A Con-Eventional Story: Japan Otaku Matsuri 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

JOM Flavoured Event

Convenience awaits attendees by the Asia Jaya LRT, as the Free Green Petaling Jaya bus occasionally swings by to drop off attendees coming over for the event.

That event venue being Jaya Shopping Centre’s 3rd and 4th floors.


For a second there, could’ve sworn Japan Otaku Matsuri (J.O.M) was at Jaya One Mall. 🤔

They would’ve shared the same intials too. 👀

JOM, Lettuce Play

(Context, lettuce sounds like “Let us”.)

Children’s Card Games, on the 4th floor.


As staff and players linger around the venue, rotating cards to symbolize the gameplay whilst waiting for the day’s tourney to kick off.

On occasion, the workshop table by the corner would host one of the event’s guest looking to practice playing said Children’s Card Game.

…until the Admin challenge kicks in, where players take turns to take down or get pwn-ed by the folks running the Admin Challenge.


At least the folks attending this Children’s Card Game side gig aren’t here only for this right?


JOM, Lettuce Watch

(Context, lettuce sounds like “Let us”.)

The Stage, that’s set in face-up position,


With 2 fellow Emcees to get the show rolling.

That on occasion includes,


A conversation with ya WCS 2019 bois, Team Kuramaker on stage,


Going on a Literal Tour of the event booths,

Helping ya local bois on stage in some Manly confrontation.

That turns into a session of jebaiting a kiss to the other party. 🤔 

And some pretty sporting stuff. 👀

…no, don’t gouge your eyes out. >:

The Emcee man’s more man than most of us. ._.

JOM, Lettuce Work this Workshop

(Context, lettuce sounds like “Let us”.)

Of course, a stage is shared by not just the Emcees.


But also, the folks of Team Manboobs, with a Cosplay Workshop on how to color props.

Some cliffnotes from the workshop,

  • Eyeshadow is Washable, Ayecrilic is Unwashable 👀
  • Avoid mixing Ayecrilic with Water D:
  • Try using a Hard Brush

Next on the list, comes a Makeup Workshop, starring the folks of Queen.ASLcosmeticsasia ft, Ami Ai Cosplay World.

With a session that may or may not include dragging the Emcees into it. 👀

…like a previous event before.

Now a Word From,


Someone who can give you…moving rubber. 🤔

Can you give someone Gatsby?

JOM, Lettuce Sit Back, & Watch

(Context, lettuce sounds like “Let us”.)

The stage shows unfold, one by one. :pogchamp:

One of the event’s first highlights comes, Okami Ouji.

This 6 member team of smooth wolf-like dancers were DA BOIS before DA BOIS even existed. 👀

And get this.

Imagine watching a runway of dance, kicking their way to a solid showing.

No worries if you miss their show, for it’s not the last for August. 🤔

Next up, Team Vocadoll taking the stage with a new member. 😮

Despite being relatively unseen in action for awhile, their show was certainly worth the wait to watch.

Why you ask?

For you see, you’re not just seeing 1 performance, but instead, it’s 3 shows!

Across a 15 minute stint that you can check it here. (Credits to the JOM Official Facebook for the video.)

Anyone up for a solo show?

For the Singer Rioka’s got you covered, with a slow steady Act 1 of playing a flute.

Which spirals into a live singing session for all to listen to her peaceful voice.

You’ve seen Da Bois from earlier, now comes Da Ladies, of Team Kiss Marry Kill.

One would be forgiven to think that Pop Stars is the only act they’d be performing, as this is not their only performer card to play this event.

After an Act 1 that everyone sort of saw coming, comes an Act 2 that no one saw coming.

It involves a quick switch to school uniforms, and a track from Vocaloid.

Up next comes an…unnamed group?

That will be showing up later in August too?

Ah ok.

Dressed up in costumes that ressemble that of…fast food restaurants?

This 3 person team of new dancers sure know how to dance their stuff.

And like an earlier group, will return again in August. 😮

That said.

…why does it feel like the stage is missing someth-…oh right!

The Cosplay Contest!

Featuring, cosplay skits aplenty that stars Magical Girls named after planets from space,

And two Mortal dudes trying very hard to Kombat one another.

With a whole lot more in between, that for accuracy’s sake, will not be mentioned to avoid misrepresentation.

…that said.

What’s an event without crowds to shake things up as they always do.


With a sprinkle of music from pictures you can hear.

JOM, Lettuce Explore


In the midst of all this, tables aplenty find themselves setup across the 3rd floor of Jaya One Mall.

With one section featuring this photoshoot booth of sorts, for a holiday that’s 6 months early. 🤔

…not that anyone’s complaining, people start begging your Padorus in September at some parts of the world.

On one corner, it’s your Gundam Bois, Bots and Collectible Cards for flexing.

It’s 1 buck per card, who’s complaining? 🤔


And of course, a wall of model kits to pickup from.

If one is into such modelling gigs.


But for folks into actual beauty related stuff, the ASL Queen booth’s got you covered.

It does not include a Live Makeup session on stage however.

Near the glassed walls of the closed stores by the corner, art booths aplenty await visitors to come by and check em out.

…also that Pikachu Hoodie thing is…

…at least it isn’t winking at the camera.

Right? 👀


Alternatively, the front entrance into JOM’s setup comes with an Origami Challenge!

For various paper related action, that involves more folding than your average game of Poker.


But what’s an event without at least one clothes store.

That features some dank looking towels of Lugia of all things. 😮

…wait…there’s something nearby.


Indeed, what’s all this? 🤔W🤔


Ah yes, the obligatory AMG booth that hangs around at various events.

With the roadshow price of 55 bucks. :pogchamp:

All handled by the AMG Mascot team’s loyal Toothless.

And Da Bois.

And Steeds.

…take a guess at which is which. 🤔


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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