Field Guide: Sungei Wang Plaza (2022)

Field Guides are…guides for the field…duh.

For when you’re visiting some new place that’s like an alien planet of god knows what.

…usually concrete floors, extinct parking spots and a whole lot of future corpses not moving on the escalator.

Find the Mandarin/Chinese version here.

Have a song to fit the mood. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


🎯 Target: JOM Cosplay 2022

⌚ Date: Feb 26th to 27th, 2022 (Saturday to Sunday)

🏛 Location: Sungei Wang (JUMPA Area, LG Floor)

Dumb Skit

JOM Cosplay?

Dear god…remember the last time an event had cosplay in its title?

The Commuter, <Redacted> 4, or…


Well…if we’re going. Might want to think out of the box for this one.

Intel A: Entry Points 🚪

Here’s a TL;DR of how to get to Sungei Wang. 🤔

Route #1: Bukit Bintang Monorail High Ground (Recommended)

Safety first, access from all other routes, slower to reach the venue.

Once on there, the entrance into Sungai Wang will bring you to Level 1.

There’s nearby staircases & elevators that can help navigate where you need to go.

From here, it’s recommended to head down to Level LG first then find your way towards the venue.

From the Bukit Bintang MRT or Pavilion/KLCC, keep an eye out for the escalators for Bukit Bintang Monorail station. (Sleeping beggars not included.)

Route #2: Sg Wang Low Ground Entrances (MRT, LRT or KLCC)

Directly reach the venue, pain in the ass if crowds.

Find the MIDDLE ENTRANCE into Sungai Wang with a lot of stairs, that’s where you need to target.

From Hang Tuah LRT (Bukit Bintang MRT and/or or Pavilion/KLCC if you skip Route #1), find this low ground entrance into Sungai Wang.

This is the main entrance that should get you towards the venue itself on the left.

Route #3: Parking Underground

Backdoor entrance into the venue, convenient for parking but slower.

From Sungai Wang’s Parking Lot or the opposite Plaza Imbi parking, you will find yourself entering the mall via Giant.

Once you’re in, find your way to this escalator to reach the outskirts of the JUMPA venue. (Near the Dunkin Doughnuts)

In Sungai Wang’s Parking Lot (Left), find spots near these positions to access the entrance faster.

For Plaza Imbi parking (Right), find this entrance into Giant, it’s the closest one to Plaza Imbi for the same result.

Intel B: Target Area 🎯

Field Intel – Floor Plan

Field Intel – Entry Points

Based on the official floor plan, the entrance will likely be the same one from Nijigen Expo.

Nearest entry into JUMPA on the left most side of the mall.

All other entrances (Middle Jumpa Entrance is unknown) and escalators are one-way exits. Avoid/don’t bother with them if you’re outside the venue.

Field Intel – Hotspots (Avoid if you hate crowds)

The Stage Seating Area, Cosplay Alley & Artist Alleys are hotspots for trouble once performances take place.

This chokepoint will cause jams if not handled properly.

Dodge this problem with escalators near the Toys Addicts (22) booth.

Alternatively, bring a battering ram Reinforced Cardboard Box.

This is NOT a definitive list, always keep an eye out for crowds of people in any parts of the venue.

Field Intel – Support

Network coverage is shit within JUMPA. Sungai Wang WiFi is decent, but still garbage.

Venue size may seem ‘big’, but can be misleading.

Also, lighting in the venue sucks, avoid using it for photos if possible. (Unless it’s event related)

Intel #: Field Updates (Important)

T.E.A Time (Tactical Event Advisory)

Yeah, this name is cringe.

MCO 3: Revenge Of The Sick

Back to 5 digits a day again for Malaysia’s covid case count.

Because bastard parents want to speedrun their children dying naturally.

Deploy at your own risk, bring a hazmat suit.

…or a cardboard box.


Skip event = Save yourself.

Skip events like you do with gacha game events. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

One Event Skip = 100 future events. (Including say, actually GOOD ones)

The Sungai Wang Job

Reports from the previous event, Nijigen Expo, indicate that pickpockets are running amok the free event.

Tactical advisory for anyone to keep their phones and wallets sealed tight.

DO NOT DEPLOY ALONE, or risk losing everything you bought along.

Also if you see a pickpocket (Somehow), just call people to kick them in the nuts. >:

Wait For It

If entering the venue is a pain in the ass, just wait for it.

Event is ‘FREE’, but also annoying to lineup for.

If you want to photograph guests in the event but can’t get in, chill out on the G-Floor above the event.

Reports from Nijigen Expo indicate that once the event has died down, guests have free time to meet with photographers chilling upstairs on the G-Floor.

Not all of them obviously, but a good number are willing.

You just need to hold out until the evening.

“Tactical” Advisory?

Yep, still cringe.

  1. Stage Sound Sucks
    • If you need to have a convo near the stage area, best to move away.
    • If you can’t the next best thing is either writing text on your phone, or a megaphone.
  2. Always Keep Moving
    • Nothing to do? GTFO.
    • Also, don’t take photos in the middle of the road. Unless you want to test how much you can resist getting run over by a Cardboard Box. (Or eaten)
  3. The Personal Security Measure
    • Wired headphones, suck. But they can ensure your phone’s safety if someone tries to touch it.
    • Look into where photographers setup their luggage camps, those sites are usually safe enough to babysit your bags. (Just come double check if your stuff’s safe every 10 minutes)
    • Bring a friend. Always bring a friend. (Or make a friend at the event!)

End Transmission


Hey there, uh…thanks for reading.

Hope it helps yall out in the field. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Not just for the event, but also for when you’re visiting there for the first time.

Less feeling like you’re entering a foreign country’s customs that’ll have you arrested, and more “Oh hey it’s this place that has…let’s just go roam KLCC instead.”

…yeah, this tends to happen a lot for locals and tourists visiting new places.

Also. Find some other stupid stuff to read here. D;

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