A Con-Eventional Story: AniManGaki 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

TicketThing Counters


Here at AniManGaki, tickets don’t come to your vehicle like they’re being handed by traffic cops.

Rather, they’re collected at your local counters.

For either On-Site Ticket pickups, or Redemption Arcs counters for specific tickets.

And more specific folks, that’s actually kind of neat to acknowledge do come by events like this too. 😮 

As the morning brings in a mix of seated and standing attendees waiting for ticket sales to kick off.

But for some early attendees of Day 1…it was time for a different occasion.

National Pride Day


Stand up, The Vanguard fellow Malaysians, on the day of Independence.

Armed with freely distributed flags handed out by the event’s staff, young youths stood firmly before the tunes of the National Anthem.

Some chose to sing along to “Negaraku”, creating a loud enough live session for folks to join the broadcast.

Eventually, the tunes subsided from where it came from.

Followed by a brief applause by the crowd, out of rejoice and respect for National Day.

But the celebrations don’t end there. 🤔


Within the lit AF event hall of The Mines Convention Centre, Emcees Dante along with the Red/Blue GG Twins welcomed on stage, early attendees to celebrate some National Day festivities.


Despite the dimly lit setting, crowds gathered to tag along the Live Karaoke Session of Malaysia’s National Day playlist.






With a super optimistic Flag Bearer taking Centre Stage,

Joined by the likes of Ookami Ouji, and fellow attendees that arrived early for the show.

As a Miku Cosplaying King Angel reminds us it’s also Hatsune Miku’s Birthday.

With that.

This is, A Con-Eventional Story: AniManGaki 2019.

Day 2’s Morning Cometh

Within the lightly frosted halls of MIECC’s Event Hall, where folks with tags get a literal Passing Grade to enter the venue early, rows of booths silently stood, awaiting their vendors to trickle into the hall to setup shop.

…darn, this place is a bit too big to cover alone.



It’s AniManGaki’s Mascot, Kei-Chan!

What’s that?

You wanna tag along to be a Kei-meraman?

Um sure!

*Kei-Chan has joined the party!*

The Kei-mera Krew

Returning to the internal halls, vendors began arriving to setup their various booths across the event hall itself.


Whilst a Space Marine finds himself Weathering with Two Cardboard Cutouts of the protagonists from Weathering With You.

All part of the nearby Warhammer 40k booth of miniatures, with seats aplenty for attendees to paint small little gun/sword wielding action figures as souvenirs.

Or future play material for tabletop dice rolling action.

Kind of like Dungeon Dice Monsters.

Shortly down the trek through the hallway, comes…oh?


Why Halloween there!

Also, that’s funny.

People were squealing about how AMG isn’t at Sunway this year.

So…Sunway brought itself to AMG instead?

…don’t hear no complaints here. 🤔

Across the hall near the blue tinted windows, laid a massive open walkway between tables where art booths stood.

As early artist vendors found themselves setting up shop before the doors opened, for the eventual flood of attendees that will swarm all over this spacious hall.


Yet, one must get a glimpse of the cool blue lighting that engulfs the booths near the windows.

A very likely unintended, but very cool looking setup.

One could say it…blue people’s minds. 😀

Hang on…the speakers are active.

As the voices of the 3 AniManGaki Emcees began counting down, with the voices of crowds faintly echoing from behind.

To the entrance!

Enter Stage Forward

“5!” Get on!

“4!” Perfect!

“3!” Action!

“2!” Dekaranger!

“1!” Emergency!

Ready to GO!

With the countdown reaching Zero, a roaring cheer echoed outside the doors into the Event Hall, as attendees charged in behind the Emcees in an orderly one by one fashion.


By passing the lineup of motorbikes and cars bought in by the Malaysian Itasha Movement.

A scene to set the stage for some cosplay photography, but also some memes.

Wait a F-ing minute.

Is that Emcee Dante starring/cosplaying as Dante from Devil May Cry?! Featuring Dante from Devil May Cry?!


It is!

This is some Top 10 ACG Event Plot Twists here. 🤔

Wanna Play a Game?

<insert Jigsaw pic here>


Somewhere in the event hall’s chaotic pool of booths to navigate around, stood a…strange looking booth.

Covered by cloths that made it resemble some kind of fortune telling place.

With Fires At Midnight plastered all over the external net.

…whatever that mean, it’s probably Lit AF. 🤔


Ah, it’s a Booth for a game you say?

Bought to you by Persona Theory Games, comes Kabaret!

A game of, from what the PC displayed within was showing,  it appears to be some kind of Visual Novel of sorts.

Kind of like a previous event’s <Insert Local Food here> Chronicles.

But videogames aren’t the only bits of content waiting attendees to give it a shot.

Speaking of shots. 

Why not pay the Touhou Bullet Hells a visit.

The iconic series of Shrine Maidens dodging hellscapes of bullets welcomes anyone to give it a shot.

Its…on the surface, not as hard as it looks.

It just needs one to be really dodgy.


For the line up Carnival Game booths near the Event Hall’s exit awaits attendees to try their hand at all them minigames.

But for those wondering what’s up with the Carnival themed gimmick.



AniManGaki is ‘Circus’ themed this year.

Making it a Carnival of sorts, if you will. 🤔

Which brings the story to,




PART 3! (Why The F Is This Still a Thing?!)

GAME #1: Golden Run (Temple Run but irl, and less dangerous)


A game of…rolling something down a straight white path.

Flocked by small text crawls from critters along the way. 

Don’t…farm these for Gold please. 🤔

GAME #2: Feed Kei-Chan (With Physics)


Probably what happens when you have Kei-Chan join your pub games. 🤔

As you use a literal See-Saw setup to slingshot an orange packet into a Kei-Chan Cardboard Cutout’s mouth.

…the face of a Mascot that needs 2 Tangos and mid lane. 👀

GAME #3: Fruit Ninja Hunter (Go Ninja Go Ninja Go?)


*deletes Fruit Ninja app*

…uh, you know this minigame doesn’t actually involve hunting people who play Fruit Ninja yes?

As you’re handed a Nerf gun to point and shoot floating cardboard Ninjas in da face.

To show that your aim irl works well. 😮

GAME #4: Exploding Orange (Does not include actual explosives)


Because balloons made of oranges have yet to be invented, this game of tossing sharp pointy objects at balloons will have to do.

Just…keep in mind, balloon pops can still startle people, so be cautious around that. ;-;

GAME #5: Yoyo-Tsuri (Game of Tradition)


Yoyo-Tsuri, or better known as Yo-Yo Fishing, is a traditional festival game one can find at various Japanese Festivals.

Not an unusual activity, but it is cool to note that such minigame ideas exist.

At least it’s not a ball pit, with an extra hour.

With the minigames wrapped up, why not come by the AMG Store near the event hall’s exit?


For some pretty dank looking event exclusive items to remind ye of AMG’s goodness

And uh…huh.

Erm, the “P” letter’s a bit off there. D:

As a crew member comes out to quickly readjust the minor pickle.


Ah, there we go!

External Affairs

Like any event with an event hall, the external front also crowds itself with people all over the place.


Here in this corner of Fate Series cosplayers, where various folks wield out their phones above some cardboard cutouts comes…

Oh…they’re rolling for Gachas.

…o deer.

On occasion, the crowds squeals in roaring delight, as though someone had just rolled something good.

…which usually prompts memes and/or questions about whether Rate Up is a lie.

Like the cake.

Huh, does anyone hear DeJavu playing in the backgr-…ah!


Oh, it just someone and Da Bois running around the event outskirts with a portable radio, blasting Eurobeats and meme music all over the venue.


Until they stopped for a photo. 🤔

Of course, cosplayers are just 1/4 of the population at AniManGaki

Between attendees shuffling about, event staff/security scrambling around on patrol, and of course, Cameramen with their camera items on standby for photo sessions with cosplayers.

There’s people flooded all over the place.

If only there was a way to get a better view…ah!


Get up the stairwell!

The Upper Reach

Towering above the crowds below, a sky high view of the scene can be made. 

Be it sitting, standing or strolling around the outer reaches of The Mines Convention Centre, as the Chinese idiom puts it.

It’s Mountain Sea Mountain People.

But there’s people up here as well, on the 2nd floor.


Lined up outside the Panel Workshop, where crowds eagerly await the arrival of certain guests from Foreign Lands, two lines await more attendees to join the lines in lining up.

Unless someone were to cross into the other line.

…does that mean they’ve crossed the line? 🤔 

A Rules & Regulation document stuck itself on the wooden doors of the panel room, as the staff allowed a quick inside look of what the room looks like. 😮

…hey, is that projector playing something from YouTube?

No one saw nothing, so shut it.

Before YouTube Copyright comes for us all. 

Right next to the Panel Workshop, stood the room where the P.L.A.Y exhibit was opened for attendees to check out.

Starring a mix of vendors and displays of toys, goods and, best of all.

A small Gallery of awesome works from various artists. 

Talents that should totally be looked up and followed, because they’re all worth it. 😮

Activity Within

Returning into the Event Hall, that echoes with loud blaring music that makes communication challenging.

The crowds have begun to pickup in size.


Not that it should hamper the event’s space, for there is plenty of that to accommodate all who attend.

For instance,


It’s not a Coffytiam booth unless it’s crowded with a long line of people.

With folks looking to grab early packages for a future December event Fiesta. 

In the midst of all these booths within, a section of tables house thick books aplenty.

Laid across the black cloth that covers the table, tomes of many aspects await interested parties to pick em up.

Mostly art books, that tag along with some encyclopedias of a certain M named franchise. 😮 

Up next, a small exhibit of elegant looking dresses from…huh, that’s odd.

Not too sure what series these are from, but they appear to reflect a strange Elegant but Cool aura about these costumes on display. 🤔


What the?

Sakura Malaysia (Famous Stationers SDN BHD)?

Ah it’s a stationary joint, housing fancy drawing materials for folks to check out and/or pickup for future art related projects.

As a nearby pair of attendees found themselves picking up their plastic bag package from the counter lady.

…huh, for a second there, not sure if this is AniManGaki or a book fair. 🤔

Ah well, moving on. 

A nearby cafe-esque setup house attendees sitting around, with a nearby counter housing foods of all sorts to order from.

Be it cake slices, sandwich packets, or ice cream cones, all of this good stuff, proudly endorsed by the figure of Bowser that stands above it all.

…don’t give him a crown please.

But do give a checkers to the other food booths at the back, there are some dank hotdogs with good spice to go along with it.

This is before anyone brings up the food trucks outside, that makes the food at The Mines Convention Centre more a truck-tive than what The Mines has to offer.


Meanwhile, at the earlier booth where a Space Marine was busy Weathering with You, folks take their time to paint up some miniatures to their liking.

Be it Original Character color schemes, or following the colors presented on the box, it’s certainly a colorful looking activity.

Hmm…that seems to be almost it…oh?

What’s this?


At the Touhou booth, a crowd gathers around a player manning the laptop before him.

With the screen displaying, one of the characters kneeling down below a scoreboard of sorts.

Oh, she’s drinking tea but…wait what?

Ah, that explains it, the player is tapping the keyboard to get the character on screen to drink tea.

As much as possible before the timer hits 0.

Looking to the back of this small crowd, an even larger gathering was nearby.


Within the place to play games.

Hosted by the familiar folks of Infinite Carnage, the area is full of such carnage.

…virtual ones, not actual ones of course.


And the towering sight of  something one does not see everyday.

Or…at any event at all to be fair.



An official Contractor?

Is this where people get their contracts to assasinat-…oh wait.

It’s a medical bay thing.

Ah that makes sense, take no risk that attendees might collapse by accident.



A plug for a future event?

Level Up Play you say?

Sounds like good advice for SEA server people.

Stage, Set, Match

The echoing in front intensifies, an indication of something coming when one can hear the crowds roaring voices from the distant back.

Upon close inspection, this explains it. 

It’s your 5 Minute Heroes people!

That…performs for more than 5 Minutes, because don’t let the name get you, their show’s worth more than 5 minutes of screen time.

At least it makes more sense than Frieza/Freeza’s idea of 5 minutes.

Speaking of shows, a literal idol to many local fans took the stage later that day as well.

The following segment comes without pics, as part of the organizer’s request to not photo/videograph the following performance during AniManGaki Day 2.

The legendary Kei Takebuchi, joined by her keyboardist Yamo.

Before her show kicked off, despite some minor pickles with the stage production, the crowd fell silent, as she recorded some kind of beat by her shoulder.

Later revealed, to be all part of a Video plan in action. (Coming soon, The Convention’s Conversation: Kei Takebuchi & Yamo.)

Strangely, watching this very stage, a flashback to the previous day surfaces.

Where a band going by the name of Ignight takes the stage. 

Banding together, to Ignight the AniManGaki stage on Day 1.

Not on actual fire mind you, but a good buildup for what’s to come.

That’s right.

The annual AniManGaki Idol PvP taking place.

On a stage where one by one, representatives of two separate teams take the stage to sing their hearts out.

Coupled with a LIVE voting session on Facebook that determines the winner of said 1v1 showdowns on stage. 😮

As there can only be two!

Left standing for the finals.


Starring, Reina C from Team Iqi, and Kazuki Tai from Team Ash as the standing finalists for the event.

…as the camera wonders how did it managed to get Emcee Ash on screen by accident.

Fast forward to the present, as the stage began its many sessions of giveaways before the ecstatic crowds. 

Led by a purple haired mascot from Wonderfly, as Champions from the crowded front line are called to action.


For there can only be One.

To join the others on stage, to determine another Last One standing.

…what is this, the Hunger Games? Fornite? Battle Royale? (The movie not the genre.)

But for those who missed the Wonderfly’s giveaway, they had nothing to fear as something more note worthy looks forward to joining an attendee’s luggage pool from the event.

…with the Emcees looking a wee bit too excited to be giving away a cardboard cutout about Weathering with You.

As the challenge here was simple.

Give the Emcees a description, of what you’d do with the Cardboard Cutout, and their favorite answer will be given the Cardboard Cutout.

A challenge, answered by many.

With answers aplenty…that went unrecorded. D;

…speaking of which, where’s the giveaway for that Space Marine that was Weathering with Those Two? 🤔

Unfortunately, not going to happen, as joining them D-Emcee trio of GG Twins and Dante The Dante starring as Dante from DMC, comes Emcee Junnie!

As the screen behind shifts into a broadcast of her time during the event, running around the halls interviewing folks from all walks of booths.

…huh, maybe another Emcee’s joining them later.

*crickets chirping*

…dammit, forgot this isn’t AMG-Chan.

Speaking of AMG-Chan, where the Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup took place.

AniManGaki also plays host to the Cosplay Invitational, as the stage finds itself bombarded by performances aplenty.

Such that, only an expert in Phonetography, can showcase such glorious footage. (Credits to DarkDragon Phonetography & Gaming for the footage.)

As only One Team, can stand victorious.

To join others at the Cosplay Invitational in the near future.

Likely, the place where a Fiesta of Comics await.

Enclosed Encounter

Silent Night approaches, alongside a sight rarely seen at venues late into the day.


Towering white blockades that separate each hall slowly being dragged  to position, as part of the next event to follow AniManGaki 2019.

The Touhou themed Yuuhei Satellite concert, if you will.

On the trail to the event hall’s exit…something else surfaced.


A hidden hallway of Vehicles! 😮

So that’s how they transport their stuff to events!

Actually that’s pretty neat to behold, since it’s likely The Mines Convention Centre gets car related exhibitions here too.


Oh what the hell?

Not again!


Oh, it’s just the National Day Message Board (More pics here) that’s scribbled all the way with black ink marks all over its white surface.

A constant reminder that National Day was on Day 1, as messages of memes, dreams, and themes stood aplenty.

As the night slowly covers the outside sky, an associate expressed disappointment at not being able to acquire one of the guest’s signatures.

…to which, looking at the inventory again.

Hmm, probably better to pass this to them instead.


And it shall, be done.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.

Massive thanks to the folks from AniManGaki, for the honor of having to serve as Media for the event.

Gonna be brutally honest, we’re still stunned by the fact we were greenlit to serve as Media.

And it still terrifies us today. D:

…even though we already got tickets for the event. ._.

More stories to follow, in the coming days.


Check out more stories over at S.I.R House, of Content 2019.

That said, siteinrelief has a Facebook page now!

Page us anytime, anywhere, Amway offers will be shot on sight, no questions asked.


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