A Con-Eventional Story: Cosplay Commuter 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

LINC-ed Up Venue

Crossing the morning’s quiet roads outside of the Ampang Park LRT, the straight route towards this LINC KL place sure links up with this conveniently placed LRT station.

Whereas a sky bridge would resolve any issues with traffic and rain, thankfully the October weather was merciful enough to take a nap, for now.

Take up an elevator ride or escalator ascent onto the Level 2 floor of the building, and one will eventually stumble onto a massive open sprawl of space, where some morning setting up was under way.


Under the colors of the sky’s pride above. 😮

Talk about flying colors, minus the flight.

Briefing Encounter

For those who pride themselves on arriving early, the first sight to notice before the Cosplay Commuter actually kicks off would be the pre-event briefing, but for staff.


As a flurry of dark blue shirt wearing folks sat around before their boss man, to be briefed on the day’s operations.

With their shirt colors making one mistake them for being characters from My Hero Academia and…hey, isn’t that one of them by the side?


With the briefings concluded, the staff now found themselves rehearsing for what they’re calling, this year’s cheer for the Cosplay Commuter.

Whereas last year involved Avocados, this year involved pumpkins.

That for some reason has people doing a massive heart shape to go along with it.

Well…long as it makes sense, since the staff also found themselves trying their best Thriller impression for an attraction later that day.

It is Halloween after all.

Such that even the LINC KL’s got something up its sleeve.


A haunted attraction that’s literally saying “Haunt U”.

Well, at least they’re not opened in the mornings.


…well that’s F-ing reassuring. :monkaS:

Attendee Access

Slowly but surely, attendees soon trickled onto the scene, whilst registering for the various teams they’re interested in.

But until it was briefing time, some found themselves giving the Meeples Board Games area a go until further notice.

That includes,


Putting together a blockbuster of a puzzle, as confusing as it is.


Putting together some sticky situations, of…stack the sticks?


And a game of…Chess, but it’s not Auto…wait what’s with the walls for this chess game?

Well if board games doesn’t curb ones boredom, there’s always the No Straight Roads booth with their playable demo to try out.

Hmm…looks like no one’s playing it now…so…

*One Demo Session of skip spamming later*

Oh, so that’s why this game has No Straight Roads.

It’s always going round and round, like a record right round and round… @.@

Oh hey, it’s show time, as the Emcees announced getting everyone to gather before them.

Improv Rehearsal

Like the volunteer staff from before, the crowd of attendees found themselves camping out before the massive open space, whilst sitting around for the two Emcees to get the crowds warmed up for the event.

And introducing them to the event’s pumpkin flavored cheer.


Which honestly looks more like a heart more than anything. 👀

Now if only they were Orange Arms: Path of Blossoms, on Stage. 🤔

That said, that’s not the only warm up action here, as some other folks would be the ones to introduce the Flash Mob to follow.


The Kiss Marry Kill team to be exact, as they gave attendees a rundown over what everyone’s likely to be performing later that day.

Which soon enough, turned into a massive rehearsal session of attendees trying their very best to emulate what they just saw.


In a mashup of Thriller, and various songs most likely to get copyright shived in the face, the Halloween themed song picked for the Flash Mob was surprisingly fitting.

Even if every maneuver fails, there’s always one that can stand out.


As everyone gives their best Standing ovation for practice.

Boarding Time

Tagging alongside an early team that was the first to deploy out, the first station of interest winded up being, KLCC station, or Station 02 on the list.


Near the outskirts of a venue, that foreshadows a much larger presence of attendees like this in a short 2 months later.

Without needing to exit the station, this first team found themselves at their first challenge of…finding out what’s in the box.

<Insert Seven Reference here>

Either the attendees look away or look…the other away, it’s a simple game of pickup the stickers, without being distracted by the Christmas plastic material used for decorating.

…which is harder than it looks, and less traumatic, if folks don’t know what’s actually in the box. 👀

With the teams concluding their activity, comes time for a quick group shot.

Check out the gallery of group photos here.

Always remember, Tobi (Bottom left) loves ye people. 🤔

Station Delayed

It’s not a Malaysian LRT attraction unless there’s some delay of sorts to get in the way.

As upon arriving at the Masjid Jamek station, listed as Station 03, one of the many intersection hubs of Selangor’s train service, comes a place that’s…a bit concerning to do a Flash Mob at.


But at least there’s an active booth in the area, led by a volunteer that’s literally named Neo.

…yes, that person is ‘The One’.

Whilst giving a test run over this game of charades, as one wonders…how the F does anyone solo this?

That’s probably why it’s a Team game.

Whilst waiting around for another team to drop by, the nearby media staff from earlier also came along, discussing stuff about looking to interview folks from this event.

They’re just as confused if it’s better to stay around or move out to another station, with the risk of a team showing up the moment they leave.

…not that it mattered, as soon enough, some folks did finally showed up, that being…oh, it’s the Kiss Marry Kill folks, but with that one member that was MIA earlier.


As they found themselves going through the entire card deck for this game of Charades, with the volunteer expressing surprise at how damn effective they are at playing this game. o.o

With the last card settled, the white shirt bloke went about doing push ups for each card he missed.

Well, that was interesting to observe. 🤔

Awaiting Arrival


Up next, over at the opened area station that is Pasar Seni station, listed as Station 04, descending from the stairwell brought about the standing sign where the station booth awaits.

As the booth housed a team that found themselves idling around until another team arrives, before they could carry out this station’s activity.


With a No Straight Roads banner hanging in front of the booth, truly an accurate metaphor for one’s experience at this Cosplay Commuter event…so far.

But eventually, a team did finally arrive onto the scene, as the Station Master explains how it works.

in what’s basically an improv version of Dance Dance Revolution, both teams get to hear a song for 3 seconds, and have to do a 1 minute long performance to impress, in a best of 2 out of 3 matches format.

With the last song being the only shtick that they don’t get a snippet for.


Which went about as well as…one expects.

With head bobbing hair shakes all over the place. 🤔

Soon enough, the venue began crowding itself with more teams from other stations, as too did the official media staff for Cosplay Commuter.


That’s getting on the opposite end of the camera for once, as one of the sessions found itself being conducted by Wan Hazmer himself, one of the folks behind the No Straight Roads project.

Flashy Gathered Mob

Ah, this explains a bit, as some folks talked about gathering most of the teams over at this here Pasar Seni station, for the second Flash Mob to occur with a large headcount of participants, after the one at Abdullah Hukum station concluded.


Positioned all over the middle empty space between the MRT and LRT access points, a small gathered crowd of pedestrians stopped to observe what was going to happen.

A dance of course!

And oh hey, it’s a…wait, that’s not Ghost Pikachu.

With the mostly unprepared band of attendees acting out the Flash Mob as though it was natural.

It makes sense, just going with the flow keeps people on their toes.

And of course, can’t end the show without something to…


Stand out in public. 🤔

Huh, kind of wished that Jojo segment would’ve lasted 1 minute to have the crowds raise the question of, “How are these people so fabulous?”

Closing Hour

As the Flash Mob disperse, some teams found the time to get a group shot before heading back to HQ for whatever awaits there.

Check out the gallery of group photos here.

Wait…what do you mean the other stations are closing out shortly?

Damn uh…hmm.

Screw it, the plan now is to head over and get a look see at how they work. 👀

Last Minute Visit


Meanwhile, upon stumbling onto station Abdullah Hukum, listed as Station 05, the Station staff appear to be slowly cleaning up show, which makes sense given that it’s the hour to retreat to the HQ over at LINC KL now.

Upon inquiring how the station works, the man explains it as a simple, Best of 3 showdown, between 2 members of 2 separate teams.

Of playing Smash Bros Ultimate.

O deer.

Now for the other two-…aw goddammit, they’re closed.

Oh hey, at least there’s some information about it.

Let’s see here…

Station 06, Taman Jaya

Escape the Zombie you say?

As a run in with one of the folks who’d visited the station explained the game as, well basically.

A game of tag, but the people getting tagged are grabbing onto one another in a giant line, or what folks here call The Chicken Game.

But with Zombies, as the person tagging in this Halloween themed context.

An ultra competitive game, it was described as. 👀

Station 07, Taman Bahagia

Activity, Face Your Fears.


Content’s too frightening to publish, for the safety of readers with PTSD or trauma, so skip.

Also, kind of awkward to host an activity of facing fears at a station that’s literally called Happy Alley, when translated. 👀👀👀

…though, it may be a metaphor for what’s to come shortly after this. ._.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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