCC Lite was apparently a test run event for the mall, and is their first ACG-esque gig, which may or may not move to the Convention Centre in the future. No confirmations atm.
  3. Shooting photos during the event in the mall is perfectly fine, despite the mall’s warning signs of no cameras in the venue.

If you (Readers, and Tropicana Gardens Management) are still reading this, here’s a quick take away of what yall can do in the future.

  1. Announcements about concerns such as the ‘no camera’ thing.
    • Even though people might not listen, at least you wash your hands clean from potential smartass complaints.
    • It is your mall, you can update/screw the rules for certain periods of time.
  2. Don’t send management people to go all ‘Hi, I’m from management‘, before attendees.
    • That’s how you scare the sh*t out of people into thinking they’re in trouble.
    • Have the organizers talk/suggest in your place instead, or go up to people wearing a different tag.
    • Example alternative:
    • Hi, do you happen to take photos? Some of us at the event would like to ask if we could take photos at the Starbucks garden upstairs instead? The mall’s management really wants to see people using the place.
    • Yes, this sounds like simping for your own mall…but IT IS YOUR OWN COMPANY’S MALL. SIMP FOR IT.
  3. ACG Attendees are always going to camp at the venue, this is GOING to happen.
    • First time hosting events? Welcome to spawn camp hell.
    • If possible, try to identify sites that don’t block the main road for attendees to camp at, and if able, usher attendees to camp there instead of blocking the road.
    • Example during the event, several shop lots on the Ground Floor (1 level above the event venue) could’ve been used as campsites for attendees to chill AND take photos at.
    • Yes, those shops will be opened ‘eventually’, but ‘eventually’ is NOT that event weekend, it’s god knows how many months later.
    • If you can use something here and now during the event, use is for that time. And it’s not permanent or forever.
    • So what’s management worried about? Complaints by those rejected from entry parents sending their kids to early funerals by bringing them out in the first place? F these blokes.


Tropicana Gardens Mall? Likely gonna be back for more. Unsure what event though.

Also, work with your event organizer to handle attendees. They’re your guaranteed guests.


Interviewees”: Mr CK/Mr Lim

Disclaimer: This was not much of an interview, just a passing discussion of stuff.

So, some TAGCC notes from them:

  1. No actual TAGCC (The actual one, not this LITE one) yet, they’re still looking at the irl shituation. (Blame Covid)
  2. No venues confirmed yet.
    • Though, they did share a bit about Tropicana Gardens’ Exhibition Centre, and how it’s actually pretty neat.
    • About PWTC sized-ish, but it’s in a mall instead of a political HQ.

What we can recommend:

  1. Legit though, the event’s content is fine. Art booths could be positioned better than become chokepoint hell.
  2. Keep the no kids policy, or adjust it. Last thing any event needs are jams caused by people who are not there for the event. Especially ones who bought their bastard offspring.
  3. Work with the venue management to usher attendees towards other places to camp, causing traffic jams is always bad.
    • Yall are the organizers, if anyone has just as much power as actual cops to get people moving, yall are the best people to get them moving.
    • ACG people are more likely to listen to fellow ACG people than F-ing cops that scare the sh*t out of them.
    • The virus sucks and can be caused by traffic jams. Let’s keep that traffic crap out of here.
    • Keep the attendees out of trouble, and at least we can blame the Karens who can’t walk for sh*t for causing jams.
  4. Really like the on the spot assembly of figures stuff on Day 2 and Day 3, the showcase next to the Children’s Card Game workshop. That gives some level of live-action stuff happening.


TAGCC Sequel depends on shituation. Will likely still be toying around.

Also, see what you can do with the venue management to handle attendees, better to take care of them than the freeloading normies who are definitely not there for the toys.

Bring what you learnt here for the actual TAGCC. Pandemic or not.

TL;DR (Overall)

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself visiting Tropicana Gardens Mall for some other event in the near future.

Whether it’s for TAGCC or not, this test run from TAGCC Lite 2021 will bring about 1 of 2 post-event scenarios.

> Another long ass MCO sequel to lock everyone down again.


> The slow steady return of events.

…either way, just bring your hazard suits for safety if you want.

Legitimately speaking though, where’s the Among Us people? You’d think that they’d go ham with this sort of cosplay given the current still-pandemic. 🤔

…also huh.

What’s this about some O-named Transformers landing in town…?

End Transmission

< Previous Transmission



TAGCC Lite was…lite.

That Taco Bell line is more of an event line than TAGCC Lite though. :0

In addition. We’re not an event review site.

We’re idiots. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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