A Con-Eventional Story: AMG-Chan 2019

Con-Eventional Stories/Other activities are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Wait a Second,

AMG Chan’s held at Quill City Mall,

The Mascot of AMG-Chan is a bird,

Someone bought along an actual bird to the event,


Half-Life 3 confirmed.

Revenge of the Sixth Floor

Step into any elevator within Quill City Mall, and a small laminated banner with the words “AMG-Chan” on it greets visitors for the weekend.


Accompanied by some white bird mascot in a Magician’s suit.

Depending on which Elevator you take to the top, the 6th floor where the massive Quill City Mall Exhibition Hall awaits visitors.

Some elevators are capped at the 5th floor, but a nearby escalator above several floors of under construction escalators directs confused attendees towards the hall itself on the 6th floor. 


As the escalator floor panels slowly ascend before a walkway of striped cloth, spread across a massive open space of various conference rooms with closed doors, thick footsteps turn to muffled shuffles across the carpet pavement.


With white booths stationed in the distance awaiting visitors to pickup the event’s piss cheap 10 buck tickets, per day.


…I wonder if that bear knows the way to Narnia.

Or maybe it bear-ried the staff running this Information Counter booth. 🤔


AAAAAHHHHH!!! IT KNOWS!!! RUN!!! Σ(っ °Д °;)っ

Rooms of Balls


They call these halls Ballrooms?

Why does that feel like some foreshadowing?

“<Insert performer/s name here> coming up next!” declared one of the staff passing the ticket section towards the open area outside the ballrooms, like a walking PA system.

A performance coming up? Well, to the performance hall first then!

Ballroom 2 – The High Performance Hall

Like any event in its early hours, scattered groups of individuals take their picks of how they want to spend their morning.

But as one of the emcees on Day 1 puts it,

“Even though it’s the morning, we here at AMG-Chan party all day long!”

To be fair, the man ain’t wrong, since long as there’s light there’s ‘daytime’.


Underneath the bright white lights that illuminate across Ballroom 2, a towering stage stands by the end of a hall, like a beacon attracting attendees to its house of upcoming performances as the day trickles forward.

Including the various side booths that are as sidelined as it gets, they do offer up quite the arsenal of stuff to do at the event.


To the right from entering the hall, where rows of monitors, game consoles and old arcade joysticks await players to dabble in ALL the fighting games the Infinite Carnage folks bought to the field.

Or alternatively,


Drum up some dank beats by becoming someone’s Taikor at Taiko no Tatsujin, that super popular drum game you’d see at arcades everywhere.

But also your household Playstation 4, that comes with a drum set that’s somehow less accurate than a regular controller.


Anyways, should the crowds crowding the games booth get too crowdy, the nearby Touhou booth featuring a workshop for their card game should garner some interest.

Also this Waifu War card game does not include other waifus from outside of Touhou Project unfortunately.

…well not yet anyways.


But if playing games doesn’t catch your drift, a collection of Touhou’s finest (And supposedly official) lineup of music tracks await interested folks looking to grab some of Touhou’s finest tracks for sale.

At opposite ends of these interactive booths, comes the more traditional while panel booths that often pop up at pretty much any event.


What’s worth noting is the booth for Guest Artist Okita Kung, as part of the guest lineup for AMG-Chan, as he later joins the stage for a brief Q&A session of his time in Malaysia.

Accompanied by his translator associate, from what can be deduced as the conversation shifts between English and Thai.

Couple of spoilers from the interview,

Mr Okita claims that the best events to booth at tend to be either AFA (Anime Festival Asia), or the famous Comiket in Japan, a heaven to all doujin artists worldwide.

That said, as a fellow South East Asian person, food is priority one, next to sleep, slacking off and blaming lag for network connection.

Anyways, when it comes to food, apparently the man does enjoy simple Thai Curry Fried Rice, more than enough to get people’s attention to try it should they visit his home country of Thailand.

It’s certainly worth trying out than some BS Crispy Rendang.

The MC Cast

One thing that always gets the stage show rolling, is the presence of AMG-Chan’s fabulous cast of Emcees across both days.

Five Emcees shared across two days, what’s the worst that could happen?


One thing is clear, the unusual lineup does work wonders considering it’s the month of Rahmadan, since shared workload goes a long way even for AMG-Chan’s small scale.

You could say it gives them more…Horsepower on Day 2. *cough*Zodiac*cough*

Oh? What’s this?


It’s the Star Wars cleaner droid thing!

What does it say?


*insert response here*

As the little droid scrambles away from its brief interview with the Emcees, the temptation to check out the other ballroom slowly kicks in.

But before that, welcome on stage,

Performer-fessionals, with Standards

As the wee hours of each day during AMG Chan rolls out, every first performance kicks start on stage, starring,

Day 1: ShioMio, the Singing Pair


Featuring the 5 song lineup of,

1. Touch Off
2. Sono Chi No Sadame / その血の運命
3. Deja Vu (Real one here)
4. Ikenai Borderline / いけないボーダーライン
5. Megu Megu ☆ Fire Endless Night / メグメグ☆ファイアーエンドレスナイト

A consecutive 20 minute performance, coupled with a small break near the start of the 5th song, shows a performing pair with the guts to keep the show rolling.

For the video recording of their performance, check out the link here, and go show them some likes. (Credits to a Mr Edward Darksonz for recording the footage)

Day 2: Za Cosplay Troupe, by the Za Girudo folks


Spoilers, that is not actual Vodka. (Or whatever funny tasting water they call ‘alcohol’)

Also sporty Samurai, as the Emcees describe the performance the Za Cosplay Troupe folks would present to the crowd.

That said, this is one of those performances where words are difficult to describe the show, and would be better off being seen than read about.

Check out the 20 minute skit here, it’s well worth the time. (Credits to a Potter SamLeong for recording the footage of Za Cosplay Troupe’s performance)

The Shared Staging Area

One would be forgiven for thinking that a stage is just for performers or contest contestants.

But this is AMG-Chan, there’s always room for chilled out segments between the Emcees and attendees.

The Mini Mother’s Day

By some coincidence, Day 2 of AMG Chan happens to fall on May 12th, aka Mother’s Day.


As such, the Emcees welcomed fellow attendees on stage, to talk about their mothers, whilst walking away with some gifts to give back to said mothers.

Also includes, a mother accompanying her daughter cosplayer, who happened to be in the hall when the Emcees were looking for attendee mothers in the field, as the crowd made way to usher the guest on stage, with an invisible red carpet guiding her way.

A Ballare Royale With Cheese

In association with the Château booth over at the hall of booths (More on that later), two well dressed members of the Château crew took the stage to demonstrate how to dance.


With…some sort of well dressed volunteers as tribute.

This ain’t no place to break it down like a Step Up movie, but is a place to take it slow and steady.

In what’s a more well put together prom night plan than anything a middle school or college team could do.

Contestant Watch

What event with a stage area would it be, without some contests for plenty of attendees to suit up for.

Before the watchful eyes of many fellow local judges, in both the performing arts, and cosplay related shticks, contestants are assured guaranteed quality feedback for their works.

As each contestant and dance group takes turns on stage, whilst eagerly waiting to hear the words of each judge, ranging from bits of critique and encouragement, the show always goes on.


…to be fair, the Emcee is sort of part of the show too.

Intermission Hall

For an event sort of ‘small’, there sure is a lot of sights to take in.

If it’s not the cosplayers setting up shop (Place to hang around, to clarify) by the massive open area outside the ballrooms, be it for rest or photoshoots, it’s got to be the crowd size.

And ooh, a games booth, like the one at ACE!

A shooting range that involves not hitting cardboard cutout lolis, one of those metal games you saw from that one episode of Mr Bean, and a dance section to…Just Dance.

“Excuse me,” a voice called out, revealing a three person team carrying a sign that says, ‘What is your greatest Fear?’


Ah crap, how to get out of this…ah!

Well if there’s one person that’s super effective at being positive to beat back that fear, it’s this guy.

Now to make the escape into,

Ballroom 1 – The Hall of Boothy Calls

Beneath the towering lights that sets the stage in this black carpeted hall, occasional dimly lit sections by the corner booths make things difficult to navigate.

Let alone browse the items from said art booths stationed by those corners.


To some degree, it illustrates a balance in all things…lighting related.

Oh hey, there’s a nearby Luigi cosplayer.


Well ain’t that neat, the GameFusion Booth offering Super Smash Bros for people to bro out with even in this hall.

Aw man, if only there was a Mario running around the event.

Walk by the middle route into this hall, and the first booth to the right of the intersection comes a familiar face.

A Supa Dupa circus is back in action!

This time featuring an adorable One Punch Man balloon boi you can probably One Punch to death.

Or not, if you’re afraid of loud balloon pops.

Trek forward through the hall, as more white booths open up with more goods for sale,

Be it fancy toys to attempt the 20th Anniversary challenge with, by one of the booths where one can occasionally find the Freeman.

Or alternatively,

Certainly a store to get stuff from, and flex to your friends saying “Hey, check out my Stylez that you can get!”.

Also Pokemon socks, those would be nice to put a sock into.

Be it Sockpuppets or actual socks, it would be a socker to see it used for anything else.

To the top left of this massive ballroom, near the end by the corner where light barely reaches on occasion, a stand of armor stands tall.

Some fabulous looking Fate Series props, and what is presumed to be an All-Might mask or head thing, stands tall across both days.

That about wra-…

Oh hey, it’s them!


And the droid from earlier!

The story now takes you to,

The Mini Adventures of Kei-Chan

Previously, on The Mini Adventures of Kei-Chan,


*Kei-Chan lands on the ground*

Kei-Chan: “Hello There!”


Empire Droid: “Ah, General KEI-nobi!”


*Empire Droid draws Lightsabers*

Empire Droid: “You, are a bold one!”

THIS TIME, on The Mini Adventures of Kei-Chan


*Kei-Chan plops on the Empire Droid*

Kei-Chan: “It’s over Droid-nikan! I have the high ground!”

Empire Droid: “DO NOT WAAAAANT!!! I mean…NOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

An Internal Plug

Well that was weird.


Anyways, within the air conditioned hall that is Ballroom 1, the super conveniently placed Jantzen booth awaits visitors looking to grab some much needed liquid to replenish themselves.

And serve up a shooting range to take some legalized shots at empty bottles.

But right next to it stands the booth for the Organizers of AMG-Chan itself,


Where the offers for 50 buck early bird tickets await attendees looking forward to the show at The Mines come National Day.

Even the mascot Kei-Chan has something to say about it,


…okay not really.

But donate the mascot some clothes.

Or maybe a cardboard box, so he can do some Metal Gear Solid stuff.

Also, where are the other two mascots?!


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

Well this one sure took awhile…way more than I expected to be quite frank.

Also updates on the UnCon-Eventional Stories for both Mirai Matsuri and AMG-Chan,

It WILL be delayed quite a bit, since we’re capped on storage space here at WordPress.

But rest assured, it’s coming.

Massive thanks to the AniManGaki folks, for giving us the chance to do coverage on the event itself.

Even though I’m…not official media, I didn’t even applied for Media, but eh.

But also, being really cool folks, both the staff in the field, booths and ones manning the AMG Booth in the booth hall.

See you guys again in 3 months, or on the Discord.

Did I mention they have a Discord? Check em out here.

And as usual,

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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Page us anytime, anywhere, Amway offers will be shot on sight, no questions asked.

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