A Pandemic Story: TAGCC Lite 2021

November 2021.

20+ months since the Covid-19 pandemic.

#1: What Time Is It?

The time is now 10 am, with the arriving LRT Train about to stop by the statio-…wait…

Why does it feel a bit light?

Backpack, bottle, umbrella, children’s card games deadweight, came-…


Someone forgot the camera…

FAAAAAAAA…(っ °Д °;)っ

#1-1: Hour Intermission

One late Friday train ride later, the MRT station connecting to Tropicana Gardens slowly faded behind.

As that weekend’s people magnet began attracting attendees towards its Centre Court area.

One usual security and temperature scan later, the event staff welcomes folks to walk into the venue’s Christmas themed paradise.

…despite it being November.

…why does that sound like something Nero-minded…

Semi-fitting aesthetics aside, there’s only one place to visit in a venue like this.

And that’s the booth for CHILDREN’s CARD GAMES.



…maybe it’s a good idea to bail rather than getting wasted by this psycho cardboard cutout.

…basically, RUN. (っ °Д °;)っ

The single aisle exit marks the same entrance for attendees to come in and out of this makeshift sanctuary.

Whilst on the way out, a nearby conversation could be heard.

“Can we come in?” asked the various parents unfortunate enough to bring their children into a potential danger zone.

“No.”, replied the event staff at the front entrance, adding that kids below 12 aren’t allowed due to safety concerns.

Someone can smell the slight sea salt dripping off the rejected adults as they left the front entrance.

…as though they did nothing wrong, despite bringing their offspring to an early retirement party from life.

Such responsibility, much not ‘their fault’.

‘…perhaps we could cut the snide BS for a bit? Much as we like making fun of those people.’

Ah right. THE EVENT.

…crap…it’s already late…

The next day.

#2: Tour Of Two Fluffs

Without the threat of being late this morning, comes a…strange baggage for the backpack that feels heavier than usual.

What’s up with that…oh.

“Hallooooo. :D”

“Kapo Kapo. :0”

Oh right, the dino and the monkey snuck into the bag. 🤔

Guess some shoots at the event could be fun.

Upon arriving this early morning, where the usual event lines start forming up to enter the 80-person limit venue, there’s downtime to look around outside the event itself.

An encircling site, with toys nestled under the mall’s Christmas tree decorated by art booths all around this circular center court.

And…oh, what’s this?

Mudball the Hedgehog?

…well that’s cute. :0

As…wait, where’d Kapo skitter off to-…ah goddammit.

“Kapo Kapo!”

Having found a friend not named Cotton Ginger, Kapo watches alongside this knitted little…puffball thing…whose name is lost to time. D;

Well, it is a special kind of art to knit stuff toys to life.

Speaking of life.

A massive teddy bear sits atop a not functioning cart of sorts, as though he’s the driver if he was alive.

Thankfully it’s neither big enough to be a terror or small enough to be an SCP.

So everyone’s safe for the moment to take pics with it.

Eventually, the crowds gave enough way to make space into the venue once again.

Underneath the golden Christmas decorated tree, laid a sleigh with a semi-difficult to apply message.

Well this is awkward.

…thankfully stuffed toys are exempted from…laws? 🤔


As fast as the day started, evening clouds overshadow the sky with the arrival of night.

…with a certain store’s grand opening kicking off a special kind of Taco flavored hell.

#3: 3-Stop Detour

Why does it feel like this event is lacking som-…of course, the EVENT! DAMMIT!

Before that, a detour of sorts.

The first, being a courtesy visit to an allied booth at a certain mall next to an IKEA.

Where trinkets of great ‘powah’ await those to unleash it.

No but really though, their custom hairpins are great. :0

Returning to the final day of TAGCC Lite, comes the actual main attractions for TAGCC Lite.

The Toys.

…it is a toy themed event.

And what better series to make toys out of than Tom & Jerry figures.

That…resembles many classic moments from the TV Show itself-…

…is that a Jerry sandwich?

Sealed away in glass casings, comes some Naruto Shippuden era figures from…huh…

Although they aren’t Figmas, apparently these figures could be the same ones that come with customizable hand parts.

Interesting take on still figures. :0

…also why does that Naruto thumbs-up figure look like Kuuga. 🤔

On opposite sides of the toy showcase come several aesthetically pleasing Kamen Rider themed figures.

They were so big, the glass cases couldn’t fit them.

But the line separators around these booths were enough to keep people from getting too touchy.

And isn’t that a Black rider of the sun. :0

…what? The rider’s name is Black! D;

Das lacist.

Well, at least the booth for Knight doesn’t have any glass, god knows what might happen if someone starts hearing things from some Mirror World pla-…


While still toys at the convention were nice to see, many attendees find themselves wanting to scratch that gacha rolling itch.

…only one Oh Gatcha booth exists to satisfy their need for RNG based balls.

…at least the machines are plenty, with people keeping their distance when things get crowded.

That sai-…no…aw hell no…

No F-ing way.

Did this one booth just tried to make the meme? :0

…well, without anyone looking…a quick shot from both angles are enough.

And that about wraps up the event.

On the way out, a nearby screen projector finally comes on to show a…V-Tuber?

Yui32Satomi the V-Tuber?

…well damn.

The rabbit hole has been unleashed. (っ °Д °;)っ

Well at least this one event doesn’t have that War Criminal running around.


…run! (#°Д°)


A Peko or 2 from her should be enough to put her down! (っ °Д °;)っ

End Transmission

Next Transmission >



TAGCC Lite was fun. Hope the actual TAGCC happens.

In addition. We’re not an event review site.

We’re idiots. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Oh right. There is…something coming round here soon. 👀

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