Field Guide: Mines Convention Centre (MIECC) 2022 🤔

The Convention’s Field Guide is here to lend a hand.

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Information provided here MAY OR MAY NOT be accurate in the future.

The Mines Convention Centre (2022)

Ah right, The Mines again. Anyone remember all that pre-Covid event PTSD here?

*AniManGaki 2019 flashbacks*

*Comic Fiesta 2015 PTSD flashbacks*

Hey! How come CF gets PTSD but not AMG? (╯°□°)╯

Ok that’s enough of this dumb skit. Let’s get to it.

Also no. We are not using the full name of this venue.

Target Area

The Main Target is The Mines Convention Centre based at Point B.

There’s 2 options to reach the site, Transport or Walking.

Either one needs legs. So use them or break a leg. (Alternative, be de-feeted)

Option A: Transport

“Also known as, GTA your way there.”

Transports come with 2 target areas for you to drop off at The Mines.

  • The Mines Parking Lots (Both the Shopping Mall & Convention Centre)
  • The Convention Centre front door

Recommended, IF:

  • You’re setting up booths with merch/items
  • You’re bringing big props (Cosplayers)
  • You’re a party of 4-5 people attending the same event via car (Attendees)
  • You got the cardboard crack goods to deliver (Disclaimer: Crack not included)

The Good?

  • You have a car/bike/motorbike/van to travel/GTFO/get stuck in traffic jams with
  • You have a storage for luggage if needed, and merch/goods from events
  • No need to worry about rain/sun (The weather)
  • Emergency cover/tactical explosive if a firefight breaks out

The Bad You Chose Poorly?

  • Parking problems (Play Stalk The Customer, it’s fun)
  • Enjoy the 3/6 hour traffic jam just to EXIT The Mines (Not including the Parking Lot)
  • Someone might attempt to GTA your transport (Includes hijacking, stalking or attempting to blow it up by turning it upside down)

Option A-0: General Notes

When entering this part of The Mines, you have to decide if you want to park at The Mines or The Convention Centre. (Either option doesn’t matter too much)

Either way, you MUST turn left into this corner, then go around the Convention Centre to exit out onto the highway to freedom/hell.

NOT RECOMMENDED to deploy here after 12-3, due to weekend traffic jams in the area. (It gets worse on event weekends).

Unless you enjoy traffic jams on your morning bread instead of actual jam.

Option A-1: Parking Lot Notes

Within the Mines Convention Centre, target parking spots #21, #42, #67, #89, near this LOBI/LOBBY Entry.

This is the escalator entrance into the Convention Centre.

Also, intel regarding the parking lot’s costs. (Convention Centre only)

If it’s considered cheap to park here, go for it.

From the Shopping Mall’s parking lot, you’ll need to exit out here to cross into the Convention Centre’s parking lot.

Once you’re there, find the LOBI/LOBBY Entry and you’re all clear. (Like the previous tip)

WARNING: This elevator may not be accessible on non event days. This intel is strictly for event days.

Option A-2: Front Door Notes

Just drop yourself or your client, and run.

You’re now a Grabcar/Uberdriver, just drop and run.


Like one of those zombie movies or something, specifically 28 Weeks Later.

WARNING: Security may divert people from driving up to the front entrance during events. If they do, just drop off at a different spot. Unfortunately, drivers will have to go round again to exit the area.

Option B: Walking

“At least you can Step-Up To The Streets.”

By walking, you can reach the checkpoint to choose between 3 options to reach The Convention Centre. This includes anyone coming from Serdang KTM.

  • The Mines Back Road [P1]
  • The Mines Front Road [P2]
  • The Mines (Indoors) [P3]

Recommended, IF:

  • …we need a reason?
  • JUST WALK DAMMIT (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • It just works (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

The Good?

  • No traffic jams
  • No getting delayed by other drivers on the road
  • FREE AIR CONDITIONING* (If you take The Mines (Indoors) route)
  • Family Mart, duh
  • Sneak 100
  • This is a sneaking operation, you can literally run around in a cardboard box

*Disclaimer: Air Conditioning quality not included

The Bad You Chose Poorly?

  • It involves walking (That’s the joke)
  • Not rain/sun friendly (F the rain, all routes ‘affected’)
  • Unneeded stalking by normies
  • <Insert ‘Where’s the Event? Just follow the cosplayers’ joke here>

B-0: First, The Checkpoint (Green Circle)

Before we start, if you’re arriving via Serdang KTM, cross this skybridge to reach the bus stop of The Mines. Whether you arrive by bus or KTM, this is the same starting point to reach The Checkpoint.

From here, head towards the road in the middle, and march towards that apartment complex ahead.

You are looking for the following entrance into it, which looks like a giant parking lot.

…obviously you walk into it, and head left towards that “Preschool” building.

From here, walk into that dark alleyway ahead, towards the light.

…don’t worry, you’re definitely still alive, walk all the way through.

Once you’re out, turn left and walk through this semi-circular tunnel by the river, it should bring you outside The Mines.

Welcome to hell/Jurassic Park/The Checkpoint!

From here, you can take your pick how you want to approach reaching The Mines Convention Centre. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Option B-1: The Mines Back Road Notes (P1)

From The Checkpoint, head left.

March down the route towards the Convention Centre, and turn right.

Once there, access the entrance into the Parking Lot.

Find parking spots #21, #42, #67, #89, on your right, near the LOBI/LOBBY Entry and you’re all clear.

WARNING: Do not bother if it’s raining. Just switch to the indoor route, don’t take any chances in the rain. (It’s ok if the sun’s up. Exercise dammit. D:)

Option B-2: The Mines Front Road Notes (P2)

From the Checkpoint, head up this set of stairs, and turn left. (Basically right, on the map)

March down the road, turn left, head straight until the Roundabout.

One you’ve reached the roundabout, it’s a short march to the Front Entrance of the Convention Centre, and you’re all clear.

WARNING: Do not bother if it’s raining. Just switch to the indoor route, don’t take any chances in the rain. (It’s ok if the sun’s up. Exercise dammit. D:)

Option B-3: The Mines (Indoors) Notes (P3)

Remember that Checkpoint door? Enter it.

From the Checkpoint door, you should stumble upon this view nearby.

There are 2 Link Bridge entrances into the Convention Centre, on Levels 3 & 4 of the Shopping Mall. For convenience, ignore the Level 3 Link Bridge, just use Level 4.

From here, head to Level 4 of the East Court. Follow the signboards, they should have signs across the mall that tell you which way to go.

Alternatively, if you find the reception counter for the mall, you’re near the entrance. You just need to head upstairs.

The Link Bridge into the Convention Centre should look something like this.

Once you’re here, you should be all clear to enter the Convention Centre. (It’s near a Surau too, see below for more)

Alternatively, you can head to the Parking Lot exit to reach the Convention Centre.

The exit is located at Level 2, Centre Court, which looks something like this. (Left Exit)

From here, just head straight, cross the road into the Convention Centre’s car park, find the LOBI/LOBBY Entry and you’re all clear.


  • The mall usually opens at 10 am. Don’t bother using this route if you arrive before 9 am.
  • Intel indicates that the link bridges may only be opened when the event is active, you may need to use the Front Road Route or Parking Lot if it’s not opened. (Tip: Level 3 & 2 is your friend)

Venue Facilities

“This place has toilets?”

Report A: Layout Intel

Analysis of the venue is as follows,

  • Any door marked with “Dewan Mines” is a door in/out of the Convention Centre.
  • These are NOT guaranteed to be entrances. (Varies on event)
  • Lighting is pretty sh*t, watch the camera lighting.

Field Photo – Escalators & Stairs x3

The Convention Centre has 3 ways between each floor,

  • Elevators
  • Stairs
  • Stairs & Escalator (Inner Part only)

Elevators are likely slow, but are the only way in/out of the parking lot.

Stairs are more likely to be available to run up/down between floors, so get walking.

Beware the underground G-Floor.

Interestingly, it’s not a haunted maze for Slenderman, but just a place nobody uses most of the time…that’s why people don’t turn on the lights for it.

See here for more information about this. (Office Retail Space)

WARNING: Different events have different rules for escalators/elevators. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work on an event weekend.

Report B: Facilities

Several toilets were spotted on both floors of the Convention Centre, locations are as follows:

  • Elevator Toilets
  • Back Toilets
  • Upper Level Toilets (Separated, but is the same area)
  • Event Hall Toilets (In the Event Hall)

Also, there’s a Surau if people need to use it.

WARNING: Avoid the shopping mall’s toilets if you’re changing out of a cosplay, that sort of thing can be ‘troublesome’ to people since you’re taking up space in a public toilet. Convention Centre toilets aren’t as ‘public’, so just change there instead. (You’re already there, might as well use the dump.)

Report C: Other Notes

Report C-1: Network 📡

“The only net that works 24/7.”

Screenshot Photo – The Mines Networks

Located at The Mines Convention Centre, are these networks.

If there’s lots of people, Internet Connections are likely to go to sh*t. Phone calls should still work, use those instead.


There is the Mines Beach Resort‘s hotel Wi-fi nearby ;D

You just need to get out of the venue.

Report C-2: ATMs 💰

“To pull a PayDay 2 with.”

The following ATMs were spotted operating at The Mines Shopping Mall, seek them out if needed.

  • HSBC Bank
  • Maybank
  • Public Bank
  • RHB Bank

Best case, you can just use QR Pay for money, otherwise ATMs are in the Shopping Mall.

*Note: What ever happened to CIMB Bank? Maybe their ATMs got hijacked like their systems.

Report C-3: Area Facilities 🍞

“Malls can run out of food? D:”

Need repairs? The following stores were spotted in the area. 😀

  • ACE Hardware
    • Bring out the chainsaws/pitchforks/riot gear here
  • Daiso
    • Still costs 5.99
    • Still only accepts cash (F-ing Msia branch)
  • Mr D.I.Y
    • A whole lot of stuff to offer
    • Great for emergency chargers
  • Watson’s*
    • Play doctor here
    • Ok serious note, minor makeup/cleanliness stuff here

*Note: Also for taking Amelia photos

Food is good. Eat up or stock up at these sites.

Find more food places here.

Note: What about 7-11/KK-Mart? If we wanted trash we’d just go visit Parliament House America

Outside The Mines, near the checkpoint area. You can find these places on the way from Serdang KTM.

  • 99 Speedmart
    • One of those markets for supplies 😀
  • Success Safety Enterprise
    • Disguise as construction worker, security staff here
    • Might have useful props
  • 105 Fresh Mart
    • Fish store
    • It stinks (The smell, not the quality)
  • Chichicky
    • Dining place
    • Opened Mon-Sat, 11 am – 8:30 pm
    • Probably still better than KFC
  • SMart
    • Basically…a grocery store?

Report ?: Closing Notes

The Mines isn’t that scary.

It’s just a pain in the ass to deal with.

…and still does not include crafting of any kind. (っ °Д °;)っ

Oh, did you know the folks who own The Mines also own Sungai Wang? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

End Transmission

Check below for Social Media links to send your death threats to. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


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