The Convention’s Flashback: Comic Fiesta 2017

The Convention’s Flashback is an abridged recap of events from years past.

Rated U for Uncensored, as some content may not be suitable for all audiences.

Reader Discretion is advised.

Credits to Comic Fiesta (Source) for the cover photo, and the various sources seen in this post, if mentioned.

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2017 – The one with Bear Spray

Comic Fiesta is famous for many things. 🤔

But in 2017, the most famous thing to come out of Comic Fiesta was…

Bear Spray.

Credits to Bearsmart for the photo. Source.

…wait what? 🤔

Quick Facts

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the photo. Source.
  • Comic Fiesta 2017 is the 16th iteration of Comic Fiesta, since 2002.
  • This was the 5th time Comic Fiesta had been held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).
    • This marks Comic Fiesta’s return to being hosted at KLCC, since 2014.
    • This was the 2nd time Comic Fiesta had returned to a venue that has hosted Comic Fiesta before, since 2010’s Berjaya Times Square.
Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.
  • This is Comic Fiesta’s 2nd time partnering with The Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur as the event’s official partner hotel.
    • This marks the 1st time Comic Fiesta has a hotel venue side event for attendees to check out.

The A-Bridge Story

Comic Fiesta’s back! As it does every year.

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.

But it’s back at KLCC! That’s what’s important! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Wait, isn’t that the mascot design from 2015?

The crowds love it! What could possibly go wrong?

<Insert Bear Spray here>

<Insert Evac order here>

<Insert Arrest order here>

Well shit. Let’s rewind a bit. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Credits to Tenor for the gif. Source.

X years earlier

It all starts with a man by the name of Mr Alpha.

He’s Asian, South East Asian to be specific.

Malaysian, to be exact.

Now Mr Alpha loves attending conventions.

So much so that…he does it for more than 3 hours a day.

Even when there’s no convention around. 🤔

Because to him the convention never truly ends.

Because well…Mr Alpha has a fascination with the people you can find at events.


And photoshoots.

And messaging people for photoshoots.

Most of which never happened.


Being ignored.

Delusions of grandeur.

The fact that memes were being made of Mr Alpha slowly turned him into an egg. 🥚

And like an egg, Mr Alpha was starting to crack.

…and at some point during Comic Fiesta 2017’s Day 2.

*Bear Spray sizzles*

He took out a Bear Spray and began dishing it out in the event hall.

An evacuation order was called, as staff evacuated the guests out of there.

Thankfully no one got too hurt, barring the 2 individuals who kept Mr Alpha in check at the event, until the cops came to the scene.

Credits to The Star (Left, Source) and The Malay Mail (Right, Source) for the articles.

Mr Alpha was later arrested, and inspected to be carrying, according to news reports.


Oh deer.

Author’s Summary

For Comic Fiesta 2017, aka my 5th trip to the event, I found myself forgetting a lot about what was the event like, to the point that we kind of just walked around doing…not much really.

There wasn’t even a children’s card game booth worth hanging around long for.

But anyways, that’s not the stuff you’re here for. As the Take Away orders brings you,

1) The Post Mortem

So, here’s a timeline of events illustrates the Comic Fiesta 2017 incident.

  • Mr Alpha attended Comic Fiesta 2017.
  • At some point during the event, a Mr…let’s call him MS, and his group encountered Mr Alpha.
  • They both exchanged interactions, and Mr MS’s group left Mr Alpha to do whatever.
  • KLCC staff were alerted that someone (Mr Alpha) was causing trouble in the event hall, a Security Supervisor and a 19-year old Patron went to confront him.
  • The Bear Spray incident takes place.
  • The 2 individuals that went to confront were on scene to pin Mr Alpha down, sustaining Bear Spray injuries in the process.
  • Mr Alpha was later arrested, discovered to be carrying various weapons (Specifically a Baton, Knife, Paintball Gun, and another can of Bear Spray) alongside the Bear Spray.
  • Police reports were lodged later that evening.

So…what happened?

Was Mr Alpha provoked?

Credits to The Level for the screenshots, but edited. Source.

Allegedly yes.

There was a situation in the event hall on Day 2, where Mr Alpha and a group of people had a standoff, the same place where it was alleged that Mr Alpha used a baton to keep people from getting close to him.

No one got hurt thankfully.

It was later revealed that Mr MS’s crew was part of this situation.

Who the Fuck is Mr MS?

Credits to The Level for the screenshots, but edited. Source.

Mr MS was apparently the person who’s group encountered Mr Alpha during Comic Fiesta 2017.

Basically it’s one of those antics that, we’ll leave you readers to judge and describe accurately on wtf was it they were doing.

But for those of you who have no idea wtf is the post talking about, because Facebook translate sucks a bag of dicks.

It describes the following,

  • Mr MS’s crew spotted Mr Alpha, and decided to trail him.
  • At some point, one of Mr MS’s crew went up to Mr Alpha to get him to meet Mr MS.
  • Mr Alpha snapped, screaming he knows Mr MS.
  • Mr MS tried to explain that he was a “Fan”, but to no avail.
  • Mr Alpha kept his baton around, to keep Mr MS’s crew away from him.
  • At some point, Mr Alpha was escorted away.
  • Mr MS reveals that he and his crew were at the Concert when the Bear Spray incident took place.

Essentially, Mr MS’s involvement with the story ends the moment his group’s encounter with Mr Alpha ended.


For those who don’t know wtf is happening, basically. Mr Alpha is…an interesting character.

Such that the below video should be enough to fill you in on who is this Mr Alpha is, without going on a digging trip across Facebook.

Note, the sound quality will suck shit for some folks. Also I can’t believe we’re researching this shit instead of sleeping. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

*pukes blood*

Jeezus the amount of stuff in here. Σ(っ °Д °;)っ

Oh right, you’re still reading this. Anyways.

2) The Post Post Mortem

Now for our take.

This is a very complicated case that involves, the topic of Harrassment, from both parties involved in this discussion.

Our stance on this topic is this.

I don’t fucking care how much a person or group ‘deserves’ to be harassed for their sins, because doing so makes the attacker no better than the person they’re taking the piss at.

In short, both sides. Are idiots.

About Mr MS

Mr MS’s group encounter with Mr Alpha was a terribly stupid idea.

Because it creates this situation where Mr Alpha, a well known figure of many disturbing antics, becomes the victim.

Which is the worst possible outcome to get from someone who should be punished for their crimes.

Looking at the case again, they shouldn’t have bothered confronting or approaching him, even if it was a ‘harmless’ case of shits and giggles.

By doing so, they created this narrative where they’re indirectly responsible for provoking Mr Alpha into using Bear Spray at the event.

If they did wanted to confront him, why not tail him and catch him in the act instead?

No proof is more effective than the one you catch the person in the act.

About Mr Alpha

For those lazy enough to skip the vid above, I’ll sum it up Mr Alpha’s history of notorious antics in the Malaysian ACG scene for you. Which includes,

  • Asking for inappropriate photoshoots,
    • Basically, revealing cosplay shoots.
    • Even for people he just met for the 1st time.
  • Disturbing Roleplaying in Messenger conversations,
    • Referring to people with words like “Sayang”, which means “Dear”, “Darling”, or “Baby” in local language.
    • Includes literal roleplaying text of very inappropriate stuff.

And a whole lot more that we’ll leave it at here.

As for the Bear Spray incident, we can only deduce that it’s a multi factor thing that led to him eventually snapping at Comic Fiesta 2017.

It’s likely the result of built up rage he has with people around him at that point in time.

Especially in 2017, with the whole him being exposed as an online predator shit storm, and the 3-hour meme thing that came along.

Some would chalk this up to online bullying, to which that’s not inaccurate.

Yet, his inappropriate actions were the main cause of all this to begin with.

Such that had he stepped back, realized his wrongdoings and stopped doing it, things would’ve never happened to begin with.

But…going into Comic Fiesta 2017, that never happened.

Thus why the incident took place.

This does not mean him having mental issues justifies his actions by the way.

No amount of “But I have mental issues!” can justify any amount of stupid ass actions.

For action is the loudest thing people can hear. 🤔

3) The Present Day Mortem

Now., I bet you’re wondering where everyone is at the moment.

Mr MS & Mr Alpha

Currently, Mr MS is…somewhere on the internet.

What he and his group does in their free time is not our concern.

But we trust they’re not stupid enough to repeat a confrontation again.

Sometimes the best things to do in the field is to…not do anything at all.

Just enjoy the concert or something.

Credits to the YuGiOh Wikia for the photo. Source.

As for Mr Alpha, he’s been banned like Pot of Greed, because nobody knows what he does.

Okay jokes aside, it is known that Mr Alpha is permabanned from attending any Comic Fiesta or AniManGaki related event, from what we understand.

But it’s unclear if it’s the same case for Free Entry events however. 👀

Granted, he did have this to say about “CF”.



A…Sort of grim 4shadowing if you will, of a fitting crossover shitshow.

4 does mean Death in various Asian languages, fun fact.

Comic Fiesta

For those reading this today, you’re likely happy or pissed off to know that Comic Fiesta does go into at least 2019.

But to sum up this Comic Fiesta 2017 incident, it highlights a case of how a harassment obsessed little shit, when left unchecked, can become a walking physical threat to a community.

Such that even if said person’s crimes are known, confronting or trying to make contact with them only creates a situation where this guilty party can be seen as a ‘victim’, which is the worst outcome to give a walking scumbag.

If any confrontation were to happen, it’s best to slaughter them at their strongest.

In this case, get the person to start harassing and you’ve got your evidence to put them in hot soup, of endless boiling.

Essentially, jebait the fucker.

…also, a personal note.

In hindsight, maybe it was a good idea that we personally took up Children’s Card Games instead of dabbling in ACG stuff before 2018.

Lord knows what kind of a bastard born piece of shit an alternate timeline me would’ve been like. ._.

That said. It would seem that this is the last of Comic Fiesta’s mishaps.


*looks at 2018*

Oh god fucking dammit.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

We hope this guide could help you guys out in some way in the field! 🙏

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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Naughty, naughty Comic Fiesta. 🤔


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